Traditional Balinese House Compound at Batuan Village

Traditional Balinese House Compound at Batuan Village

Traditional Balinese House Compound is located at Batuan Village, Gianyar regency, 12 km from Denpasar. We will visit one of the traditional Balinese houses where the locals live and spend their daily days daily.

Traditional Balinese House Compound consists of several buildings with various activities. For the most part, Balinese mansions equipped with large mansions include Bale Daja (northern buildings) is a children’s room or used as a place of offering, Bali Dangin or Bale Gede (east-located buildings) used to make offerings, Bale Delod (south set building) will be the kitchen, Bale Dauh ( western building ) is usually used for parents’ rooms. The Hindus in Bali built their temple in the northeast in the home area, which is called the family temple, and they make offerings daily.

Traditional Balinese House is a perfect design that takes the concept of Balinese life involved in their daily social life. It can be seen from the design of each building that suits each other. Each building is equipped with a terrace or balcony for a place to rest. All buildings designed based on Balinese architecture with Asta Kosala – Kosali (fang sui) concept include building measurements taken from homeowner size.

So every family home will have different house measurements ranging from doors, windows, beds to buildings – Traditional Balinese House Compound at Batuan Village

Balinese House style :

Aling Aling is the screen wall behind the entrance made to protect the inhabitants of the house from evil spirits entering the house complex.

Kitchen, before the modern era, the Balinese set out very simply so integrated with the nature surrounding it where we can see their kitchen form. Formerly, the goods are made of dirt with three holes and they use wooden branches for fuel (fire source) then sometimes the smoke completely covers the whole kitchen as they cook ..

Clean water, Water is usually taken from their wells, if available, otherwise they should get water from neighboring rivers or natural water sources. Most farmers drink untreated water but recently the government conducted a health campaign to drink boiled water if the water was not handled hygienically.

Dining Room, they do not have a special dining room, they eat when and where they like. Most often they eat food in the kitchen.

What is interesting about us visiting this site is knowing how the Balinese live in their countryside with unique traditions and living in a unique home
If you want to see traditional Balinese compounds, you can choose a full day tour of ubud and Kintamani.

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