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Tampak Siring Holy Spring Water Temple
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Tampak Siring Holy Spring Water Temple

Tampak Siring Holy Spring Water Temple is a beautiful temple complex and sacred mountain located in the village of Manukaya in central Bali. Built in 960 AD is also a silent witness to the history of the ancient Balinese kingdom. Especially during the Warmadewa Dynasty.

Tampak Siring Holy Spring Water Temple which means holy spring is actually the name of the water source that is inside the temple area. This dry season of water sources supplies a variety of purification around Manukaya villages. Swimming pools and fish ponds, all of which flow into the Tukad Pakerisan River.

Short history of Tampak Siring Holy Spring Water Temple

This holy water emerged in the era of the ancient Balinese kingdom in pinpin by the king wayadenawa. Supposedly the king of mayadenawa is a mahogany king who opposed the influence of Hinduism. And rejected religious teachings and other religious practices. Which eventually angered the gods and the gods of the senses down to earth merduel with mayadenawa.

Mayadenawa felt overwhelmed and escaped from Indra forces through the Petanu River to Pakerisan to the north of Tampaksiring. Tampaksiring comes from 2 words 'Tampak dan Siring' which means foot and siring which means sideways, depicting an episode when the escaping king leaves his footprints up the hill - Ubud Tour with Holy Spring of Tampaksiring

It was here, through his magical power, that Mayadenawa created a poisonous spring where many of Indra's armies died from drinking the water. Seeing many of his sense-sensing men immediately pointed sticks to the ground where purification of holy water gushed out to heal troops and even brought some of them live again.

How to go to Tampak Siring Holy Spring Water Temple ?

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