Best Place To Stay In Bali For Couples
Best Place To Stay In Bali For Couples

Looking for best place to stay in Bali for couples for celebrate honeymoon or anniversary? Bali has long been considered an ideal paradise. For couples looking for a romantic getaway . With unforgettable experiences and treasured moments. With its lush greenery, charming beaches and fascinating cultural heritage.

Bali is an absolute gem of an island with panoramic views of beautiful rice fields and majestic volcanic peaks, visiting spiritual retreats and a number of temples and sacred sites, and a number of amazing tourist attractions. Each tourist area has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Bali has many choices for traveling according to the tourist style that tourists want. And Bali is also a romantic island for couples looking for a romantic holiday. Of course, Bali has lots of holiday spots with a warm and romantic atmosphere.

At the same time, Bali is also a holiday destination full of adrenaline-pumping adventures. There are many tourist options in Bali and it all depends on the tastes of each tourist in enjoying the beauty of the island of Bali.

And for those of you who come as a couple and are looking for a holiday that suits your style. So the article contains recommendations for choosing the right area for you, both for staying overnight and for activities and tourism.

Best Place To Stay In Bali For Couples

All areas that are tourist destinations in Bali have their own vibe and atmosphere which may have different tastes. adjust your imagination in describing and enjoying Bali. then find beautiful places that will bring your imagination to life with the natural beauty and vibe of Bali tourism.

And where to stay while in Bali is certainly one of the important things that you have to think about to support your holiday. Here is the result of best place to stay in bali for couples.

1. Ubud Area

Coffee plantation Bali Ubud with swing Tour

Ubud is the most popular area to stay in Bali with a partner with a very romantic vibe. A number of tourist attractions in Ubud have designs that are not only beautiful but present a romantic side not only for couples and even families.

Ubud is a comfortable place for couples, which is something we cannot deny and there is a very clear reason why Ubud. Because  is a place that is so calm and comfortable.

Ubud has beautiful nature with beautiful rice fields and calm river valleys.  Even the calm, peaceful and not too busy atmosphere of Ubud adds to the romantic impression. Ubud is an attractive area for couples and other tourists looking for peace and quiet. best place to stay in bali for couples

Many tourism-supporting accommodations in the Ubud area such as hotels offer a variety of romantic accommodations, including boutique resorts, private villas and secluded retreats. Taking into account the needs of tourists who come in pairs. Such as offering a private swimming pool, lush gardens and stunning views of the surrounding landscape. best place to stay in bali for couples

There are even a number of yoga and meditation retreats, wellness centers and spa resorts. pampering couples so they can enjoy rejuvenation treatments, couples massages and wellness activities together.

Things to do in Ubud with Couples

And a number of restaurants and eateries have a romantic culinary scene. With candlelit dinners amidst lush gardens that provide beautiful views.

The following are romantic things for couples to try when traveling to Ubud;

  1. Try riding the Bali Swing Tour Package with a beautiful view
  2. Enjoy a Candle Light Dinner on the banks of the Ayung River
  3. Take a walk on the Campuhan Ridge Walk
  4. Doing Spa treatments with your partner
  5. Visit the Ubud Monkey Forest, Ubud Tegalalang Rice Terraces and a number of other beautiful views
  6. Try the Ayung Rafting activity and ride an ATV Quad Bike
  7. Cycling around Ubud to see the beauty of the green rice fields
  8. Experience Lunch for Two on a Boat

2. Amed Area

How to Get from Canggu to Amed

The Amed area is in the east of the island of Bali, namely in Karang Asem district and is one of the east coast of Bali. Amed offers a quiet and secluded retreat for couples.

And the Amed area is famous for its black sand beaches, clear, calm and charming sea water.  And beautiful coral reefs, and for being an extraordinary snorkeling and diving spot to enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs. Amed is a relaxing vacation spot

Amed was once a peaceful and charming fishing village before becoming a tourist. best place to stay in bali for couples

The Amed is one of the beautiful areas to find beauty wrapped in peace. And Amed also has tourism support that accommodates the needs of couples. Who want to enjoy time together while on holiday destination. From the Amed area you will see the beautiful view of Mount Agung. And next to it there is a beautiful cove and a small rocky beach that you can explore on foot.

Amed is one of the beautiful areas to find beauty wrapped in peace. And Amed also has tourism support that accommodates the needs of couples who want to enjoy time together while on holiday.

Things To Do in Amed with Couples

From charming hotels to stay with a romantic atmosphere and restaurants that serve fresh fish straight from the sea with good quality local food at friendly prices.

The following are romantic things to do in Amed with your partner that you can try. best place to stay in bali for couples

1. Diving with your partner.

And Amed is famous for its amazing diving spots with spectacular coral reefs and amazing underwater life. Such as US Liberty Shipwreck, The Drop Off and Japanese Shipwreck. You can dive together with your partner, so the diving activity becomes more fun and exciting. Together with your partner discover some beautifull and local marine wildlife.

2. Enjoy the beautiful sunset

The special thing about the sunset is that it creates a feeling of peace and tranquility as well as warming, especially when you watch it with your partner in a beautiful place like Amed. while looking at views of Jemeluk Bay and Mount Agung.

3. Try kayaking activities

Amed has fairly calm sea water and exploring the bay using a kayak or stand-up paddle (SUP) with your partner is very fun.

Amed is a place for couples who like calm and beautiful beaches and activities to explore the underwater beauty.

3. Sidemen Area

Bali Countryside Sidemen Karangasem

Sidemen is best place to stay in bali for couples .A traditional Balinese village located at the foot of the majestic Mount Agung in Karangasem Regency. Sidemen offers enchanting natural charm and village life that is so warm and beautiful.

And located on the slopes of Mount Agung. This village offers a beautiful panorama of majestic mountains. And expanses of green rice fields that are a feast for the eyes. The Sidemen area is an area that presents the natural beauty of a traditional village with a calming atmosphere.

Sidemen has the culture and wisdom of local products such as the typical Sidemen songket cloth which is produced traditionally and has special motifs. Such as woven motifs, kayonan moon, wayang, or peacock, and using cotton threads of various colors, or gold and silver threads.

This Village is an ideal place for couples who want to find tranquility while enjoying the natural beauty and peaceful village life. Beautiful natural panoramas, green rice fields, cultural riches that are still preserved make Sidemen Village an interesting place to visit.

The tourist support facilities in Sidemen Village are no less interesting than the natural beauty on offer. Everything will not disappoint even though it is in a village at the foot of the mountain. And sidemen is a great place to vacation with your partner because you can really unwind, relax and enjoy time together here.

There are many interesting things you can do in Sidemen with your partner, starting from visiting handicraft places, visiting a number of tourist attractions in Sidemen and various other tourist activities.

4. Baturiti Area

Located in the northern part of Tabanan Regency and consisting of hilly and steep areas and mountains between an altitude of 300-990 m above sea level, Baturiti is an area that is fertile enough to carry out agricultural and plantation activities.

The Baturiti area is still dominated by agriculture and plantations, so it is not surprising that Baturiti District is so green and has a cool climate. And Baturiti has a number of famous tourist attractions with charming natural views. best place to stay in bali for couples

And apart from that, Baturiti District also has a number of agro-tourism sites that you can visit. Apart from having beautiful views, agrotourism in Baturiti District also has various types of cultivated plants.

So when you visit Baturiti District, you will not only enjoy a number of interesting tourist attractions. But you will also be able to buy several types of fresh vegetables and fruit. That you can make as holiday souvenirs.

There are many interesting things you can do as a couple while in the Baturiti area. With a calm atmosphere, cool climate and peace, of course spending time together with your partner is a fun thing.

Such as visiting Bedugul, enjoying the beautiful views of Lake Beratan. Visiting the bloom garden to see the beautiful flower garden, doing exciting adventurous activities. And many other fun things that you can enjoy while in the Baturiti area.

5. Kintamani Area

Best Place To Stay In Bali For Couples

Kintamani is a tourist area located in the highlands with a cool and calm atmosphere. With natural views in the form of the beauty of Mount Batur with a crescent-shaped lake called Lake Batur, it is a view that captivates the heart.

Lake Batur has quite fresh water and is a source of life for the creatures around it. And to reach Lake Batur you have to take a downhill and winding road from the main road. On the way to Lake Batur there is a hot spring tourist attraction.

Along the way to Lake Batur you will see a beautiful view in the form of boulders formed from frozen larvae. and Lake Batur is also a crossing port for tourists who want to visit the Trunyan Tourism Village.

There are many romantic things you can do with your partner when traveling to Kintamani. Such as like visiting Lake Batur in the morning to enjoy the cool air shrouded in mist.

Enjoying the warm water of a natural hot spring pool while chatting with your partner. Will certainly be a romantic and unforgettable moment with the enchanting view of Lake Batur.

And travel to Pinggan Village before sunrise to experience the warm, romantic moment of sunrise with amazing golden yellow light that will appear along with the thin mist that covers Pinggan Village.

6. Jimbaran Area

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