Tenganan Traditional Village Bali

Tenganan Traditional Village Bali

Tenganan Traditional Village Bali is one of the oldest ancient villages in Bali. That closely holds the customs and rules set by the ancestors.

Apart from the island of Bali has a variety of tourist options. From cultural tourism, nature tourism, marine tourism, to artificial tourism.

With the diversity of tourists who come to Bali, we cannot deny that in Bali, there have been changes in the order of life of the people.

Although the Balinese people still hold tightly to the customs and traditions that have existed for generations.

But there are some things that adapt to the influence of modernization and adjust to the customs of the Balinese people.

For example, some people’s houses have adapted to more modern housing and are complete with sophisticated and modern tools.

Nevertheless, some traditional villages in Bali still hold the order of life that has been passed down from generation to generation by their predecessors.

One of the villages in Bali that still maintains the local wisdom of its ancestors is Tenganan Village.

Tenganan Village is the oldest village in Bali. Which until now has not changed and has not been touched by modernization or other external influences.

Although it is close to the port of Padang Bai, Bias Tugel Beach tourist attraction, and agro-tourism.

Tenganan village has not experienced changes in the spatial environment and community life.

The daily life of the people of Tenganan village is very synergized with natural life. Where community life upholds, kinship, simplicity, and mutual cooperation.

And this article will explore the attractiveness and uniqueness of the Tenganan Traditional Village Bali. So we will explore what interesting things are in Tenganan village.

The History Of The Tenganan Traditional Village Bali

Tenganan Traditional Village Bali

To refer to a village that closely holds the order of life and the principles of life. That have been instilled by the ancestors. Before the arrival of the influence of the Majapahit Hindu kingdom in the 16th century.

Balinese people generally call it the Bali Aga or Bali Mula. Village which this village has existed and inhabited the territory of the island of Bali. Before the arrival of the Majapahit Hindu influence.

As for some sources mention the history of the formation of Tenganan Village, because of the movement of people from the coast to a residential area located in the middle of the hill.

Namely Bukit Kangin, Bukit Kauh, and Bukit Kaje. Because this settlement is between the three hills, so they call it Tengahan, and then being Tenganan.

Tenganan village comes from the word ” Ngetengahang” which means middle.

The Location / Rute Of The Tenganan Traditional Village Bali

The location of Tenganan Pegringsingan Village is in Manggis District, Karangasem Regency in a valley and there are hills flanking Tenganan Village.

Namely Bukit Kauh, Bukit Kangin, and Bukit Kaje. And entered the official government area of Tenganan Village.

About 17 km away from Amlapura City (the capital of Karangasem district) and 5 km from the Candidasa tourist attraction area.

And about 65 km from Denpasar City.

The Attraction Of The Tenganan Traditional Village Bali

Is one of the ancient villages or mula villages in Bali besides Sembiran Village and Trunyan Village. Tenganan Village has its charm and uniqueness.

The characteristics of Tenganan Village are characteristic of the uniqueness of Tenganan Village that is not owned by other Bali Mula Villages.

This uniqueness is the attraction to visiting Tenganan Village.

For those of you who want to see the original life of the people of Bali Aga before the arrival of the influence of the Majapahit kingdom on the island of Bali.

One of them is you can visit Tenganan Village.

1. Hereditary Rules

Tenganan village has a regulation that has existed and they implemented in daily life until now, which has started from the 11th century to the present.

And the community calls the regulation Awig Awig. Where the Awig Awig regulates the order of life of the middle community such as life between the community, the environment, and the creator.

Then become the basis and rules of the life order of the Tenganan community such as arrangements for environmental use, marriage, divorce, inheritance rights, and kinship.

And related to the pattern of life in the traditional village of Tenganan.

There are values, norms, religious knowledge, laws, beliefs, inheritance of ancestors, and traditional procedures that are used to help find solutions to various daily problems so as to achieve harmony and prosperity in life.

2. Stepped village landscape

The landscape of Tenganan Village is unique because it has a stepped landscape like rice terraces, so we will not find a sloping.

And flat village road but a village road that is like a stepped staircase. Thus avoiding soil erosion by water flow from rainwater pouring.

3. Unique Custom House

Tenganan Traditional Village has a unique traditional house made of a mixture of red stone, river stone, and soil.

And Rumbi leaves as the roof of each resident’s house there is a traditional gate as a gate and there are Balinese frangipani tree plants.

Characterized by an entrance door that is both the width and size of an adult.

4. Kain Tenun Gringsing

Grinding woven cloth is an ancient Balinese traditional cloth originating from Tenganan Village, this fabric is made with the double ikat weaving technique.

The process of making woven fabric that takes a long time up to 2 months of work for a piece of fabric and uses quite complicated techniques.

The meaning of the word Grinsing means painless which means this cloth rejects all kinds of dangers that come to the wearer of the cloth. So that anyone who wears this Grinsing cloth will avoid danger.

Even the dyeing of Grinsing fabric takes years. And that’s what makes Grinsing fabric so special.

Gringsing woven cloth is only used during traditional ceremonies of the Tenganan village community.

Such as death ceremonies, wedding ceremonies and mesangih (tooth-cutting) ceremonies, and other traditional ceremonies

5. Mekare-kare (Pandan war)

Pandan War is a tradition in Tenganan Village, Pandan War is called Mekere-Kere by the indigenous people of Tenganan Village.

Where there is a tradition of this pandan war to honor the god Indra who is the god of war. Pandan war is usually carried out in front of the meeting hall of Tenganan village and Petemu kaja  with the accompaniment of Seloding music.

Mekere -mekere will be performed for two consecutive days.

Seloding music is traditional music typical of Tenganan village. and may only be played by people who are purified, and with taboos this tool may not touch the ground.

Pandan war is also a symbol for a boy who is growing up. Mekere-mekere is a war using pandan leaves.

And pandan leaves are cut into pieces and then tied to symbolize a mace and use a shield made of rattan.

Even though all the participants will be injured as a result of the pandanus thorns, they do it with joy. and their wounds will heal in 1 to 2 days using traditional ingredients from the Tenganan village community.

They use grated turmeric and galangal with added coconut oil to heal the injury.

6. Sustainable Nature

When you visit you will find nature that is truly natural, clean, quiet, and peaceful.

And free from the hustle and bustle of the sound of vehicles.

You will find a village that you might only think exists only in a painting. this village maintains the beauty and beauty of its nature.

The lives of the people who blend and blend with nature create an atmosphere that is different from other places.

You will see how residents maintain and respect the existence of nature.

Such as maintaining customary forests, protecting rice fields, and protecting springs, so it is not surprising that the village of Tenganan makes anyone feel at home to visit there.

Tenganan village has hills and rice fields that are green fiber river water flow is very clear

7. Community Life Patterns

If you want to see how the Balinese people lived in the past. By visiting and traveling to the village of Tenganan.

You will see how the way of life of the people who are mostly farmers and craftsmen.

You will see craftsmen of traditional Gringsing woven fabrics.

And lontar craftsmen who write Balinese script (Balinese original letters) on lontar leaves using Balinese Mutik knives (special carving knives).

You will also see some woven crafts made by the community that they often use for daily life.

In addition, you will see several rooster cages that characterize the life of the community.

Which is used as a time marker for the morning at dawn.

Tenganan Traditional Village Bali

Tips to Visit Tenganan Traditional Village Bali

There are no specific tips for visiting Tenganan Village, it’s just that you are obey to respect and maintain the environment and nature of Tenganan Village and the customs of the Tenganan people.

You can visit this village anytime but the best time to visit this village is between June and July, so you can witness the famous Mekere – kere tradition from Tenganan village.

Those are some reviews of Tenganan Village as one of the ancient villages in Bali. Hopefully this article helps you to provide an overview and information about the uniqueness and features of Tenganan village.

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