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Batuan Village is one of Bali’s art villages renowned for being the center of Balinese traditional painters and is also a popular Bali tourist destination, located about 7 kilometers north of Denpasar and about 10 kilometers south of Ubud, is very popular as a center of Balinese painting art, and is now famous for its the dance. Carved wood panels and paintings Bali ubud.

Batuan Village as the village of painting art, this village offers many kinds of traditional paintings depicting hindu-budha epick like mahabarata and ramayana. The paintings were used in temples or palaces for decoration. They describe many stories about religious life and Bali.

Short History of Balinese Painting and Painter :

Before the 1920s, traditional Balinese paintings were limited to what is now known as Kamasan or Wayang style. This is a visual narrative of Hindu-Javanese epics: Ramayana and Mahabharata, as well as a number of customary stories, such as the Panji narrative. The two-dimensional drawing carrier is traditionally drawn on fabric or leather paper (Ulantaga paper) with natural dyes. These colorations are limited to available natural dyes: red, ocher, black, etc. In addition, rendering numbers and ornaments must follow the strict rules specified, as they are mostly produced for religious articles and temple ornaments. These paintings are produced collaboratively, and are therefore largely anonymous. For more details on Kamasan’s painting style see: The Realm of Form Classical Art of Bali

There have been many experiments with a new type of art by Balinese from the late nineteenth century onwards. This experiment was stimulated by access to new materials (Western imported paper and ink and paint), and by the 1930s, a new tourism market stimulated many young Balinese to engage in this new type of art.

In 1920, with the arrival of many western artists, Bali became a pockets of artists (as Tahiti is to Paul Gauguin) to avant-garde artists such as Walter Spies (Germany), Rudolf Bonnet (Netherlands), Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur (Belgium) Arie Smit (Netherlands) and Donald Friend (Australia) in recent years. Most Western artists had little influence on Bali until the post-World War II period, although some accounts overemphasize Western presence at the expense of recognizing Balinese creativity.

On his first visit to Bali in 1930, Mexican artist Miguel Covarrubias noted that local paintings presented primarily religious or ceremonial functions. They are used as decorative fabrics to hang on important temples and houses, or as calendars to determine children’s horoscopes. But within a few years, he discovered the art form had undergone a “liberating revolution.” Where they were once very limited by the subject (especially episodes of Hindu mythology) and the style, Balinese artists began to produce scenes from rural life. This painter has been developed to improve individuality.

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