Bias Tugel Beach Karangasem Bali; Location and Entrance Ticket

Bias Tugel Beach Karangasem Bali; Location and Entrance Ticket

Bias Tugel Karangasem Bali, hidden gems located in Karangasem regency with stunning beach charm. And what is the attraction?

If you visit and travel to the eastern most regency on the island of Bali, namely Karangasem Regency.

Of course, you think about the attractions of Lempuyang Temple Gates of Heaven, and Tirta Gangga Water Palace Karangasem Bali, and Bali Countryside Sidemen Karangasem ,  and Besakih Hindu Temple in Karangasem Bali.

In addition, Karangasem district also has quite famous diving and snorkeling spots. Such  Jemeluk Beach, Tulamben Beach, Amed Beach, Gili Tepekong, blue lagoon, and Perasi Beach.

With beautiful beaches and natural scenery. and many other famous beaches from Karangasem. Some of the attractions in Karangasem Regency have their own place in the hearts of tourists.

The tourist attraction in Karangasem Regency is very unique and has its own characteristics. As a regency located on the eastern tip of the island of Bali.

Karangasem Regency is the entrance and exit of the island of Bali. Whereas in this regency there is the port of Padang Bai which has a route to the island of Lombok.

Tourists who will cross and travel to Gili Trawangan Lombok will go through this port as a sea crossing route.

The regency has a very unique topographical picture. Even the highest mountain on the island of Bali, Mount Agung, is located in Karangasem Regency.

The topography of Karangasem Regency is mostly hilly and mountainous areas. Karangasem has a climate and temperature that varies depending on the altitude of the land.

One of the hidden gems of Karangasem district that we will discuss is Bias Tugel Beach is very close to the port of padang bai.

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The Attraction Of Bias Tugel Beach Karangasem Bali

Bias Tugel Beach Karangasem Bali; Location and Entrance Ticket

This beach is a white sandy beach mixed with little black sand, that has moderate waves with blue sea water.

Bias Tugel beach is one of the beaches in Bali which is in the coastal area of the Lombok Strait.

Which is a strait that separates the island of Bali from the island of Lombok. Therefore the Bias Tugel beach is close to the port of Padang Bai.

Because the Bias Tugel beach itself locate is in Padangbai village, Manggis district, Karangasem regency.

So do not be surprised when you visit Bias Tugel Beach you will see ships that are quite large leaning and passing to the port of Padang bai – Lombok.

Because the distance is quite close to the port of Padang Bai sometimes, to find this Bias Tugel beach, many tourists make the port of Padang Bai a benchmark for traveling to this Bias Tugel beach.

As for the distance from the port of Padang Bai to Bias Tugel beach, it is about 3 km and takes about 10 minutes, which is quite close, isn’t it?

If by chance you are going to cross to Lombok Island. It’s good if you also try the beauty and charm of the Bias Tugel beach while waiting for the crossing to arrive.

Bias Tugel Beach has a 200-meter-long coastline. And this beach has a name that means cut sand. This does not mean that the sand is not intact.

This is a term for naming sand. Which refers to the left and right sides of the beach which are cliffs.

To go to the shoreline you have to do a little tracing down the cliff. And through the trees that grow on the cliff.

About 15 minutes from the parking of your vehicle, you will go down the hill before finally arriving at the beach.

Things you can enjoy on the beach such,

1. Coral That Forms A Beautiful Lagoon

On Bias Tugel Beach you will see a small lagoon on the left side of the beach. You can call it a natural pool formed from sea coral.

But you need to remember to enjoy swimming and soaking in the lagoon, you have to make sure the condition of the seawater first.

Whether the tide is high or low. If the sea water recedes you can enjoy swimming and soaking in the lagoon.

But if the sea water is high tide, you should be careful not to be carried away by the sea waves.

2. Mini Water Blow

About 50 meters to the right of the beach you can find a view of the water blow like the one on the Nusa Dua beach attraction.

Like the meaning of the name bias Tugel Beach where on the left and right there are rocks that cut the coastline.

If on the left the rocks form a lagoon, then on the right, the rocks cause the phenomenon of water blow.

Where the waves  that came hit the rocks so that the seawater spurted over the rocks.

And of course, the opportunity for the water blow phenomenon is always awaited by tourists.

And if the waves are big and the wind is blowing fast enough, then this water blow can spurt up to several meters toward the beach.

3. Snorkeling

If the sea waves at the bias Tugel Beach are not too high and the waves are small and the sea water is receding and calm.

You can do snorkeling at this tourist attraction, the beauty of the marine biota is no less beautiful than other snorkeling and diving spots in Karangasem district which maybe you already know.

You will see lots of coral reefs and small colorful fish that live under the coastal waters of Tugel bias.

And yup considering that Bias Tugel Beach is close to Padang Bai port, which is near the port area there are many dive sites, it will indirectly affect the life of underwater biota on bias Tugel beach.

4. Clear Blue Seawater and Clean Beach

Because this beach is behind the hills, and still empty of visitors. when you go to Bias Tugel Beach you will see a clean beach with clear blue sea water.

Therefore when the sea water is receding.

Then you will see rocks that are on the edge of the water. Therefore you have to be a little careful when swimming.

Besides that, when the sun is high, you will see the beach water gradation to turquoise.

This is the result of the green color of sea algae in the coastal waters. Which can be combined with clear water and blue sky, thus reflecting the color of seawater to turquoise.

5. The Nature Around The Beach Is Beautiful And Fresh

Because it is located behind a hill, of course, this will also have an impact on the environment around the beach.

Even though it is close to Padang Bai Harbor.

Bias Tugel Beach has a relatively clean. Beautiful natural environment and there are still many big trees growing around the cliffs.

So that the atmosphere and air on the beach can be beautiful, peaceful, calm, shady and Fresh, of course

You can also see the size of the large sea pandanus and shrubs.

6. Fun Ordinary Activity at Beach

As we know that if we travel to the beach then activities such as swimming, surfing, sunbathing, and playing in beach water and sand.

Of course will be a mandatory activities that we do while visiting a beach.

And for all these activities it will be different if you do it on the bias Tugel beach.

Like swimming, you don’t just swim on the beach. But you can swim in the small lagoon on the Bias Tugel beach.

Apart from that, with the condition of the beach being relatively empty of visitors.

You can sunbathe with a wider space. And play with sand and water as much as you like without fear of other visitors.

And besides that, the presence of water blow adds to the excitement of playing in the water on the Bias Tugel Beach Karangasem Bali.

For those of you who bring small children to play on the Bias Tugel beach, with few visitors coming to this beach it makes it easy for you to supervise children playing in water and sand.

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7. Sunrise and Sunset

As you know, the beauty of the beaches in Bali is inseparable from the appearance of the sky at dusk and dawn.

Therefore Bias Tugel Beach adds a long list of beach names that you should see to enjoy the sun that rises on the eastern horizon and sets on the western horizon.

The beauty of the sky at dawn and dusk coupled with the charm of the beautiful Bias Tugel beach certainly makes the atmosphere more memorable.

8. View Of Marine Traffic

As you know, Bias Tugel Beach is very close to the port of Padang Bai, so when you are on Bias Tugel Beach, you can see large ships crossing in and out of Bali.

Facilities on the Bias Tugel Beach Karangasem Bali

Bias Tugel Beach Karangasem Bali; Location and Entrance Ticket

If you are looking for facilities on a beach that has star-rated facilities, of course, you can’t get these facilities at this Bias Tugel beach.

Instead you will get simple stalls that carry the concept of nature, where the stalls are standing by utilizing the wood used to make buildings and roofs, so that it looks like a unique and aesthetic small cafe.

You will see chairs, wood, and sunbeds made of wood. Visit Bias Tugel beach, you will see a very classy simplicity.

For the food and drink menu that is served at the cafe stalls on the Bias Tugel beach. You don’t need to worry.

Because the food and drink menu here serves western food to Indonesian specialties. And also the taste of food and drinks are very delicious and at affordable prices.

But if you are looking for star-rated facilities around the Bias Tugel beach area. You will get a lot of lists of star-rated facilities.

Be it lodging, restaurants, and other public facilities. Specifically for the facilities on the beach, it seems that the existing facilities are sufficient to maintain the naturalness of the beach scene.

Ticket Entry to Bias Tugel Beach Karangasem Bali

For the price of an entrance ticket to Bias Tugel beach, the ticket price won’t make you dizzy with the entrance ticket price of IDR 5000 for domestic tourists and iDR 10000 for foreign tourists, it still feels affordable right?.

Even so, you still have to participate in maintaining the cleanliness and peace of the bias Tugel beach.

So this beach will have the same charm every time you come to visit.

And the ticket price includes a parking space for the vehicle you are using. Don’t forget to always ask for a good parking spot for those of you who bring a vehicle or motorcycle.

Best Time to Visit Bias Tugel Beach Karangasem Bali

When is the best time to visit Bias Tugel beach?? actually, there is no good or bad time to see the beauty of the beach.

It’s only for you who really like to go to the beach, be sure to always check the weather forecast and sea waves.

To visit Bias Tugel Beach yourself, the best time to visit is in the morning until the evening before evening, you need to know that the closing time for Bias Tugel Beach is 6 pm in the afternoon.

Besides that, for those of you who want to enjoy the lagoon which is on the Bias Tugel beach. Make sure you come when the sea water recedes and is calm.

Yups wherever the beach is, playing in the water and swimming on the beach it will be more enjoyable when the sea water recedes quietly and the waves are not too big.

Tourist Destination Nearby Bias Tugel Beach

And those of you who still don’t know what tourist attractions are close to the Bias Tugel beach. So you need to know that Bias Tugel Beach is quite close to the Blue Lagoon beach, Candi Dasa dive site, Taman Ujung Sukasada , and the Tirta Gangga water palace tourist attraction.

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So that’s an overview of Bias Tugel Beach which is very close to Padang Bai Harbor. Hopefully this review can give you information about Bias Tugel Beach as one of the beaches in Karangasem district.

See you again in the next article dealing with interesting and exciting tourist spots in Bali.

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