Best Destination Of East Nusa Penida
Best Destination Of East Nusa Penida

Best Destination Of East Nusa Penida beautiful places that are located in the eastern region of Nusa Penida. As you already know Nusa Penida is famous for its extraordinary marine beauty.

Famous for its sea waters which have beautiful natural panoramas with beautiful colorful coral reefs. And various living habitats type of fish.

And also the beautiful natural panorama, it is not surprising that Nusa Penida is one of the tourist destinations for tourists when traveling to Bali. Previously we discussed beautiful places in the West Nusa Penida area.

And this article will discuss other beautiful places in the eastern region of Nusa Penida.

As you already know, the tourist destinations on Nusa Penida Island that are more frequently visited by tourists are destinations in the West and East regions. However, this does not mean that the western or eastern regions have attractive tourist destinations.

But rather that all regions, both northern and southern, have tourist destinations that are also interesting.

The eastern area of Nusa Penida Island has its own unique side. The same as the western area of Nusa Penida. The Eastern region is dominated by beautiful cliff-lined beaches and towering hills with expanses of blue sea

A number of tourist attractions in the eastern region have quite good views of the sunrise.

For those of you who have already explored all the tourist areas in the West Nusa Penida area, it would be a good idea if you also explored the East Nusa Penida area. It only takes approximately one and a half hours from the western area to the eastern area of Nusa Penida.

And if you want to go on a trip around Nusa Penida. On average you will spend two to three days to see the beauty of the island of Nusa Penida.

Even though it is a small island, this island is like a paradise island with wonders that you never thought existed in this world.

The List of Best Destination Of East Nusa Penida

And in accordance with the discussion. Of this article which will discuss tourist attractions in the eastern region of Nusa Penida.

For those of you who have previously visited the eastern area of Nusa Penida, of course you have visited several of the tourist attractions in the following list.

And for those who have never visited the eastern region of Nusa Penida, the list of tourist attractions in the eastern region of Nusa Penida can help you determine which places will be your visiting destination.

The eastern area of Nusa Penida is famous for several tourist attractions, such as Teletubbies Hill. Atuh Beach. Atuh Hill. Diamond Beach. Suwehan Beach. Raja Lima and Tree house.
but did you know it’s the same with the western region? The East Nusa Penida area has many hidden tourist attractions whose beauty makes you see paintings in a fairy tale.

And what are the attractions of the eastern region that make you obliged to visit.  Here is a list of tourist attractions Of East Nusa Penida

1. Sebila Beach

Best Destination Of East Nusa Penida

Sebele Beach is one of the beaches that is hidden. To reach this beach you will go on a motorbike adventure on a dirt road that is only passable by motorbike.

On the left and right sides of the road to Sebele beach, you will see a green view in the form of a group of beautiful hills. Sebele Beach is a beach between two capes and one of the capes is called Tanjung Juntil.

This coastline is about 80 meters long. and is a coastline that is composed of coral and has little beach sand.

This beach is a favorite spot for anglers because fishing at this place is still relatively easy because apart from the many fish that live in the sea waters of Sebele Beach. The beauty of this beach is truly amazing. – Best Destination Of East Nusa Penida

Visiting this beach you will find adventure in passing through the hills, seeing two verdant headlands and a beautiful coastline.

This beach is still relatively quiet so traveling to this beach is like traveling to a private beach.

2. Tanjung Juntil

Tanjung Juntil is a cape located north of Atuh Beach. The view from the top of Tanjung Juntil is very beautiful. From the top of Tanjung Juntil you can see the beauty of Atuh Beach and the side of Nusa Batu Padasan which is in front of Atuh Beach.

Along the way to the very tip of Tanjung Juntil you will see green views of the hills and also the blue sea. Just like Sebele Beach, Tanjung Juntil is highly recommend for those  who like fishing.

3. Atuh Cliff

Obtain the nickname Koh Phi Bi in Balinese style. In the middle of Atuh Beach, there is a coral hill with a unique shape. During high tide, you can see the waves crashing against the reef.

When low tide, a collection of small corals will look so fabulous. Just come to Atuh Cliff then you will see a view of a cluster of small islands

The view of Atuh Hill will amaze you with the view from Atuh Beach itself and from the top of the cliff you will see  Nusa Batu Padasan. Nusa Batu Abah. Nusa Batu Mategan. Beautiful view, isn’t it? – Best Destination Of East Nusa Penida

Many people say that the beauty of Atuh Hill is like the natural panorama of Raja Lima.

4. Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is in the bay area between two headlands, namely Labuhan Ampuak on the south side and Tanjung Juntil on the north side. Located between two white sandy beach headlands with clear sea water.

From this coast you can see a group of rock islands called Nusa Batu Padasan. Nusa Batu Abah. Nusa Batu Mategan. Apart from enjoying the beautiful panoramic view of the beach. Enjoying the sunrise is something you can’t miss while on this beach.

5. Labuhan Ampuak

Labuan Ampuak has a height of approximately 100 m above sea level. from above this area you can see other hill clusters that are in the east of Nusa Penida such as Bukit Tunjuk Pusuh, Bukit Nyahi, Bukit Juntil and the beauty of the beach.

6, Jogglo View point

A place that offers beautiful views of two beaches at once, namely Atuh Beach and Diamond Beach. In fact, this place is the best place to enjoy the sunrise.

7. Diamond Beach

Nusa Penida East Tour package

Diamond Beach is a soft white sandy beach, clear turquoise water, surrounded by karst cliffs. And there are sharp coral cliffs that resemble diamond chunks, so this beach is called Diamond Beach. Located behind a hill cliff, it is not surprising that tourists also know this beach as a hidden paradise.

There are two ways to enjoy Diamond Beach, you can enjoy it from the top of the cliff or you can decide to go down to the bottom of the cliff and enjoy the beauty of Diamond Beach.

8. Pelilit Beach

Similar to Diamond Beach, Pelilit Beach is located under the hills and offers beautiful natural beauty, with views of limestone coral cliffs and white sandy beaches with clear turquoise water.

9. Raja Lima ( Molenteng Hill)

Tree House Nusa Penida
Tree House Nusa Penida

Raja Lima has a similar beauty to Raja Ampat, namely that it is a group of small islands that can be seen from Molenteng Hill.

You can see the formation of limestone coral cliffs on the east side of Nusa Penida Island, you will see views of Nusa Batupadasan and Nusa Batu Abah which are located on Atuh Beach as well as Nusa Batu Metegan which is in the Raja Lima area.

And there are many other small nusa clusters that you can see. Another thing you shouldn’t miss is the Molenteng tree house, where from the height of the tree house you will see a clearer view of the coral cliffs and clusters of small islands in the Raja Lima area.

This wooden house standing on the top of the massive tree. Directly facing Atuh’s beach from the tree house, we can see the beautiful panorama of Atuh’s beach.

And from the tree house, we can see the beauty of a thousand islands Raja Lima with many cliffs in the front.  we can also stay in the tree house. All scenery makes the tree house so unique and worth it to visit.

From Raja Lima you can see the beauty of Diamond Beach.

10. Goa Gede Prehistoric Site

For those of you who like traveling to ancient heritage sites, you can visit the ancient cave site, Goa Gede. A cave that was inhabited hundreds of years ago which holds various prehistoric evidence of life in the past.

11. Teletubbies Hill

Teletubis hill Nusa Penida
Teletubis hill Nusa Penida

The geographical conditions of the island of Nusa Penida with its soil layers have resulted in the formation of many limestone hills so that grasslands can grow well in the hilly areas which makes the island of Nusa Penida have views of beautiful and beautiful hill cliffs.

And one of them is Teletubbies Hill.  Taking its name from a children’s show on television called Telettubies. A tourist attraction which is a mound of hills with green grassland covering the surface of the hill shaped like the outer shell of a coconut with beautiful hill valleys that look so beautiful with beautiful natural treats.

From the top of the hill you can see beautiful natural views of the sea and residential areas and even witness the beauty of the sunset from Teletubbies Hill Nusa Penida is the best thing you should not miss

12. Suwehan Beach

Suwehan beach has the attraction of a large coral rock with a shape similar to a triangle and the people call this rock the jineng stone.

This white sandy beach and clear blue sea is flanked by two hills and has a coastline of 400 meters. There, you can enjoy relaxing and watching the beauty of nature while sunbathing.

If you want to swim, then you still have to be careful, sometimes the waves suddenly get bigger.

And for you to know, along the road to Suwehan beach, you will find at least 9 natural springs. Therefore, you should not do things that can pollute the environment and the springs.

Because this spring is a spring that is sacred by the community.

13. Nunggul Hill

The view of Nunggul Hill is the same as Asah Hill which has amazing nature with a beautiful atmosphere. Nunggul Hill does not have a view of the beach or high cliffs like the view from the hills on Nusa Penida Island.

But it shows the beauty of the Tabe forest with dense and green trees. Several neatly arranged rice fields complete with weeds are the view from Nunggul Hill. The color of the hills will turn brown when the dry season arrives and will turn green during the rainy season.

14. Abangan Hill

As the highest hill in Nusa Penida, Abang Hills has enchanting views of natural beauty. All around you can see the ocean and towering hills when you are on this hill. In fact, you can see views of terraced rice fields or terraces. – Best Destination Of East Nusa Penida

You can find this beautiful hill when you travel to Suwehan beach.

Recommended Tour to Best Destination Of East Nusa Penida

The following are several recommendations for tourist trips that you can take in the eastern region of Nusa Penida;

1. Nusa Penida East Tour package is the best package to see places of interest in the east of Nusa Penida. Have you ever gone to the east of Nusa Penida Island??? Do you want a memorable and exciting journey by joining the one day Nusa Penida East tour package.

We will take you to iconic tourist attractions in East Nusa Penida such as Tree House Nusa Penida .Thousand Island or Raja Lima. Atuh Beach Nusa Penida. Atuh Cliff Nusa Penida. Diamond Beach Nusa Penida. And teletubbies Hill Nusa Penida.

2. Nusa Penida West and East Tour package is a private combination tour package in one day tour. This Bali private tour will visit places of interest in the west of Nusa Penida. And combine with places of interest in the east of Nusa Penida. This package is perfect for those of you who have a short time but want to visit both places in one day.

3. Nusa Penida 2 Days 1 Night Tour package is the perfect private tour package for those who want to enjoy more time on Nusa Penida. Nusa penida is a beautiful and unique small island with some amazing places spread in the east and west.

4. Nusa Penida Day Tour and Snorkeling Package is a combination tour package to nusa penida from Bali. Combined with snorkeling activity and Nusa penida island Tour. It is our special program offered to those who prefer to explore Nusa Penida Island by speed boat from Bali. And get the rare experiences to do snorkeling at the best snorkeling suport in Nusa Penida.

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