Kecak and Fire Dance Performance Bali

Uluwatu Kecak Dance Tour

The Kecak and Fire Dance is one of the most iconic art performances in Bali. This is a more mainstream Balinese art drama. Tells about the Ramayana story and is played mainly by men. This dance is performed by many (dozens or more). Male dancers who sit in a circle and in a certain rhythm shout “cak” and raise both arms. Illustrates the story of Ramayana when a line of apes helped Rama fight Ravana.

However, Kecak comes from the sanghyang ritual, which is a dance tradition where the dancer will be in an unconscious condition. communicating with God or the spirits of the ancestors and then conveying their hopes to the community.

Kecak and Fire Dance Performance Bali

The dancers who sat in a circle wearing cloth checkered like a chessboard wrapped around their waists. In addition to the dancers, there are also other dancers who play Ramayana figures such as Rama, Shinta, Rahwana, Hanoman, and Sugriwa.

The Kecak and fire dance song is taken from the sanghyang dance ritual. Additionaly, do not use musical instruments. Only the kincringan that is worn on the feet of dancers who play Ramayana figures.

Kecak and Fire Dance Performance Bali

Around the 1930s Wayan Limbak collaborated with German painter Walter Spies to create the Kecak dance based on the Sanghyang tradition and parts of the Ramayana story. Wayan Limbak popularized this dance while traveling around the world with a group of Balinese dancers. It’s name is Kecak and Fire Dance!

What will you get? As long as you watch this show you will know some of the functions and moral messages of the Kecak and Fire Dance. Among them:

1. Contains high artistic value

Although not accompanied by music or gamelan, Kecak Dance still looks beautiful and compact. The movements made by the dancers can stay in tune! That is what makes it high artistic value and is loved by tourists. Even though tourists who watch Kecak Dance are not Hindu, they still enjoy watching Kecak Dance. It feels like something is missing when you go to Bali and don’t watch Kecak Dance!

2. Learn to rely on the power of God

In Kecak Dance, there is a scene where Rama asks God for help. That proves that Rama believed in the power of God to help him. The Kecak dance is also believed to be one of the rituals to summon goddesses who can ward off disease and protect citizens and evil forces. The goddess usually called for in the ritual is Dewi Suprabha or Tilotama.

3. Many moral messages

The Kecak dance has an in-depth story and conveys a moral message to its audience. Like, Shinta’s loyalty to her husband Rama. Also Garuda bird is willing to sacrifice its wings in order to save Shinta from the clutches of Ravana. From that story, we are also taught not to have bad qualities like Ravana who is greedy and likes to take other people’s property by force.

Find the best Kecak and Fire dance performances in Uluwatu Kecak dance. The exact location is beside Uluwatu Temple Bali , on a rock cliff combined with the beauty of the sunset when the show begins. Become the unique and best location for this performance.

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