Seaworld Bali – Explore the marine wildlife in Bali
Sea world Bali

Seaworld Bali is an artificial tourist attraction for those of you who like to see and like underwater life. Without wet with seawater. How interesting is Seaworld, let’s listen to this article.

As you already know, Bali has lots of beautiful beaches as well as dive sites which are very popular among tourists.

Traveling to Bali feels like it will be lacking if we don’t have time to enjoy the marine life of the island of Bali. Which is well known to foreign countries.

If you have ever dived at one of the dive sites in Bali, then you will know how beautiful the marine life that lives under the sea waters of the island of Bali is.

And for some tourists who may be curious about what the beauty of the underwater world is like, and haven’t had the opportunity to dive into the dive spots in Bali, you might decide to visit Sea world Bali.

And for those of you who miss the atmosphere of underwater life, but the weather doesn’t support you diving.

You can visit Seaworld Bali as an alternative option when the weather is unpredictable.

Or for those of you who like to dive but are a little lazy to dive under the sea. You can visit Seaworld Bali, to let go of your longing for sea animals

So, what exactly is SeaWorld Bali? Starting from the attraction, what things you can do, how to travel to Seaworld Bali.

Well, this time we will discuss about this tourist attraction, and after this, the tourist attraction must be on your wishlist when visiting Bali.

Then, are you ready to travel to Seaworld. And enjoy the beauty of the underwater world in a different way than before?.

There are many attraction of Seaworld , that you will get when you visit there.

The Attraction Of Seaworld Bali

Many interesting things are very unfortunate if you miss the opportunity to visit the Seaworld Bali tourist attraction.

Seaworld tourist destinations allow you to see and enjoy underwater natural life without having to dive to the seabed.

Visiting Seaworld you will feel in the middle of the sea and surrounded by marine flora and fauna.

The life of the underwater world at seaworld is made as similar as possible to the ecosystems under the sea, so that it really resembles the life of the high seas.

And you can compare Seworld to a miniature sea in the form of a glass aquarium where we can explore the glass aquarium and witness the life of marine animals.

Seaworld large aquarium has and uses sophisticated and modern equipment and in accordance with standard security procedures and professional personnel.

So that both the marine biota that live in the Seworld Aquarium and the visitors are safe and comfortable.

So what are the attractions of Seaworld that make you have to visit Seaworld?

1. Seaworld Has Tens Of Thousands Of Collections Of Marine Life.

Who would have thought that this tourist destination has thousands of unique and beautiful marine wildlife?.

You will see various marine wildlife swimming in all directions and playing among the coral reefs.

Such as sharks, stingrays, octopuses, sea turtles, clown fish, seahorses and many other types of reef fish and fish in shallow seas that you can witness while at seaworld.

Apart from marine fish, there are also various invertebrates and coral, such as anemones, jelly fish, sponges, lobsters, crabs, hard corals, and various other types.

You will also see various coral reefs of various sizes and beautiful and unique colors which are the living places for small, colorful fish.

2. Have a Collection Of Fresh Water Fish

Even though it has the concept of being a miniature of underwater life, you don’t only find marine animals that live in large aquariums worldwide.

But you will also find several collections of various types of aquatic animals that live in fresh water.

How about a pleasant place not for you to visit, apart from getting to know and knowing the various beauties of marine biota, you will also see the various beauties and uniqueness of freshwater biota.

3. Lessons About The Marine Flora And Coral Reefs In The World

Besides you enjoy the various aquatic animals that are life in seaworld. And see how the habits and behavior of cute aquatic animals that you can see and observe.

You will also get an insight into the various marine plants and coral reefs. That is exist in parts of the world.
This is because there is a museum and theater area that you can visit to increase your knowledge about marine life.

4. Has a Giant Glass Tunnel

To enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Seworld has a glass tunnel where you will be able to see various types of marine animals.

That live in a giant seaworld aquarium swimming freely above your head, and on the left and right sides you will find marine animals who swim as if circling you.

5. SeaWorld’s Feeding Show

An attraction to feed marine animals carried out by professional divers in seworld is a unique and exciting attraction for you to watch.

You will see how funny and unique it is for large marine animals to eat their food provided by professional divers.

6. Place of Recreation And Study For Family Tourism

Seaworld is a suitable tourist spot for those of you who want to bring families.  Such as parents and small children to witness the beauty of the underwater world.

You can introduce the various beauties of the underwater world to children, which of course will make them love and care for the sea even more in the future.

Tourism Entrance Ticket Prices & Location

The Seaworld Bali entry ticket is IDR 25,000 for adults. With opening hours from 09.00 to 21.00 WITA.

With the ticket price, you can see various types of marine animals, coral reefs and other fresh water animals.
And you also learn various things about animals and aquatic plants.

Which of course will impress you with the richness and uniqueness of life that coexists with humanity.

Seaworld Bali is located at By Pass Ngurah Rai Denpasar, only a few minutes away from Ngurah Rai International airport.

There are many things that you can find and get when you travel to seaworld Bali. You can play, travel as well as increase your knowledge when you visit Seaworld Bali.

How are you interested in traveling to seaworld Bali and introducing the various beauties of underwater life that you can see at seaworld to your family and loved ones.

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See you again in the next article dealing with interesting and exciting tourist spots in Bali.

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