Beautiful Temple in Bali with Extraordinary Views
Beautiful Temple in Bali with Extraordinary Views

Beautiful Temple in Bali with Extraordinary Views which is one of the attractions of the island of Bali. Which complements the fact of the nickname Pulau Seribu Pura for the island of Bali. Because almost every inch of the island of Bali has a temple which is a place of worship for the Balinese people, the majority of whom are Hindu.

There are many temples in Bali. From temples that are only specifically intended for families or dynasties to temples that have general status. Whatever dynasty they belong to, can pray and worship at the temple.

Yes, as you already know. Bali is a charming island with many tourist destinations on the island. And one of them is the existence of beautiful temples with stunning natural views that are synonymous with the island of Bali itself.

You can see and witness the beauty of Balinese art and culture when you visit this beautiful temple. From every stroke of ornamental carving that contains artistic, cultural, belief and philosophical values.

And exploring temples in Bali can be a way to find out more about Bali itself. And get to know the traditions of the Balinese Hindu community.

The existence of the temple is not just a place of worship. But an amazing manifestation of the beauty of traditional Balinese architecture with elegant carvings which have their own value and meaning.

As well as the high value of spiritual belief in the existence of God who protects the universe and everything in nature.

The existence of temples in Bali not only displays the beauty of traditional Balinese architecture. But also shows the cultural diversity on the island of Bali. And on a spiritual tour in Bali you will experience an experience that brings visitors closer to Bali’s spiritual heritage which has survived from time to time.

Meaning Of Temple (Pura)

As you know, Pura is the term for a holy place for Hindu religious worship in Indonesia, especially on the island of Bali, where the majority of the population is Hindu. And the word Pura comes from the Sanskrit suffix Pur, Puri, Pura, Puram and Pore which means gate.

And in Bali itself the term Pura refers to a place of worship as a place to worship Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa, the Gods and ancestral spirits. By offering his devotion by expressing his devotion and yadnya.

Types Of Temples In Bali

Beautiful Temple in Bali with Extraordinary Views

At first glance you may see that temple buildings seem to have the same characteristics. Even though if you know clearly, each temple in Bali has different types and characteristics from one temple to another.

And the following is a grouping of temples in Bali based on the essence of the temple’s establishment. even though basically all temples worship the Almighty God. And Balinese Hindu people call God’s name IDA SANG HYANG WIDHI WASA.

1. Public Temple

It is a place of worship for Hyang Widi and all his gods (gods). Who are worshiped by all Hindus and is called the Kahyangan Jagat Temple. The Kahyangan Jagad Temples in Bali are Besakih Temple, Batur Temple, Uluwuatu Temple, Lempuyang Temple, and the other Sad Kahyangan Temples.

Another public temple which is also revered by the Balinese Hindu community as a place of worship. To worship the greatness or services of the holy teacher.  On the basis of the Hindu religious teachings that have been given is called Pura Dang Kahyangan.

The Dang Kahyangan temples include Purancak Temple, Rambut siwi Temple. Pulaki Temple. Ponjok Batu Temple. Silayukti Temple, Kentelgumi Temple and Taman Ayun Temple.

2. Territorial Temple.

It is a temple located in a traditional village area in Bali which functions as a place of worship in a traditional village. And in general, a traditional village basically has three temples called Kahyangan Tiga, namely: Pura Desa. Pura Puseh and Pura Dalem.

3. Swagina Temple

This is where the Swagina Temple is classified, because of the Balinese Hindu community’s belief that every work carried out and pursued is a gift from God. So that every work has a manifestation of God in it to protect the work. So that it runs well and produces good things too.

And in other words. The Swagina temple is revered by Hindus. Because of its similar functional character. Such as having the same profession in the livelihood system, such as farming, trading, fishing.

The Swagina Temples in Bali include Melanting Temple, Pabean Temple, Ulun Danu Batur Temple, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple and other Swagina Temples.

4. Kawitan Temple.

Is a temple designated based on the birth line of a dynasty which functions as a place of worship for the spirits of ancestors or ancestors.

There are things you need to know and follow to visit a sacred area. Because basically a sacred area is an area for private places, maintaining ethics and manners is very necessary and gets quite a lot of attention.

Rule to Visit a Holy Places

The following are the basic etiquette that you need to understand and follow when visiting a holy place

1. Read the signboard

Regarding the prohibition under certain conditions for entering the temple area. Make sure that when you enter the temple, you are not in the conditions prohibited on the prohibition board for instructions on entering the temple.

2. Dress modestly

Wear proper and neat clothing when entering the temple. Don’t show your private parts because you will enter a sacred area. So clothes really need to be paid attention to.

Wearing a cloth and scarf is an obligation that you must follow when entering a sacred area.  Pay careful attention to your appearance and follow the recommended dress code when entering sacred areas such as temples.

3. Have a guide who knows information about the temple you are going to.

It is highly recommended that you invite a guide who can explain the ins and outs of the temple you are going to. So apart from seeing the beautiful temple architecture directly, you will also have knowledge about the essence of the founding of the temple.

Such as regarding the history and philosophy behind the temple itself so that you will better appreciate the existence of this sacred area.

4. Sprinkling holy water on the body

In every temple, usually before entering the sacred area. You will find a jar containing holy water, which must be sprinkled on the body, especially the head, before entering the temple.

5. Maintain your attitude, words and actions

When you are in the temple in Bali, you must really monitor your attitudes, words and actions. where you don’t say things that are rude and dirty, always maintain your attitude and actions.

6. Pay attention to signs regarding documentation activities

The unique architecture of temples is often the object of photographs, but you also have to understand that temples are sacred places of worship so that your photographing activities should not disturb the reverence of other people who worship.

7. Don’t touch items in the temple

The temple has many sacred objects that cannot be touched carelessly, let alone played with. So you have to pay attention to the various regulations that are available when entering the temple area.

Best Temple in Bali Can Visit – Beautiful Temples With Amazing views in Bali

Even though there are many temples in Bali, not all of them are open for tourists to visit. There are temples that can only be visited when praying. The following is a list of temples that are famous and visited by many tourists, among others;

1. Uluwatu Temple

Nusa Dua Uluwatu Tour

Pura Luhur Uluwatu or Pura Uluwatu is a Sad Kahyangan Temple built on the top of a rock that juts out towards the Indian Ocean at a height of around 70 meters above sea level.

In the history of its founding, there are two opinions that explain the history of the founding of Uluwatu Temple, namely the first opinion explains that it was Mpu Kuturan who founded Uluwatu Temple during the Marakata government in the 11th century.

Meanwhile, the second opinion explains that the construction of Uluwatu Temple was carried out by Maha rsi Dang Hyang Nirartha who came from the Daha Kingdom in East Java. Who came to Bali in 1546 AD during the reign of Dalem Waturenggong.

The attraction of Uluwatu Temple lies in its various unique features. Like its location on a cliff with views of the Indian Ocean. The Uluwatu Temple area is also still beautiful, with the forest which is the habitat of a group of monkeys which often roam the temple area, adding to its uniqueness.

Even the beautiful sunset view is something you shouldn’t miss while at Uluwatu temple.

2. Besakih The Great Mother Temple

Besakih Balinese Mother Temple

Besakih Temple is the largest temple complex in Bali. Which is located on the western slopes of Mount Agung as the Sad Khayangan Jagad Temple. The name Besakih is taken from Sanskrit, wasuki or in Old Javanese basuki which means safe.

And it is called the mother of temple. Because Besakih Temple is the center of activity for all the temples in Bali

The construction of Besakih Temple was carried out by Rsi Markandeya in 1284. Who was a Hindu religious leader of Indian descent. Rsi Markandeya built Besakih Temple after receiving instructions while meditating on the Dieng Plateau.

Then Rsi Markandeya and his followers decided to go to the island of Bali. By cutting through the forest in Java to get to the island of Bali. And it is said that at a time when the island of Java and the island of Bali were still one.

And not yet separated by the ocean, it was namely Dawa Island, which means long island.

There are various relics of the megalithic era such as menhirs. Stone thrones. Pyramid terrace structures found in the Besakih Temple complex.

And Besakih Temple has a number of attractions with its natural beauty set against the backdrop of Mount Agung.

3. The Gate Of Heaven Lempuyang Temple

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Kahyangan Temple is the Kahyangan Jagat Temple which consists of seven temples located at the top of Mount Lempuyang or Bisbis Hill. And to get to the top of Bukit Bisbis you have to climb around 1,700 steps.

The Lempuyang Temple is thought to have existed since the pre-Hindu Buddhist era, where initially the sacred building was only made of stone. And Lempuyang Temple is the palace of Hyang Gni Jaya or Dewa Iswara.

The meaning of the name Lempuyang Temple is the bright, holy light of God. When traveling to Lempuyang Temple you will be treat to cool air with pristine forests, the sounds of animals and beautiful natural views.

Lempuyang Temple is famous for its truly charming Gate of Heaven which has Mount Agung as its backdrop.

4. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Bali Tour Packages Bedugul Beratan Lake Temple Tour Package

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is located above Lake Beratan with a beautiful view of Lake Beratan surrounded by mountains. The Ulun Danu Beratan Temple functions as a place of worship for Goddess Laksmi, the goddess of fertility and beauty.

The unique position of the two buildings at the Ulun Danu Beratan temple which jut out into the middle of the lake makes the two buildings not only have spiritual value but also high aesthetic value.

The cool atmosphere with a calm atmosphere complements the attraction of Ulun Danu Beratan Temple.

5. Tanah Lot Temple

Beautiful Temple in Bali with Extraordinary Views
Sunset View at Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is  temple in Bali. And is believe to have originated in the 16th century and was found by Dang Hyang Nirartha. Tanah Lot Temple is located on a coral island. And in several corners of the coral island around the Tanah Lot Temple area there are tame black and white snakes or local people call them Poleng snakes which are sacred and purified.

The attraction of Tanah Lot Temple is the existence of a holy spring that comes from a fresh water spring. That emerges from the middle of the ocean which is believe to bring blessings. And apart from that, there is another beautiful view when the sea water is high, as if the temple is floating in the middle of the sea.

And also the view of Tanah Lot Temple is even more beautiful at sunset.

6. Tirta Empul Temple

Beautiful Temple in Bali with Extraordinary Views

Tirta Empul  which means holy spring that arises from the ground. Which was then made into a sacred area called Pura Tirta Empul around 926 AD during the Warmadewa dynasty. And in the Tirta Empul temple area there is a natural spring that emerges from the ground and the water from this spring is believed to be holy water.

So the Balinese people use this holy water for the Holy Tirta and for melukat, namely spiritual self-purification to cleanse the soul and mind. The Tirta Empul Temple is the palace of the God Indra.

Within the Tirta Empul temple area there are two large. With clear and cool pools with 26 water fountains which function as fountains for self-purification. The function and name of each holy water is different, namely Tirta Sudamala, Tirta Penglukatan, and Tirta Panegtegan.

7. Puseh Batuan Temple

Batuan Temple Bali

Pura Puseh Batu was built in Saka 944 during the reign of King Paduka Aji Sri Dharmawangsa Wardhana. The beauty of the Batuan temple is its own attraction because the Batuan temple still stands strong even though it is old.

And even the Batuan temple has architectural beauty with beautiful Balinese carved ornaments. And the same goes for the ornaments of the temple buildings which are very thick with typical Balinese carvings. The basic building materials are red bricks which are arranged on the doors and also the temple.

At the Puseh Batuan temple there are paintings containing historical stories. There are three paintings with carved wooden frames in golden colors which have many historical stories about the three paintings.

8. Taman Ayun Temple

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Taman Ayun means a beautiful garden which was built in 1634 by the first king of the Mengwi Kingdom, I Gusti Ngurah Agung Sakti or Tjokorda Blambangan. And Taman Ayun Temple has a combination of natural beauty and springs.

Taman Ayun Temple has a traditional Balinese garden surrounded by an artificial river with various types of typical Balinese plants. And with beautiful views, namely a beautiful water garden and fresh air, Taman Ayun Temple is an enchanting place.

9. Taman Saraswati Temple

Beautiful Temple in Bali with Extraordinary Views

Saraswati Temple has very beautiful architecture with a lotus pond garden. And not only that, you can also see the beauty of the temple in the many Balinese carved ornaments that make Saraswati Temple so aesthetic and enchanting.

The Taman Saraswati Temple is the palace of the Goddess Saraswati. Who is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge in Hinduism.

10. Gunung Kawi Temple

Beautiful Temple in Bali with Extraordinary Views

Gunung Kawi Temple is a cultural heritage site of the Gunung Kawi Cliff Temple which is located in the Pakerisan River Basin.

It is estimated that the Tebing Gunung Kawi Temple was built in the mid-11th century AD. During the Udayana Warmadewa Dynasty and ended during the reign of king Anak Wungsu (971-999 Saka/1049-1080 AD).

And the existence of the Gunung Kawi Cliff Temple Site is based on the Batuan Inscription which is dated to 944 Saka and the Tengkulak A Inscription which is dated to 945 Saka. During the reign of King Marakata.

The relics on this site are a cliff temple and a hermitage niche. There are ten Gunung Kawi cliff temples divided into three groups. Beautiful views with high historical value make you unable to miss the existence of this cultural heritage site.

Local Transportation

And additional information regarding rental prices for modes of transportation for those of you who want to go on holiday to Bali.

How much is transport in Bali per day?

Transportation costs in Bali can vary greatly depending on the type of transportation you choose, the distance you travel, and whether you hire a private driver or use public transportation. Here are some estimated costs for various types of transportation in Bali:

Scooter Rental

Renting a scooter in Bali can cost anywhere from IDR 50,000 to IDR 80,000 per day, depending on the type of scooter and rental duration. This option is popular with travelers on a budget and those who prefer to explore on their own.

Car Rental

Renting a car in Bali usually starts from around IDR 300,000 to IDR 500,000 per day for a standard car. Luxury cars or larger vehicles can be more expensive. Rent a car with a driver in Bali (including fuel) can cost between IDR 600,000 to IDR 1,000,000 per day, depending on the type of car and itinerary.


Taxi fares in Bali are metered, and the cost depends on the distance traveled. A short trip within the city or nearby tourist attractions may cost around IDR 30,000 to IDR 50,000, while a long trip between cities can cost several hundred thousand rupiah. Always make sure the taxi driver uses the meter or agrees to a fare before starting the trip.

Private Driver

Hiring a private driver in Bali for a full day of sightseeing can cost between IDR 500,000 to IDR 800,000 or more, depending on the itinerary and number of hours. This option provides convenience and flexibility, as the driver can take you to multiple attractions in a day.

Well above are some information and guide about Temple In Bali hope can be use and see you again in the next article about exciting tourist spots, updated and also hits in Bali.

Every temple in Bali has a different story and history. So that you can get to know Balinese culture itself. You can make spiritual tourism visits to temples in Bali to get to know more closely the spiritual cultural heritage of the Balinese people. And don’t forget to always obey all the regulations that apply in the temple area.

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