Nusa Penida East Tour package

One Day Nusa Penida East Tour package is the best package to see places of interest in the east of Nusa Penida. Have you ever gone to the east of Nusa Penida Island??? Do you want a memorable and exciting journey by joining the Nusa Penida East tour package from the team of Kuta Transport?

Talking about Nusa Penida is the island with beautiful panorama among the land and under the sea is fabulous to view. This island is located in the southeast of Bali. Well known by the world for undersea and beautiful beaches. And also this island became famous and popular among tourists destination.

The potential of Marine and Nature tourists created many dive spots with beautiful scenery on this island. The world of the undersea is fantastic for the many biotas, colorful fish, and coral reefs we can find.

The topology of Nusa Penida consists of rocks and limestone cliffs. There is no river around Nusa Penida we can find. The highest mountain of Nusa Penida is Named Gunung Mundi. The tropical is Nusa Penida’s climate.

The people of Nusa Penida is a welcoming person and modern. Even A lot of them work as farmers and fishermen to live. They love to help people who need their aid and always give a piece of clear information.

Most of the people of Nusa Penida are Hindu, but the tolerance among them and the religion of the minority is impressive. They give respect to each other.

Almost a lot of the Tourist destinations in Nusa Penida Island are beaches, but it doesn’t mean the scenery of nature isn’t good. As good as the beaches, the Nature consisting of lime stones is also attractive. Let’s explore the east of Nusa Penida by take our Nusa Penida East Tour package

Tourist destinations will visit on Nusa Penida East Tour Package

As Beautiful as West Nusa Penida, the Panorama of East is seem attractive and fabulous. The beaches and the Nature combination are extraordinary. Below is the list of the most visited Tourist Destination in the east.

1. Tree House Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida East Tour package

The tree house located in Kutampi, east of Nusa Penida. This wooden house standing on the top of the massive tree. Directly facing Atuh’s beach from the tree house, we can see the beautiful panorama of Atuh’s beach.

And from the tree house, we can see the beauty of a thousand islands Raja Lima with many cliffs in the front.  we can also stay in the tree house. All scenery makes the tree house so unique and worth it to visit.

2. Thousand Island or Raja Lima

Nusa Penida East Tour package

Have you seen thousands of islands of Raja Ampat?? Yups Pulau Seribu Raja Lima is similar to Raja Ampat.

As the view in Raja Ampat Papua, The Raja Lima view consists of many small rock islands which are spreading in the Raja Lima.

From the top of the cliff, you can see a row or cluster of small islands in the form of small hills in the middle of the ocean. The area surrounded by cliffs is an Instagrammable tourist spot in Nusa Penida Bali.

3. Atuh Beach Nusa Penida

nusa penida tour cheapest Price

Who doesn’t know Atuh Beach?? Almost all of us know this well, even though we often visit this beautiful beach. Atuh Beach’s location is in Pejukutan Village.

We will see the beach in the bay with clean white sand, blue sea water, and very clear. The beautiful combination of the beach and nature makes the unique shape of the beach. And the seawater in the coastal part is turquoise. Atuh Beach faces east. so we can see a spectacular and Instagramable view of the sunrise.

Around the beach, there are large rock cliffs. From a long way, the rock cliffs look like tiny islands that adorn the Atuh Beach tourist area.

4. Atuh Cliff Nusa Penida

nusa penida tour cheapest Price

Obtain the nickname Koh Phi Bi in Balinese style. In the middle of Atuh Beach, there is a coral hill with a unique shape. During high tide, you can see the waves crashing against the reef.

When low tide, a collection of small corals will look so fabulous. Just come to Atuh Cciff then you will see a view of a cluster of small islands.

5. Diamond Beach Nusa Penida.

Nusa Penida East Tour package

Diamond Beach’s location is in Pejukutan Village. It is named Diamond Beach because of the many tall and large karst cliffs around the beach. And the karst cliffs have a sharp shape as a diamond chunk.

Diamond Beach the clear blue water and white sand, and when we see the seawater on the shore line it is turquoise.

Surrounded by many karst cliffs the beach makes Diamond Beach a hidden paradise with white sand.

6. Teletubbies Hill Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida East Tour package

Who said Nusa Penida only has beautiful beaches?? Visiting Tanglad Nusa Penida.. and you will see the vast green hill.

Taking its name from a children’s show on television called Telettubies. The hill’s attraction is the green hills with mounds like coconut shells with beautiful cliff.

Nusa Penida East Tour Package Itinerary

  • 06:30 am : arrive in sanur harbour (Ready in sanur beach)
  • 08:00 am : Take Fast Boat and ready to go to nusa penida island
  • 08:40 am : Reach in Nusa Penida ( our Transport with Private driver will waiting in the horbor while bring sign board under your reservation name )
  • 09.00 am – 15:00 pm Island Tour : island tour : tree house, pulau seribu raja lima, atuh beach, atuh cliff, diamond beach, teletubbies hill
  • 15:00 pm : boarding in the fast boat
  • 15:30 pm :arrive in sanur harbour and drop to hotel

Nusa Penida East tour Package Price

6 persons450.000/ person
5 persons485.000/ person
4 persons525.000/ person
3 persons540.000/ person
2 persons575.000/ person
1 persons850.000/ person

Nusa Penida East Tour Package Included

  • Private Tour in Nusa Penida
  • Retribusi and Entrance fee
  • Visit tree house, pulau seribu raja lima, atuh beach, atuh cliff, diamond beach, teletubbies hill
  • Lunch and Drinking water
  • Insurance for fast boat
  • Private car with english speaking driver in Nusa Penida
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Additional Info

  • Above promo price not include hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • If request hotel transfer will be charge extra 350k/car max covered area ( Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, Denpasar, Benoa Harbour, Airport )

Package Condition

  • The price already include with 21% Government tax and Services
  • The tour is Private Tours, means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion
  • The tour will assist by professional english speaking tour driver
  • Rates are quoted per person for minimum of 2 person
  • Get special price for group booking
  • Single booking will be charge extra 25%
  • Infant under 2 years old is free of charge
  • The Cancel on Departure will be 100 % Charge.
  • Asking information or make tour booking request, Don’t hesitate to Contact Us

Terms of Payment

  • The price already include with 21% Government tax and Services
  • Payment no need deposit. will be settle on the day itself with our driver
  • Payment is Cash Payment in USD, IDR or other Currency
  • Payment with other currency will convert based on daily exchange rate

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