The Beach Love Kedungu – Best Sunset hunting spots in Bali
The Beach Love Kedungu - Best Sunset hunting spots in Bali

The Beach Love Kedungu is famous for its beautiful and mesmerizing sunset. Have you ever been visiting and witnessed the twilight at Kedungu Beach Love?

The Beach has the same area as Kedungu Beach. Yes, before this Beach became popular, what was more famous was kedungu beach.

The Location of the Beach is right above the cliff on the east side of Kedungu Beach. The same is the case with Kedungu Beach. Both of the beaches have rocks on the edge of the beach.

This Beach has black sand like the beach sands in the western part of the island of Bali. The scenery around this tourist attraction combines rice fields, cliffs, and the high seas.

The access road to the beach will also amaze you. You can follow the rice fields as an access road to get to the cliff and see the beauty of the beach.

When your left and right are green rice fields, won’t the trip not be felt? Not to overstate, but this beach is indeed georgous.

In the afternoon, imagine that we walk between the rice fields towards the beach to see the violet sunset. The journey in search of the beach will pay off with beautiful places and views.

And as you walk along the rice fields, you can see palm trees planted along the road to the coastal cliffs. You can even take pictures and capture the moment of your trip while walking along the road to the beach access.

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This tourist attraction still maintains its authenticity. Even during the rice planting season, you can watch the process of rice planting. And as well as rice planting season during the rice harvest season, you can witness the activities of farmers harvesting rice directly.

The Beach Love Kedungu

The Beach Love Kedungu - Best Sunset hunting spots in Bali

This tourist attraction stands on an area of 1 hectare and is located right on the hill. When viewed from Kedungu beach, this attraction on the eastern cliff.

Access road to get to this beach is not difficult. After you park the vehicle. You can walk along the path between rice fields that have been arranged in such a beautiful way without changing the authenticity of this tourist attraction.

You will walk along the swamp road for about 30 minutes on foot before finally arriving at the top of the beach cliff.

The journey will not make you feel tired because there will be many photo spots that you will get. So you can take photos and capture nature-themed moments with rice fields in the background.

While walking, you can also see various ecosystems that exist around the rice fields.

If you come during the rice planting season, you will see the activity of the farmers in planting rice and see the green rice fields.

And if you come during the rice harvesting season, the green scenery of the paddies will turn into a fall scenery, all the paddies look yellowed. And you see farmers doing the process of harvesting rice.

Imagine walking among the rice paddies leading to the beach under a clear, orange afternoon sky.

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This beach has a cliffy landscape with a cluster of coral reefs on the coastal sea. The splash of waves hitting the coral stone creates a pretty silhouette.

Even when high waves hit the corals on the seafront, it will look like a water blow like Nusa Dua beach.

Location of The Beach Love

The location of The Beach  is in Banjar Kedungu, Belalang Village, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency, Bali. The exact address is on Jl. Pantai Kedungu, Belalang, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency.

Located 2 kilometers west of Tanah Lot Temple, Around 15 minutes drive. If from Denpasar city to the beach love Kedungu approximately 20 km with a travel time of about 1 hour.

While if from the Canggu tourist area approximately 12 km.

When using a car to get to the beach love, you have to park the car at a distance of 400 meters on the side of the road. Then from the parking lot to the location we have to walk about 400 meters. Passing through a patch of green rice fields.

In another case, when using a motorcycle, you can go directly to the location of the beach love Kedungu without walking on foot anymore. Because the access road is only enough for pedestrians or motorbikes.

Opening hours

When you want to visit this tourist spot. The best to come in the afternoon. Considering this place is an open cliff that if we come during the midday.

It will be sweltering weather. Besides that, the purpose of the visitors who come to this tourist spot is to see the beautiful panorama of the sunset.

This place starts to open at 16.00. However, Saturdays and Sundays are open earlier, at 15.00. There are already visitors arriving.

This attraction is open until 8 pm, increasing in the afternoon the view in this place is pretty, and when the sun returns to its rest. You will see the flickering stars in the night sky very clearly.

In addition, you can also feel the quiet and calm atmosphere of the surroundings. And you can hear some crickets chirping.

Entrance Ticket of Beach Love

This tourist attraction does not yet charge an entrance ticket to enjoy this tourist attraction.

It’s just that we will pay for parking of IDR 2000.- for motorcyclists and IDR 5000.- for car drivers. For one times parking.

To use the tables and chairs and various facilities that have been available, you only need to order food and drinks.

Prices and Food Menu of The Beach Love Kedungu

The Beach Love Kedungu - Best Sunset hunting spots in Bali

It’s not complete if we sit down and relax without any complementary dishes. For you whose have a hobby of relaxing while eating a meal.

Do not be afraid and hesitate, the food and drinks served at this tourist attraction have a good taste and do not drain the bag. The menu variants are many and varied.

Main Course Menu

  • BBQ chicken warp – 35k
  • spicy burrito chicken – 35k
  • classic chicken burger – 30k
  • Quesadillas Chicken – 35k
  • classic beef burger – 35k
  • cheese burger – 40k


  • French fries – 15k
  • Chicken spring roll – 18k
  • BBQ sauceage – 15k
  • chick and chips – 25k
  • BBQ chicken wings – 25k
  • Chicken salad – 30k
  • Richeese fire chicken – 30k
  • Chicken and cheese – 30k


  • Orisinal ice tea – 12k
  • Ice milk tea – 15k
  • Citrus ice tea – 15k
  • Lychee ice tea – 15k
  • Lemongrass ice tea – 15k
  • Orange jus – 17k
  • Mango jice – 17k
  • Lime and lemon jus – 15k
  • Cranberry – 17k
  • Apple jus – 17k
  • Coke – 15k
  • Fanta – 15k
  • Sprite – 15k
  • Kratindeng – 15k
  • Soda water – 15k


  • Ice coffee latte – 20k
  • Cappuccino – 20k
  • Kopi susu – 20k
  • ice coffee taro – 23k
  • Coffee avocado – 23k
  • Coffee chocolate – 23k
  • ice coffee red velvet – 23k
  • ice chocolate – 20k
  • ice matcha – 20k
  • ice taro – 20k
  • ice avocado – 20k

Facilities Available

For the comfort and safety of visitors to this tourist attraction, various facilities have been built and made without destroying the natural beauty of this tourist attraction.

Such as food and beverage stalls, public toilets and photo booths in the tourist attraction area.

In addition, the manager also provides tables, chairs and bean bags and adds some beautiful light decorations.

Attractiveness of attractions

When it comes to the attractiveness of this beach, there are certainly many things we can do while visiting this tourist attraction.

Watching the sunset

When talking about the beauty of a beach, it is incomplete without witnessing the beauty of the setting sun. Yes, the beach or the ocean is the resting place of the sun after a day of shining the world.

If you are a sunset lover, then this place is perfect for you who want to relax while enjoying the sunset. With the color of the sky which is reddish yellow.

A gentle breeze coming from the coast. Adding to the warm and romantic impression of this tourist spot.

Located on the eastern side of the cliff from Kedungu Beach, it is certainly the right place to watch the sunset process.

Seeing the beautiful sunset is certainly the best moment to close the end of the day before the start of tomorrow.


For those of you who love and have a penchant for photography, you will find many photo spots in this tourist area. You can take photos on the wooden bridge built over the river estuary that connects the cliffs.

Traveler friends can capture every moment together with family and loved ones.

In addition, the number of visitors and various activities can be used as a theme for taking pictures.

In the Tourism Object area, there is also a photo stand that can be used as a background for taking photos.


Just like Kedungu Beach which is close to this tourist attraction area, the waves at The Beach Love Kedungu are also the target of surfers.

The waves on this beach are large enough to be challenging for surfers to conquer.

For traveler friends who like surfing, trying to conquer the waves of The Beach Love Kedungu seems to be worth a try.

Walking along the path between rice fields

Of course, this will be an adventure when walking along the path. Traveler pals will see various ecosystems that live between the rice fields.

In addition, traveler friends can also capture photos with a background of rice fields and green hills.

How to Visit The Beach Love Kedungu

Well, that’s a little information about Bali’s love beach, hopefully, this article is useful for traveler friends who want to visit with family and loved ones. Because the location is fairly far from the city center, of course, you will need a means to reach this location.

Reaching all the attractions of this love beach is very easy. You can choose various types of transportation that you can use depending on your interests, starting the cheapest with a motorcycle, a car with your driver, or a car rental with a driver in Bali.

All of the above options must of course be adjusted to your budget, interests, comfort level, and needs. If you are traveling in Bali and appreciate the comfort of your vacation then renting a car with a driver can be said to be the most appropriate choice.

Of course, there will be many conveniences that can be obtained without thinking about locations, roads, cars, gasoline, and others. In addition, you can also take cheap tour packages in Bali to make it easier for you to arrange your schedule and vacation costs in Bali.

Visiting and traveling on this beach is not disappointing because when a traveler friend chooses a place to sit and relax on the beach.

The front view is Kedungu Love Beach while if your traveler friend looks back, you will see green rice fields. So the combination of rice fields, cliffs, and the ocean makes the beach a beautiful natural panorama.

Hopefully, this article is useful for all traveler friends who want to visit with family and loved ones to The Beach Love Kedungu.

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