11 Best Places to Visit in Nusa Penida
11 Best Places to Visit in Nusa Penida

11 Best Places to Visit in Nusa Penida. Vacationing is one of the right choices to relieve stress during work, or relieve fatigue during life. Indonesia itself has many tourist attractions and saves a lot of natural wealth. Starting from waterfalls, mountains, and beaches, they are the mainstay destinations in Indonesia. One of them is Nusa Penida, you can do tours in Nusa Penida.

Nusa Penida is an island located in the southeastern area of the island of Bali, precisely in Klungkung district, Bali province and is separated by the Badung strait. Well, it must have been illustrated, how beautiful this island is. Not only that, on the island of Nusa Penida there are also small islands such as; Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.

So, when you choose a tour in Nusa Penida you can not only enjoy one place, but can visit the nearest island and enjoy several other tourist attractions. Here is a list of tourist attractions that you must visit.

Best Places to Visit in Nusa Penida

Choosing a tour in Nusa Penida will really pamper yourself. Not only the beaches are so beautiful, but there are also towering cliffs, temples in caves, and several scuba diving spots. Without further ado, this recommendation is a must-visit.

1. Klingking Beach Nusa Penida

kelingking beach nusa penida bali 1

Kelingking is a very famous tourist spot in Nusa Penida. Even some travel package advertisements use the image of Kelingking Beach to describe the beauty of the island of Bali.

You will be presented with a view of a rock forming a T-Rex when viewed from above and it is truly a very beautiful sight. If you have more courage, you can go down to the beach but have to be very careful when going down, and have to be careful of the waves.

2. Broken Beach

Tourist attractions in Nusa Penida no. 2, is a beach with views of cliffs that have been eroded or almost collapsed, so this beach is nicknamed Broken Beach. You can only enjoy this place, without being able to visit it.

Yes, it is quite difficult to enter because the island arena is too small and closed. Even so, this place has an extraordinary charm. Every pair of eyes will feel more amazed by the beauty of the island of Bali.

3. Crystal Bay

This place is definitely part of the 5 best tours in Nusa Penida. How not, this beach is one of the places to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. The entry point is also easy to reach, especially by land.

Not only that, this place is also a scuba diving location, so for those who want to enjoy the beauty in the sea, you can try it here. The view of land and sea that is served helps to lighten the load and relieve stress.

4. Atuh Beach

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida Bali

Together with Crystal Bay, this beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Nusa Penida. In addition to the view that does not disappoint the eye, access is also very easy. Just one hour boat ride from Toyapakeh.

If you choose the right path, you will be presented with views of Atuh Beach and Diamond Beach. These two beaches are close together and both beaches are famous for the cliffs that bisect each other. It’s very appropriate to swim at Atuh Beach at high tide, not too many waves

5. Smoky Beach

The next place can’t be used as a place to swim or relax enjoying the scenery. But this one tourist spot, is perfect for those of you who like to take pictures and upload them on social media.

The resulting photos must be aesthetic. There are high waves that make this place look smoky. Or you can take photos when the waves are really high and hit the cliffs. Wow, definitely the photos are very good.

6. Manta Bay

Besides being able to scuba dive in Cristal Bay, you can also enjoy the underwater beauty in Manta Bay. It is located not far from Kelingking Beach and the cool thing is that you will be accompanied by stingrays when diving.

Of course it will be a very special experience and different from others. Stingrays that swim here and there seem to invite you to swim and enjoy the beauty under the sea.

7. Suwehan Beach

The next tourist spot in Nusa Penida, presents an unusual view. For those of you who have seen or know about wayang art, you must be familiar with gunungan. Yup, on this beach there is a rock resembling a mountain.

This rock stands firmly on the white sand of Suwehan beach. The view of this mountain-shaped rock is one of the places to look for, because of its unique shape.

8. Teletubbies Hill

Is there a Teletubbies hill in Bali? Yes, there is a cute hill located in the Tanglad region. This cute shape has the nickname Teletubbies hill because it looks like a hill in the Teletubbies children’s movie.

The road to this hill is also easy, so visitors will have no trouble when visiting this place. You can start from the Padang or Sanur port route to cross. Then proceed to use a two-wheeled vehicle which is arguably safer and faster.

9. Tembeling Springs

tembeling beach nusa penida

The tourist spot in Nusa Penida that you should visit next is Air Mata Tembeling, located in the village of Batumadeg. These beautiful tears have a diameter of approximately 5-6 M, very suitable for those of you who want to enjoy the freshness of these springs by swimming.

Uniquely, the tears here are divided into two parts, one for men and one for women. So don’t be confused if you want to swim here. In addition to the cool water, the scenery also makes us never stop praising.

10. Seganing Waterfall

Maybe you are tired of enjoying the view of the beach or island, you can overcome it by visiting the waterfall waterfall, located in the village of Bunga Mekar. However, to be able to reach this place must pass an extreme path.

It is located on the edge of a steep cliff and is very slippery in the rainy season. Even so, after going through such a stressful journey, you will actually feel satisfied with the scenery. Namely, in the form of a waterfall with terraced hills and you can also enjoy the blue ocean there.

11. Temple Point

Tourist attractions in Nusa Penida are also very pleasing to the eye. But you have to scuba dive to enjoy its beauty. There are Buddha statues on the seabed of this place.

The statues are historical relics and have been in the sea for 100 years. When diving in this place, you have to be careful because the current is quite strong.

Those are 11 Best Places to Visit in Nusa Penida. You can get some of the best places above when you are on vacation in Bali, either using Nusa Penida Tour services or on your own.

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