Ubud monkey forest Bali

Ubud monkey forest Bali has the original name Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana. But among tourists more famous as Ubud Monkey Forest. Which is located in the center of Ubud. The Ubud monkey forest Bali is a very beautiful protected forest area, with a forest area of ​​around 12.5 hectares.

Inside the protected forest area there are three Hindu temples that are for the local people around, very sacred. The biggest temple in the area of ​​Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana Ubud is the name of its ancient Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal.

Whats The Main Attractions of Ubud Monkey Forest Ubud Bali?

The main attraction of Ubud monkey forest Bali is one of vacation spots, is located in a protected forest area inhabited by hundreds of long-tailed gray monkeys. Besides being able to see apes, you can also see 186 species of plants and trees.

The Wenara Wana Tourism Mandala or Ubud monkey forest Bali address is located on Jl. Monkey Forest, Padang Tegal village, Ubud, Gianyar. If you depart from one of the popular tourist attractions in Ubud such as the tourist attractions of Tegalalang terracing rice fields.

Then heading to Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana will cover a distance of 11 kilometers, with an estimated travel time of around 30 minutes.

If you want to visit Ubud Monkey Forest Ubud in one day we recommend taking the Ubud Monkey Forest Tour package. This tour not only visits monkey forest, but is combined with some awesome tourist attractions around Ubud.

Ubud monkey forest entrance fee

Adult Price : IDR. 85.000

Child Price : IDR. 60.000

FAQ of monkey Forest

Q: How big is the forest?

A: The forest is around 12.5 hectares  (30, 8 acres)

Q: What is the type of the monkey and How many

A: The type is known scientifically as Macaca fascicularis or Balinese long-tailed macaque. There are more than 600 monkeys, split into 6 groups. At the Cremation Temple, Central Point, East part of the main temple, at the north east area, at the main temple area, and at the new forest area.

Q: Can we give the monkey feeding ?

A: Can, we recommend to give the monkey with banana, papaya leaves, seasonal fruit, etc. exept peanuts. It is forbidden to feed monkeys peanuts because of the monkey health reasons.

Q: Is it safe for the visitors to interact with the monkeys?

A:  Yes of course, as long as the visitors don’t touch and play with the monkey, and please ask assistance from the staff if needed.

Q: What visitors should do if the monkey jumps on them?

A: Please do not panic, stand up and slowly walk away. Please also ask for help from the staff.

Q: Do they (the monkeys) bite people?

A: Sometimes they might bite if visitors touch and play with the monkey.

Q: What visitors need to do if the monkey bites?

A: Go to the Monkey Forest First Aid, and the clinic staff will help or clean with alcohol and provide antiseptic cream.

Q: Can vistors take a picture with the monkeys?

A: Yes, to take a picture with the monkey, please maintain a good distance from the monkey. In case you need any assistance please ask the Monkey Forest Staff.