A Guide to Nusa Penida Day Trip

A Guide to Nusa Penida Day Trip

A Guide to Nusa Penida Day Trip – Nusa Penida Tour package is generally offered by various holiday operators in Bali. However, we highly recommend you to use the service from Nusa Penida Tours. This tour provider will prepare and provide the best experience of you in Nusa Penida.

Nusa Penida is relatively an undeveloped island located in the south-east of Bali Island. It is not home of snazzy beach clubs, organic cafes with eye-catching spots to take pictures, and so on.

However, this island is worth the visit. Besides, it will thrill those who love nature at most. This is why visitors outside Bali would get as detail as possible information about Nusa Penida Tour in the first place.

If you only have one day to explore this island, it is very possible after all. Nusa Penida day trip for one day from Bali is still doable for sure. If you use the service of The Nusa Penida Tours, the agent will arrange how you could go to the island in the morning by a speedboat and then get back to Bali in the afternoon.

Nusa Penida – Brief History

Talking about its name, Nusa means island while Penida means priests in the Balinese language. It is very not necessary to refer to this island as “Nusa Penida Island”. Local people call this place as the black magic island.

Before this island becomes one of the most favorite places to visit during a tour in Bali, this place was simply a home of dark spirits. However, even though this place has its negative connotation, this island I still an important destination for a religious tour.

Today, Nusa Penida has become a favorite destination for those who love nature. Its most popular places include Angel’s Billabong, Kelingking Beach, and Broken Beach. You can also visit the temples where locals worship the dark spirits.

Day Trips in Nusa Penida

Basically, you can use the service of a tour and travel agent or go on your own. Of course, using the service of a tour and travel agent would be much convenient for everyone especially for you.

You do not need to rent a car or motorcycle and anything has been well-planned since day one. However, you need to read these things before.

West Nusa Penida Day Trip

11 Best Places to Visit in Nusa Penida

West Nusa Penida tour package it the most popular place to visit and probably should be the thing you should purchase if this is your first time to Nusa Penida.

This tour package would bring you to the most mainstream spots such as Crystal Bay, Angel’s Billabong, Broken Beach, and Kelingking Beach by a car.

It costs between USD 39 and USD 57, depending on where you will be picked up. Also, you can add snorkeling for your optional activity.

East Nusa Penida Day Trip

One Day Trip Nusa Penida Tour Package From Bali

East Nusa Penida Tour Package would bring you further inside the island and it is not that crowded like the West Nusa Penida. You will visit some areas such as Rumah Pohon and Atuh Beach.

This would be such a convenience because it feels like you are the owner of the island. This trip costs between USD 48 and USD 54 per person. Again, the price depends on where to pick you up.

Nusa Penida Snorkeling Trip

If you love snorkeling more than just strolling at the beach, you should try this day trip package. In fact, Nusa Penida is home for several best reefs in the world. Besides, the water is very clear and mostly calm.

This trip costs USD 65 per person. You should keep in mind that this Nusa Penida Tour only brings you to the snorkeling spot and not the whole island.

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