Alasan Adventure ATV – ATV Waterfall and Gorilla Cave

Alasan Adventure ATV – ATV Waterfall and Gorilla Cave

The Alasan ATV Adventure is an ATV Riding in Ubud Bali. With challenging tracks, gorilla caves, Ubud Jungle and hills. With a large capacity engine by Alas Arum for a more challenging adventure. For those who like the activity of riding an ATV when visiting Bali.

Alasan Adventure ATV Highlights

  • Experience the thrill of an adventurous ATV ride across the iconic Gorilla Face, rivers, rice fields, forest hills and more
  • Discover the natural landscapes of Bali as you travel through different terrains
  • Navigate through slopes, steep climbs and bumpy hills alone or with a partner
  • Enjoy verdant rice fields, calm rivers and stunning waterfalls along the way
  • Enjoy an optional hotel transfer and a delicious lunch of fried rice or noodles

ATV Waterfall and Gorilla Cave Price Include

  • Ride an ATV with a professional guide
  • Safety equipment
  • Lunch & Drinks
  • Swimming Pool Access at Ubud Sunset Pool Bar (Cretya Sunset)
  • Towel
  • Suthle’s car
  • Locker
  • Insurance

Alasan Adventure ATV – ATV Waterfall and Gorilla Cave Price

ATV 250ccIDR. 650K/ person850.000 /2 persons
ATV 450ccIDR. 800K/person1.100.000 /2 persons
ATV 850ccIDR. 1.050K/person1.350.000 /2 persons

Alasan Adventure ATV – ATV Waterfall and Gorilla Cave

Special Offers

IDR 650K/ pax

Tour Detail

Alasan Adventure ATV – ATV Waterfall and Gorilla Cave

Alasan Adventure ATV – ATV Waterfall and Gorilla Cave

Alasan Adventure ATV, the newest Activity ATV with a large capacity engine by Alas Arum for more challenging adventures. For those who like the activity of riding an ATV when you visit Bali.

There is the latest news that you need to know about the activity of riding an ATV in Bali at the moment. The most sophisticated, newest and most powerful ATV breakthrough has arrived in Bali for you to try.

And you can find this ATV with a sophisticated engine at Alasan Adventure ATV. Which was previously called Abian Sila Adventure. If you usually do ATV activities with engine capacities of 150 cc and 250 cc.

So you need to try to improve your skills in mastering ATV motorbikes. Try to do activities with an ATV engine with a capacity of 250 cc horsepower.  ATV 350 cc Tanaga Kuda, and 850 cc Tanaga Kuda, all three of which are only available on Alasan Adventure ATV .

Wow, how does it feel to ride a large capacity machine and drive over steep terrain? Interested in trying and experiencing it yourself? And what you need to know is that the track in this place really tests your adrenaline when you pass by on a large ATV vehicle. Located in the middle of the forest in the Ubud tourist area.

There are 8 types of tracks along the river coast, lush bamboo forests, muddy tracks, large caves, and water areas. A large capacity ATV motorbike and being on a challenging track is the perfect combination for an adventure, right?.  And additionally, the total of this track is 7 km with a duration of 90 minutes. so you need to free your adventurous spirit.

So you just need to go to Alasan Adventure ATV to see and try to ride and master the “Mr Beast” Powerfull ATV with a capacity of 850 cc which will boost all your adrenaline. Or “The Fearless Atv” which has an engine capacity of 450 cc.

Alasan Adventure ATV – ATV Waterfall and Gorilla Cave

Alasan Adventure ATV – ATV Waterfall and Gorilla Cave
Maybe you still want to try to master an ATV with a 250 cc engine capacity? all the exciting and interesting adventures are only in Alasan Adventure ATV.

Before you play ATV, there are important things you need to know about the benefits of trying ATV activities for yourself. Even though this activity is a tourist and adventure activity.

What you might do to fill your holiday activities but did you know that there are good benefits that you can get when doing ATV activities

1. Exercise

Even though ATV is a riding activity. You need to know that when you are going to move on the track, you need strong hand muscles to hold the controls, both for tracking and braking.

And even when a lane turns, your body position will be different from the turn to balance the ATV. So that indirectly you are exercising when doing this activity.

2. Feel free

ATV is an adventure activity where you will get a lot of experiences which are of course fun. Interesting, exciting and definitely exciting. So free all the expressions you feel to come to the surface.

Whether you’re surprised by the thrilling terrain you’re about to traverse, amazed by beautiful views you’ve never seen before or you can’t even believe you’re driving an all-terrain vehicle.

There will be many experiences and expressions that you will probably get and feel.

3. Develop a sense of empathy

Trying this activity can grow your sense of empathy without you realizing it. for example, when waiting for a friend to conquer the terrain he is traversing. Of course, you will encourage your friend to dare to appear confident in crossing challenging terrain. – Alasan Adventure ATV

4. Train self-confidence

You can indirectly train your self-confidence that you can pass all the tracks. And paths that are in front of you. for example, looking for a strategy to move smoothly over the terrain.

5. Make new friends

Many tourists come and want to play ATV to ATV, so with various kinds of tourists coming from all over the world, you can indirectly make friends by taking part in this activity.

The Track of Alasan Adventure ATV

Alasan Adventure ATV – ATV Waterfall and Gorilla Cave

There are 8 types of tracks along the river coast, lush bamboo forests, muddy tracks, large caves, and water areas, with unique terrain, challenges and views that vary from one track to another.
so every track is a new adventure with a new atmosphere.

1. Bamboo Forest Track

This track is in the form of a forest where on the left and right are bamboo forests. You will feel the lush bamboo forest with refreshing breezes while controlling your ATV motorbike.

2. Gorilla Cave track

After exploring the shady and beautiful bamboo forest, you will meet a Gorilla cave track, you will enter the back of the cave which is a dark tunnel, so in this tunnel you have to turn on the lights. and at the end of the tunnel when you turn around, you will find a cave shaped like a gorilla’s face with a gaping mouth.

3. River track with small waterfall

The next track is the river route with a mini waterfall. You will find a river with a small waterfall. Entering the river route you will go down the road and next to the downhill road there is a mini waterfall.

4. Mud Track

Well, on this track you will find your own excitement, otherwise you will find a muddy road with puddles of water. The road is a little slippery so you have to be extra careful.

Stuff need to prepare

Alasan Adventure ATV – ATV Waterfall and Gorilla Cave

For those of you who want to play and try activities by riding an ATV at Reason ATV Adventure , There are several things you need to prepare first, they are

1. Bring a change of clothes

It is important to always bring a change of clothes for every adventure travel activity because activities with nature will definitely stain your clothes. So it’s important to prepare a change of clothes after the game session is over. Moreover, this is an ATV activity.

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are important to protect your eyes not only from glare from the sun but also from flying dirt or dust.

They even help you deal with water splashes.

Another reason is that the ATV helmets provided are generally not equipped with a visor on the front. So you can use sunglasses as an alternative.

3. Sunscreen

It is important to protect your skin from sunburn. Playing ATV is an outdoor activity and of course you will get sunburn throughout the game.
So for those of you who like playing ATVs and don’t want your skin to become striped, please bring sunscreen.

4. Bring a Camera

Don’t forget to bring an action camera so you can take all the pictures which will later become beautiful moments for you
always use an action camera for exploration and adventure activities.

Location and operating hours Alasan Adventure ATV

Located Jl. Raya Bresela No. 8, Bresela, Kec. Payangan, Gianyar Regency, Bali.

The Alasan Adventure ATV is open every day from 8 am to 5 pm

Tips for Riding ATVs on Alasan Adventure ATV

The following are tips that you need to follow when trying ATV activities on the Alasan Adventure ATV

  1. Use the safety equipment that is available to clients properly, such as helmets and boots
  2. Following the instructions given by the instructors is a mandatory thing that you need to follow and understand.
  3. Drive your ATV not exceeding the speed limit that was announced before the ATV ride
  4. Do not occasionally lower your legs for celebration while the ATV is moving because it will harm you in driving safely and securely.

Rules for Riding ATVs at Alasan Adventure ATV

Well, here are the rules for riding an ATV during Alasan Adventure ATV that you must pay attention to

  • Children under 6 years are not covered by insurance.
  • Pregnant women and heart patients are not permitted to participate in this activity.

ATV Spot in Bali, Exciting, interesting and thrilling adventures that you can get when riding quad bikes in Bali. Besides the Alasan Adventure ATV, there are several ATV spots that you must visit.

So you need to click this link to find out which ATV places are in Bali  ATV Spot in Bali, Bali ATV Quad Bike Adventure.

You can see how exciting playing ATVs in Bali is in that article. One of the Tourist attractions in Bali that offer activities that are exciting, thrilling and offer beautiful natural charm.

Take your experience with sensation of riding ATVs on Alasan Adventure ATV. Through the 8 types of track down of river, the thick of bamboo forest, the mud track, a giant cave and wet arena. 7 kilometers, and 90 minutes experience you will get in the Alasan Adventure ATV.

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