Teletubbies Hill Nusa Penida

Teletubbies Hill Nusa Penida is a mound of land with trees and green grass. When viewed from a distance this hill is exactly like the Teletubbies house on the show that we all watched when we were children.

The name was given because of the hills and mounds that resemble small mountains accompanied by green views of the grass here looks like in the popular Teletubbies movie a few years ago.

To reach Teletubbies Hill, visitors must drive or ride a motorbike through winding and bumpy roads. Once there, they can hike or walk up the hill to enjoy the stunning views from above.

Teletubbies Hill is a great place for photography enthusiasts, nature lovers and anyone looking for a unique and peaceful escape from the busy streets of Bali. The best time to visit Teletubbies Hill is during the dry season, from April to September, when the hills are at their greenest and the skies are clear and blue.


Located in the central part of Nusa Penida, Teletubbies Hill offers unique and stunning views of the bright green hills and valleys, surrounded by stunning views of the sea and nearby islands. The hill is overgrown with a kind of grass that grows densely and evenly, creating a carpet-like appearance that is smooth and soft like velvet.

Address : Tanglad, Nusapenida, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali 80771

Interesting Attraction near by Teletubbis Hill east of Nusa Penida, Diamond Beach, Atuh Hill and Tree House Nusa Penida

Location :

The best way to go to Teletubbis Hill Nusa Penida

From the island of Bali you can take a speed boat or fast boat to Nusa Penida. can be from Sanur pier. Arriving at the Nusa Penida Toya Pakeh pier, you can rent a motorcycle or rent a car.

If you want to travel more comfortably, you can rent a car, including a driver who is also a guide. Or if you want to take a day trip from Bali, it’s possible to do it by taking a Nusa Penida tour day package from Bali.

Well, hopefully this article can give you information about interesting places, how to achieve it, the best location and time to visit Nusa Penida or a day tour to Nusa Penida, If any question don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Entrance Ticket Prices of Teletubbies Hill

Before becoming as famous as it is today, anyone who wants to visit Teletubbies Hill is free of charge. Local residents are also not too aware of the tourism potential of this kind of beautiful place. However, slowly, as the number of visitors increased, local residents also saw the economic and tourism potential of these hills.

The ticket price for visitors who want to spend time on this hill is 10 thousand rupiah. This ticket price can be said to be cheap enough to enjoy the natural scenery that is not found every day. As for the latest prices for entrance tickets, you can contact the Nusa Penida travel / tour service provider or find out before entering the hill area.

The Teletubbies Hill Nusa Penida tourist spot is open every day so visitors can come anytime. However, in accordance with the policies implemented in the Bali area, every Nyepi Day all tourist attractions are closed out of respect for local residents who celebrate. So, it’s a good idea to check the calendar first before deciding to visit.

Highlights Teletubbies Hill Nusa Penida

In addition to the beautiful and green panorama, there are several other attractions that make this place one of the tourist destinations worth visiting in Nusa Penida. Because of its natural beauty, Teletubbies Hill is a suitable place to be used as a beautiful and stunning backdrop for pre-wedding. Just adjust it to the desired concept with the location of the pick-up.

The green hills of Nusa Penida’s Teletubbies Hill tourist spot also offers cool air. Imagine yourself having spent the whole day exploring the island and playing on the beach and then relaxing on the hill. Isn’t that a fun thing? All the fatigue that has accumulated, even before coming to Nusa Penida, can also be wasted and the cool air of the hills will be erased.

If you stay in the Nusa Penida area, it never hurts to come to Teletubbies Hill in the morning. Enjoy the view of the sunrise or sunrise from the top of the hill. Even if you don’t stay on the island, you can enjoy a half day or half day package to enjoy the charm of the sunrise on Nusa Penida Island. Don’t forget to capture this rare sight.

Facilities and Places of Interest Nearby

For supporting facilities around Teletubbies Hill itself, it can be said that it is still lacking. There are only parking lots, toilets and makeshift food stalls that still need to be developed and need better management. As for other tourist attractions around the hill, you can find many interesting places that can be visited before or after visiting Teletubbies Hill.

As for other tourist attractions that are close to the Teletubbies Hill Nusa Penida tourist attractions, there are quite a lot. Among these tourist attractions is Atuh Beach, which is located in the southeastern part of Nusa Penida. This beach is still quite hidden and not known to many people. Therefore, the atmosphere is still quite beautiful and also quiet so it is suitable for calming down.

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Besides Atuh Beach, there is also the Raja Lima area which is often equated with Raja Ampat which is in the Papua area. Unfortunately, to reach this area, tourists have to cross back and go through quite steep roads if they want to take interesting photo spots. But, if you are not interested in struggling just to get eye-catching photos, just visit a waterfall tourist spot.

There are two kinds of waterfalls that can be visited in Nusa Penida which are located not far from the tourist attractions Bukit Teletubbies Nusa Penida. First, Tembeling Waterfall and second, Guyanan Waterfall.

Whether you’re going to the waterfall or not, it’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes. Who knows you’re playing in the water at the beach or want to find comfort after a hard day.