Denpasar City Tour Explore The Beauty of Bali Capital City
Denpasar City Tour Explore The Beauty of Bali Capital City

Denpasar City Tour, has it ever crossed your mind to take a tour around the capital of the island of Bali. The city of Denpasar is apart from being the provincial capital. As well as being the entry and exit point for the island of Bali with the Ngurah Rai International Airport and Benoa Harbor.

As the capital of Bali Province, Denpasar City has quite a long history which is interesting to look at. In the beginning, Denpasar was the favorite garden of the King of Badung at the time, namely Kyai Jambe Ksatrya, where he lived at Puri Jambe Ksatrya, which is now known as Pasar Satria.

Denpasar is unique as a park because there is a place for cockfighting which is Kyai Jambe Ksatrya’s hobby. So he invited other kings in Bali to play cockfighting in the park. Previously the area was part of the Badung Kingdom, before the Puputan Badung War took place against the Dutch colonialists.

And after Indonesian independence in 1958, Denpasar became the capital of the Badung Regency regional government. Then in 1960, Denpasar was also designated as the capital of Bali Province, which was originally located in Singaraja.

And in 1978, Denpasar officially became the Administrative City of Denpasar. With its regional capabilities and potential in implementing regional autonomy, in 1992 the City of Denpasar was upgraded to municipal status.

Geographically, Denpasar City is at an altitude of 0-75 meters above sea level with an area of 127.78 km² and an average air temperature of around 24.3 °C to 29.8 °C.

Denpasar City Tour Explore The Beauty of Bali Capital City

So above are the tourist attractions that you can visit while in Denpasar during Denpasar City Tour.

1. Bali Cultural Park Art Center Denpasar

Denpasar City Tour Explore The Beauty of Bali Capital City

Bali Cultural Park is a cultural park which has an area of approximately 5 hectares. Which was initiated by the former first governor as a place to preserve culture and develop a Balinese arts center.

The Bali Arts Festival or PKB is held every year at the Bali Cultural Park. And if you visit during the Bali Arts Festival you will be able to see various art performances from all districts in Bali.
Such as Joged Bung-bung, Bondres Dance, new creations, wayang, percussion art and many more art performances originating from every district in Bali.

Apart from art performances, there are also various art exhibitions such as sculpture, painting, batik cloth, gold and silver crafts, as well as various crafts and local wisdom. Thus making the Bali Cultural Park a tourist destination.

The Bali Cultural Park consists of a complex of traditional Balinese architectural style buildings complete with beautiful carvings. And complete with neatly arranged gardens and even a stream in the park area.

The building complex is a sacred area consisting of Taman Beji, Bale Selonding, Bale Pepaosan temples. Then there is the Widya Kusuma Library which is a place to store books about Balinese history.

Next there are halls where Balinese art exhibitions are held, namely the Sculpture Studio, Mahudara Exhibition Building, Craft Building, Wisma Seni and Wantilan. There is also the Ardha Candra open stage and the Ksirarnawa closed stage.

Visiting the Bali Cultural Park can increase your knowledge about culture and art. And Bali Cultural Park. And the Balinese Cultural Park is located at Jalan Nusa Indah Denpasar

2. Kertalangu Cultural Village

Kertalangu Cultural Village is a cultural village located in East Denpasar and places you visit when doing the Denpasar City Tour,  precisely on the By Pass Ngurah Rai road and is one of the cultural tourism icons in Bali.

When you enter the Kertalangu Cultural Village you will see natural views in the form of rice fields and plantations, all of which are green and growing abundantly. Another thing that makes this village so special is the world peace monument created by independent countries that really support peace in the world. and there are 9 religious symbols in the world contained in the Peace Monument.

Visiting the Kertalangu Cultural Village, you can also see the symbol of world peace. You can also watch arts and cultural performances such as Kecak Dance, Barong Dance and Joged Bumbung while enjoying typical Balinese food. You can even find various Balinese handicrafts.

3. Kumbasari art market

The Kumbasari art market is in the Gajah Mada heritage area and has been around since 1977, precisely on Jalan Gajah Mada. And sells various Balinese crafts and souvenirs. The location of the Kumbasari art market is opposite the Badung market, separated by the Badung river.

And the Badung River has a history as a transportation route for Dutch troops during their invasion during the Badung Puputan War. and currently the Badung river is well managed and has become a tourist destination and recreation area in the middle of Denpasar city.

Kumbasari Market has an area of 6,230 square meters and has a Balinese architectural style. consists of 4 floors, where the ground floor provides various types of basic necessities, while the second to fourth floors offer various types of traditional Balinese handicraft items.

On the 2nd floor, the Kumbasari art market specifically sells various types of typical Balinese clothing, on the 3rd floor it sells various types of paintings, statues, Balinese ornaments such as carvings, shoes, sandals, and even women’s bags.

Meanwhile, on the 4th floor, various types of crafts, knick-knacks for souvenirs such as crafts made from shells, paper and some crafts from outside Bali.

4. Mangrove Forest

The Ngurah Rai Grand Forest Park or better known as the Mangrove Information Center (MIC) has a forest area of 1,373 Ha. And it is in the Suwung Kauh area, Denpasar, Bali, precisely on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai. Places you visit when doing the Denpasar City Tour

And you can explore the mangrove forest by following the mangrove track made of wood. Along the track you will see various native biota of unspoiled mangrove forests. Such as birds, fish, snails, crabs, and other swamp animals.

The cool air and gentle breeze add to the beauty of the atmosphere and at several points there are special places to enjoy the beauty of the forest. Such as rest areas and towers in the middle of the forest so you can see the entire area.

This mangrove tourist attraction is the result of government collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Apart from being a natural tourist attraction, it is also a nursery and mangrove conservation center in Bali.

Apart from enjoying Mangrove Forest ecotourism, you can rent a fishing boat and explore the coast of the Mangrove Forest.

5. Bajra Sandhi Museum

Denpasar City Tour Explore The Beauty of Bali Capital City

The Bajra Sandhi monument symbolizes the struggle of the Balinese people, which was founded in 1981 and began construction in 1987. It is intended to commemorate the Balinese people who fought against the invaders.

This monument is in the Renon area, and has an area of 13.8 hectares with a building area of 4900 meters. The designer of this monument is Ir. Ida Gede.

The Bajra Sandhi Museum has typical traditional Balinese architecture. And its construction is full of meaning from Hindu religious philosophy. What can be seen from the architecture of the building.

Apart from that, the Bajra Sandhi monument is also full of symbols of independence. which can be seen from the steps at the main door of the monument, there are 17 of them. There are 8 large pillars inside the monument, which have a height of 45 meters.

So that follows the date of Indonesian independence, August 17 1945. The Bajra Sandhi Monument has a collection of 33 dioramas, photos and paintings containing the history of Balinese life for four generations.

Which tells sequentially the life of the Balinese people from the prehistoric period, the ancient Balinese period, the middle Balinese period, and the period when Bali was fighting for and gaining independence.

Remembering that Bali had a number of resistances against Dutch colonialism, such as the Jagaraga War (1848-1849), the Kusamba War (1849), the Banjar People’s Resistance (1868), the Puputan Badung War (1906), as well as the Puputan Klungkung (1908) and the Puputan Margarana War (1946 ).

6. Serangan Island

Serangan Island is in South Denpasar, which is between the Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua tourist areas in the south, the Sanur tourist area in the northeast, and Benoa Sea Harbor in the west.
And it used to be separated from mainland Bali.

The name Serangan Island comes from the words sira and angen, which mean an island that makes anyone miss its beauty.

And in the past, people to get to Serangan Island had to take a boat from Tanjung Benoa to Serang Island and after reclamation was carried out in 1997, Serangan Island became one with mainland Bali and was connected by the Serangan Sakenan bridge.

Meanwhile, after reclamation, Serangan Island, which previously had an area of 101 hectares, changed to 365 hectares. Serangan Island has a coastline of around 8 kilometers.

While on Serangan Island, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Bugis Ethnic Fisherman’s Village and the turtle breeding area.

And on Serangan Island you can also see the beauty of Sakenan Temple. Which is one of the oldest temples in Bali, which has existed since the 10th century.

Serangan Island has a number of beaches for water sports. Like playing jet sky, surfing, diving, fishing, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins or sharks.

And another thing that is a shame to miss is tasting the fresh seafood typical of Serangan Island.

7. Sanur Beach

Denpasar City Tour Explore The Beauty of Bali Capital City

Sanur Beach is located on Jalan Hang Tuah, Sanur Village, South Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali. One places you visit when doing the Denpasar City Tour And it is a white sandy beach that stretches for about 8 km. This is a sloping and shallow beach with calm waves.

And for 8 km it is lined with a group of beautiful beaches which are part of the Sanur beach area, such as Merta Sari Beach, Semawang, Batu Jimbar, Karang, Segara Ayu, Sindhu.
and Sunrise.

The history of Sanur beach and all the natural beauty of Sanur beach is contained in the inscription of King Kasari Warmadewa. And in 1906, during the Dutch colonial era. Sanur Beach became the landing location for Dutch troops. Who wanted to attack the Badung Kingdom during the Puputan Badung war.

The beauty of Sanur Beach was first known to the world through the work of Belgian painter AJ Le Meyeur. Who came to Bali in 1932.

Sanur Beach not only offers beautiful natural views. Another beauty of Sanur Beach is enjoying the atmosphere of the sunrise which is complemented by views of traditional boats on the beach lined up neatly creating perfect beauty.

There are various exciting tourist activities that you can do on Sanur beach. Such as Seawalker Bali, snorkeling, scuba diving and canoeing, sunbathing, swimming and playing in the sand.

In the Sanur beach area, you can also enjoy jogging because there is a jogging track that stretches from south to north and is located on the edge of Sanur beach. There is even a gazebo to enjoy the sunrise view.

And to support tourist activities at Sanur Beach, there are a number of facilities available besides jogging tracks and gazebos on this beach. On this beach you can easily find toilets, places to hang out and parking.

8. Big Garden Corner Sanur

Denpasar City Tour Explore The Beauty of Bali Capital City

Big Garden Corner Sanur is one place you can visit during Denpasar City Tour. And have an Instagrammable Spot in Denpasar. As the name suggests, this place offers a spacious and charming garden.

It not only contains green trees, but also various statues of artistic value. It would be appropriate to call Big Garden Corner Sanur a sculpture garden. This is because there are many statues that you can find.

This place is very suitable for those of you who like open areas and works of art. Various beautiful statues are neatly arranged and look harmonious side by side with medium to tall sized trees.

At this tourist attraction there is also a miniature Borobudur Temple 5 meters high, a mini tree house, as well as a wooden walkway with a roof made of crossed tree trunks and a walkway with umbrellas of various colors. With various spots for photo backgrounds.

9. Museum Bali

The Bali Museum is a museum that stores relics of the human past and ethnography. Such as living tools and equipment, art, religion, written language, and others. Which depicts the life and development of Balinese culture in the past.

The Balinese museum building has the architectural style of a typical palace or royal building in Denpasar. And there are four pavilions in the museum complex.

In the northern part there is the Tabanan Pavilion which collects dance equipment. Such as dance costumes, all kinds of masks for mask dances, shadow puppets, keris (traditional Balinese swords) for the Calonarang dance, and also several ancient statues.

And there are other collections such as biology, ethnography, archeology, history, numismatics, philology, ceramics and fine arts.

In the center there is the Buleleng Pavilion with a typical temple style in northern Bali. Which has a collection of Balinese clothing including traditional Balinese fans.
Then there is the Badung Pavilion with a towering bale kulkul.

In this pavilion you can see remains in the form of ancient relics. During the hunting and gardening period, the cultivation period, and the metallic period. And there is an upper floor in the Badung pavilion which collects Balinese fine art. The Bali Museum is on Jalan Mayor Vishnu.

10. Le Mayeur Museum

The Le Mayeur Museum is in the Sanur Beach tourist attraction area. The Le Mayeur Museum displays various works of art by the artist Adrien Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres or better known as Le Mayeur.

There are around 88 collections of paintings which are divided into various types of paintings according to the media used. Such as canvas with 28 paintings, hardboard with 25 paintings, bagor with 22 paintings. And there are even plywood and paper media. Which indicates that at that time it was difficult to get painting media, namely during the occupation. Japan in Indonesia.

Le Mayeur Museum has a typical Balinese architectural style. With an impressionist style painting theme and Ni Polok as the main model. And other themes in the form of cultural expression and natural beauty.

11. Sidik Jari Museum

The Sidik Museum is one of places you can visit during Denpasar City Tour. And located on Jalan Hayam Wuruk 175 Tanjung Bungkak. The owner of the Fingerprint Museum is a painting maestro named Gede Ngurah Rai Pemecutan. Who was a pioneer of finger painting techniques.

The Fingerprint Museum displays works of art using a unique painting technique using the index finger. In the form of dots of basic colors on the surface of the canvas, producing beautiful and spectacular works of art.

This technique of painting with fingerprints occurred accidentally on July 9, 1967. It started with his annoyance at the failure to paint a painting with a Baris dance theme. The painting was never finished.

And he tried to damage the unfinished painting. By sticking the tips of his paint-stained fingers on the surface of the canvas. And from here came the idea and inspiration. To make paintings with the tip of the index finger without using a brush.

And the island of Bali is a tourist destination where the growth of the tourism industry on the island of Bali. Has pushed the city of Denpasar to become the center of economic and business activities.

Even though it is a capital city that is synonymous with crowds. Traveling in Denpasar City, you can explore various types of tourism. Such as natural tourism, cultural tourism, historical tourism, culinary tourism and religious tourism. So by doing a Denpasar city tour, you will find various interesting and unique things in the city of Denpasar.

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Well above are some information and guide to find Denpasar City Tour. Hope can be use and see you again in the next article about exciting tourist spots, updated and also hits in Bali.

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