Popular Destination in Bali

Below we have listed the most popular destination to visit while you're Bali


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Besakih Balinese Mother Temple

Besakih Balinese Mother Temple. At the foot of the great Gunung Agung mountain sits the most sacred of all Balinese temples; Pura Besakih. A more spectacular location for this huge temple complex would be hard to find. If you are lucky to visit on a clear day you can see Gunung Agung (3.142 m), aRead more

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Teletubbis Hill Nusa Penida – Location and Entrance Fee

Teletubbies Hill is a mound of land with trees and green grass. When viewed from a distance this hill is exactly like the Teletubbies house on the show that we all watched when we were children. The name was given because of the hills and mounds that resemble small mountains accompanied by green views ofRead more

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Tree House Nusa Penida | The Thousand Island Nusa Penida

Tree house Nusa Penida is a unique and amazing house built on a tree on the cliffs of the Atuh beach. Usually this place is an attractive place to stay. From this tree house you will feel an amazing atmosphere. The Nusa Penida tree house or Thousand island is located adjacent to Diamond Beach. YouRead more

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Snorkeling in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is a famous and unique destination that stores many snorkeling spots in addition to other interesting natural attractions. Since 3 years ago the Klungkung regency government began promoting tourism in Nusa Penida. Because nature and the beautiful sea makes Nusa Penida always crowded with visitors every day. Some places that become the targetRead more

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Angel Billabong Beach Nusa Penida

Nusa penida is a small island that has a lot of natural beauty that you must visit, one of them is Angel Billabong Beach Nusa Penida. The distance from Broken beach to Angel billabong beach is about 30 minutes. Located in the village of Sompang, Bunga Mekar village, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency – BaliRead more

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Broken Beach Nusa Penida Bali

Broken Beach Nusa Penida Bali or better known as Pasih Uug by local peoples. This is one of the interesting places in Nusa Penida. Being on a 200 meter high cliff cliffs jutting into the ocean. This cliff has been affected by sea water abrasion for centuries, so that a giant cave-like hole is naturallyRead more

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Tampak Siring Temple Bali

Tampak Siring Temple Bali is a Balinese Hindu temple in Gianyar Bali, its famous with holy water. This beautiful temple complex located in Manukaya village, the central Bali. Built in 960 AD, it is also a silent witness to the history of the ancient Balinese kingdom during the Warmadewa Dynasty. Tampak Siring Temple has aRead more

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