How to Get from Canggu to Amed
How to Get from Canggu to Amed

How to get from Canggu to Amed? maybe this is an important question for you, if you are in canggu and looking for transportation to get to amed. To answer this question we have several solutions, which you can take to get from canggu to amed. Before we continue explaining about it, do you know where Amed is? it’s good we know about amed first.

Amed – Best Destination in the east of Bali

Amed is one of the famous tourist destinations in Bali, its location is in the east of Bali Island. This area is quieter than canggu. It’s the perfect place to rest. Because it is far from urban and crowded areas, like Canggu at this time.

If you want to get to amed from canggu you have to know the distance from canggu to amed. If you look at the map, the distance from Canggu to Amed is around 96km via Jl Prof Ida Bagus Mantra. Meanwhile, the travel time is around 3 hours 30 minutes or maybe more depending on the traffic situation. So how do you get from Canggu to Amed?

Transport Options you choose

Here are some transportation options that you can use. Each type of transport that you will take certainly has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s check what it is?

1. Using online transportation

In Bali, there are many online transportation which are very easy to find. Like grab and uber. However, the price will be different because Canggu has become a red zone for online transportation (meaning it is well-known and there is a lot of demand for online transportation) so the price will be 2 times the normal price.

The normal price for online transport from Canggu to Amed is around 650 thousand / car / one way, max 4 people. However, after becoming a red zone, the price will be 800 to 900K / car / one way, maybe it is more in line with the amount of transportation demand. This is considered a convenient type of transportation but has a slightly high price.

2. Meter Taxi

If use meter taxi like blue bird you can find them easy in canggu. For meter taxi will colect you 120k for the first enter the car and latter the will be charge 12k/ km x 96km. This is approximately you will pay it.

3. Use Private Transport from Kuta Transport

We know not all traveller happy to pay more for transport from Canggu to Amed. So that way we come to asist your travel to amed from canggu with aprdable price. We just need 700k/car/way max 4 person with bag. If without big bag available with 5 persons

Transport Price from Canggu to Amed

1 until 5 persons : IDR. 700K/car ( Mini Van )

5 until 10 persons : IDR. 1050K/car ( Big Van )

10 until 15 persons : IDR. 1.250K/car ( Special Big Van )

Why Choose Kuta Transport..?

  • Our service is private no sharing with another pasangger
  • Safe, reliable, very Friendly and comfortable
  • Speak good English
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Book Now,,,, Pay later with driver
  • Clean and Comfortable car

How to make booking for Transport from Canggu to Amed

FOR LAST MINUTE Booking, please send your request
Via WhatsApp/Viber/imo/line : +6282144055762
Office Hour: 08.00 AM – 17.00 PM

Please fill in this RESERVATION FORM to make a booking or ask questions.

Places of Interest will pass from Canggu to Amed

If you just sit in the car for 3 hours, of course, it will be boring. But you don’t need to worry because the panorama along the way from Canggu to Amed is quite interesting. Starting from the beach, rice fields and green hills.

However, there are many tourist attractions that you will pass along the way to Amed. You can visit these to unwind in the car, among of them:

1. Bali Safari and Marine Park


The Bali Safari Park is largest animal park on Jl Ida Bagus Mantra. The zoo which has an area of about 64 hectares maintains hundreds of rare animals that you can see.

With the concept of an open park according to the habitat of the animals in this zoo. They are pampered with the outdoors without being in a cage.

2. Keramas Beach

A beach on the east side of Bali has black sand which is heaven for surfers. The biggest surfing events have ever been held at this beach. With a calm beach atmosphere and you can visit to find peace.

3. Goa Lawah Temple

How to Get from Canggu to Amed

Goa Lawah is a place of worship for Hindus which is one of the most important temples in Bali. Uniquely, it is located on the coast with thousands of bats that live in Lawah Cave. Meanwhile, this holy temple is in front of a cave with a tunnel which is believed to end at Besakih Temple

4. Candidasa

How to Get from Canggu to Amed

Candidasa is a favorite tourist destination in East Bali besides Amed. Many tourists choose Candidasa as a place to stay during their holidays in Bali. Because it’s not without reason, the beach that is owned is very beautiful and is a favorite for diving and snorkelling. You can find beautiful coral reefs and various colorful fish.

5. Blue Lagoon Beach


Blue Lagoon Beach is adjacent to Candidasa Beach which also provides the beauty of the underwater world. But the blue lagoon is more famous for lovers of snorkeling and diving. Because the water is clear and shallow, it is very safe for divers.

6. Tirta Gangga

Top 11 Adventurous Things to Do in Bali

Tirta Gangga is a water park inherited from the Karangasem kingdom. This is the previous meeting place. The one used for the royal family to rest. You can see a very beautiful water maze with dozens of statues around it. A pond with thousands of fish can be a friend who takes Instagram photos

7. Lempuyang Gate of heaven


The last one is Lempuyang Temple which is better known as the gate of heaven. Indeed, as the name implies, Lempuyang Temple is located at a height with a beautiful gate.

The tourists really like to take pictures at this gate. Because from this gate you can see the highest mountain in Bali. Tourists are willing to line up to get this moment. Of course you won’t find it anywhere else.

How do you think about how to get from Canggu to Amed now?

Now, you did know about the price comparison and the advantages that you can get in each mode of transport from Canggu to Amed, it’s time for you to choose. Of course, this is very much determined by the budget and the level of comfort you want to get.

If you just get to Amed or want a comfortable trip and can stop to visit tourist attractions in the same direction. Of course it’s your own decision. Thank you, I hope this information is useful and happy holidays in Bali.

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