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Bali Coffee Plantation
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Bali Coffee Plantation

Bali coffee plantation are one of the many tourist attractions available in Bali. Among them, the beauty of nature, art, culture, beach and adventure. One of the famous plantations both locally and abroad is the Coffee Plantation. Here you can learn all kinds of fruits that flourish in various regions of Bali. Among them are civet coffee and Balinese coffee.

Maybe for some people, coffee is the main drink that is enjoyed every day. And coffee plantation tours are very suitable to find out, how the coffee fermentation process is very selective in choosing the best coffee. So that it can produce a unique and extraordinary coffee taste sensation.

If you are really a fan of coffee drinks, then in Bali there is also a tourist attraction called Agrowisata Bali. Agro tours located in several areas in Bali, can be one of your alternative holidays because you can find out all about coffee. The Bali Coffee Plantation produces famous coffee such as arabica coffee, robusta, and civet coffee production.

What's unique about Agro tourism (Bali coffee plantation)

You can find out some types of coffee in Bali and also organic products. One is civet coffee, which is traditionally fermented. Where Luwak (mongoose) only takes red and ripe coffee fruit to eat. Then fermented through herbivorous animals, namely mongoose. Then the coffee will be cleaned first from other impurities by immersion in hot water. This processing takes one week to be completely clean. And it is ready to be roasted on fire. All are done in the traditional way.

After you go around and learn about the process of making organic products on coffee plantations. You will be served authentic local drinks for free. Usually they provide eight or more types of drinks that are provided free of charge. Among them, lemon tea, ginger tea, ginger coffee, ginseng coffee, chocolate coffee, pure cocoa, vanilla coffee, Balinese coffee puree.

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