Ubud Palace Puri Saren Agung


Ubud palace puri saren agung is a Royal Palace of Ubud with beautiful traditional Balinese houses as the residence of the King of Ubud. While maintaining traditional houses and the existence of this castle shows the soul. And identity of Ubud Village itself in particular, and Bali on generally.

Where is the location and how to get there ?

Ubud palace puri saren agung is located in central ubud, gianyar bali about 1 hour from ngurah rai airport. If you want to visit the beauty of ubud castle. And other interesting place around puri ubud in one day. You can hire Private transport with driver from us to visit ubud for half day tour. And full day tour depending on your needs.
Located on the main road ubud. Then automatically all forms of business located on this main road to be a support facility for tourists. Who come, for example; restaurant, souvenir shop, money changer, traditional ubud market. This becomes one of the proofs of maintaining the cultural and historical heritage of Ubud Bali. Where the people always preserve their nature and customs in a polite religious ceremony.

History of ubud palace puri saren agung :

The history of the ruling family of the Balinese kingdom goes as far as the 10th century but only in the 1300s. They became historically famous. In 1343, the Majapahit Empire ruled after the king of Java defeated the king of Bali. Their rule marks the arrival of Javanese Hindu culture. Which is still visible in architecture, art, literature, dance and theater.
However, some villages in Bali remain far away from this change. Along with the rise of Islam throughout Indonesia. The Majapahit Empire finally fell and Bali became independent at the end of the 15th century.

Discovered by Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel who has ruled since 1800 – 1823. This palace is the center of artistic cultural life, while the traditional market is a symbol of the citizens of the local economy. The existence of Puri Saren as a palace is completed by Wantilan. Or hall which is a large meeting room building and banyan tree as a shelter in the daytime. The traditional market is a place of economic society and its existence always borders the palace as a center of art culture.

Although the ancient Balinese feudal system was replaced by the Dutch colonial government more than eighty years ago. Tjokordas still has a special role in Ubud society. Many roles of leadership, both sacred and secular, are held by Tjokordas. They also stand out in local business communities, art institutions, and professionals. Although no formal powers are given automatically to someone because they are from the castle. The Ubud nobility retains their firmness only on the basis of their descendants.

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