ATV in Seminyak – Beautiful Jungle and Beach ATV Adventure
ATV in Seminyak

ATV in Seminyak – ATV Quad Bike is one of the interesting and challenging activities that many people are currently pursuing in Bali. Almost all of these activities are held in rural areas with natural and beautiful environments, and lots of beauty on offer. With a comfortable atmosphere, a safe track is certainly a consideration when choosing an ATV location in Bali.

What about Seminyak? Can you hold an ATV Quad bike adventure in this area? The answer is that there are no ATV adventures in the Seminyak area yet. Because this area has a variety of accommodation, art markets and a long coastline with various 2 to 5 star accommodation standing along the coastline. Then the mainland is also full of other supporting tourist facilities.

Since we opened ATV Quad Bike in Bali, many people have asked this question, are there ATVs in Seminyak because they happen to be staying in Seminyak. The following is a detailed description of ATV Seminyak Bali and the fun you will have there. See this article for a comprehensive discussion.

Why is ATV Ride in Seminyak not available?

Seminyak is a tourist village located in Kuta. Kuta itself is a very busy tourist area. Seminyak has many tourist attractions and entertainment venues such as beaches, swimming equipment rentals, surfing equipment rentals, five star hotels, clubs, and many more.

In fact, Seminyak itself is not suitable for ATV activities because it is crowded and lacks natural conditions that support the creation of challenging trails. This activity can be done in other places that are not too far from Seminyak.

Some ATV-related tourism services sometimes offer pick-up from Kuta and Seminyak, Bali. You can take advantage of the facilities they provide to enjoy various ATV riding challenges in Bali.

ATV Tracks Around Seminyak

Riding an ATV certainly requires challenging tracks, such as crossing dense forests with rocky and muddy paths, even crossing and following rivers. Of course, this activity requires adequate and challenging natural conditions, because driving on paved roads already feels normal.

There are several ATV locations near Seminyak or near Seminyak, Bali, for fun ATV riding. These locations are quite close and of course have extraordinary natural panoramas. The following ATV location is not far from Seminyak Bali.

ATV Near by Seminyak

Even though there are no ATVs in Seminyak, you don’t need to cancel your plans, please contact Kuta Transport to arrange the best ATV with private pick-up and drop-off services. The following are recommendations for ATVs from Kuta Transport. All recommended ATVs have private tracks. Let’s check below;

1. Real Jungle ATV Quad Bike – Balaji ATV Quad Bike

ATV in Seminyak - Alasan Adventure ATV – ATV Waterfall and Gorilla Cave

The first is Real Jungle ATV Quad Bike – Balaji Adventure. The location is in the hills only about 30 minutes north of Ubud, Bali. And maybe about 90 minutes from Seminyak. Let’s discover the Quad bike jungle tour in Bali. Ride an ATV through a long journey in a very cool natural environment with beautiful panoramas.

Get ready for an 8 km ATV track through forests, rice fields and mud puddles. Located in a remote area of ​​Ubud City, 30 minutes from Ubud, We offer a great experience entering the wild nature of Bali.

Bringing you the extraordinary experience of riding an all-terrain vehicle (quad bike) on a long and challenging track through rice fields, wilderness, bamboo forests, rivers and the non-monotonous nature of traditional Balinese villages. Safe and suitable for beginners and professionals.

Balaji ATV Quad Bike Price

NORMAL PRICE1.200K/ person1.600K/ 2 persons
SPECIAL OFFERS600K/ person800K/ 2 persons

Real Jungle ATV Quad Bike Adventure

Special Offers

IDR 600K/ pax

2. ATV Through Long Tunnel & Waterfall - Kuber ATV Bali

ATV in Seminyak - ATV Quad Bike Through Tunnel and Waterfall in Bali

The second is ATV through long tunnel and waterfall – This adventure will riding a Bali ATV and indulge your courage and adrenaline on four Quad bikes that enjoy panoramic views of rural Bali and tours through rice fields, villages, plantations, forests, rivers, caves and waterfalls.

The journey will explore the beauty of rice fields and see amazing natural scenery. You can stop where the place is to capture in a photo or video. Get a great experience exploring the island of Bali in a way you’ve never tried before.

Kuber ATV Quad Bike Price

NORMAL PRICE1.400K/ person1.800K/ 2 persons
SPECIAL OFFERS750K/ person990K/ 2 persons

ATV Through Long Tunnel & Waterfall

Special Offers

IDR 750K/ pax

3. ATV Through Waterfall & Barong Cave

ATV in Seminyak - Jambe Asri ATV Bali – ATV Ride Through Barong Cave & Waterfall

The third is ATV Ride Through Barong Cave & Waterfall location 40 minutes from seminyak.  One of the providers of quad bike adventures with waterfalls and tunnels in Bali. This place is the choice of ATV waterfall in Ubud after ATV Kuber.

Get an exhilarating experience like no other when you embark on a Bali Quad Bike tour with Jambe Asri ATV Bali. The semi-automatic ATV Quad Bike will take you on an adrenaline-pumping journey through off-road terrain. Such as steep terrain, muddy roads, and beautiful views.

This ATV adventure at Jambe Adventure is perfect for experienced riders or beginners. Experienced ATV guides will always ensure your safety, and always provide the guidance you need to fully enjoy your adventure.

ATV Quad Bike Barong Cave Price

NORMAL PRICE1.200K/ person1.600K/ 2 persons
SPECIAL OFFERS600K/ person800K/ 2 persons

ATV Through Waterfall & Barong Cave

Special Offers

IDR 600K/ pax

4. ATV on The Beach Bali - Rice Fields, Black Sandy Beach

Sunset ATV Beach Bali Start 685K

The four is Riding an ATV on the beach is a fun activity with the experience of exploring traditional villages, rice fields and black sand beaches. Then pass through local villages and watch the activities of local residents. In this activity, you will ride an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) across a wide expanse of black sand, then see unique rock formations and a cave inhabited by several bats.

Bali ATV on The Beach offers an amazing adventure through Black Sand Beaches, Rice Fields, Traditional Villages and meeting Balinese people during your tour with Bali Atv Tour. For those of you who like to ride ATVs in Bali, Kuta Transport serves your holiday in Bali, get the most memorable Bali ATV beach trip adventure.

ATV on The Beach Bali Price

NORMAL PRICE1.400K/ person1.800K/ 2 persons
SPECIAL OFFERS650K/ person950K/ 2 persons

ATV Right Through Beach Bali

Special Offers

IDR 650K/ pax

So, those are some of the ATV options in Seminyak that you can select and book, including private pick-up from Seminyak to the ATV place that we recommend. So don’t forget to order at Kuta Transport because the special offer only applies to orders made through us

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