Cheap Bali Watersport Package

Cheap Bali Watersport Package

PARASAILING : Fantastic Bali Watersport activity by pampering the body under the parachute umbrella pulled by a speed boat to see the stunning panoramic views of the coastal region. It will take you to fly about 60 meters above sea level and you can enjoy the beautiful panorama surrounding areas.

JET SKY :  Exciting Watersport activities by driving 700 cc motorize skis to explore the Beach to be accompanied by our experienced instructor. And driving by yourself ( must a professional one ) to explore the beautiful sea in the southern part of Bali.

BANANA BOAT : The exciting ride on the rubber boat in form of Banana and pulled by the speed boat. explore the warm and blue seawater within 15 minutes on each trip with professional boat captain. Will ensure you to enjoyable on your Bali Watersport adventure with safety equipment and driving.

FLYING FISH : Riding a flat rubber boat pulled by a speed boat. He flew to run against the sweeping wind so that it flew right over the sea. enjoy exciting adventures like flying fish with accompanying professional Guides with complete safety equipment will ensure your experience is forgotten.

SNORKELING : The exciting activities to overview the beautiful underwater world. The beautiful coral, colorful fish and the unique life of underwater will be unforgettable experience on this great discovery.

Bali Watersport Package - Cheap Watersport in Bali

Beside that, Other activities can do in water sport Tanjung Benoa

OCEAN WALKER : Enjoy marine life, with standard equipment to explore the amazing underwater life of Bali by walking on the ocean floor. And facing directly with marine life while breathing just as you are on the surface.

SCUBA DIVING : Enjoy the marine life, with safety equipment to explore the stunning underwater life of Bali. With sweat while watching various types of marine animals in depths up to 50 m while breathing the same as you on the surface.

GLASS BOTTOM & TURTLE ISLAND : Seeing beautiful coral and colorful fish from the bottom of the boat while feeding the prepared ones. And visit turtle conservation, where you can learn about the turtle’s life cycle. See the eggs and their little ones will be a new experience for you and your family.

DONUT RIDE : The sensation of this game is shaked / wobbled as the boat is round shaped like a donut and pulled swiftly. Unwittingly you will shout loudly when your body is being rocked on the donut boat.

PARASAILING ADVENTURE : this game will use parachute umbrella and pulled by speed boat around Tanjung Benoa beach, like real parachute jump. This game time is one round about 15 minutes in the air. The height of the rope connecting the parachute with the sped boat is approximately 80 meters.

Cheap Bali Watersport Package

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USD 45/ pax

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Cheap Bali Watersport Package

Cheap Bali Watersport Package offer marine activities with great challenges, exciting and designed full of fun in Tanjung Benoa Beach Nusa Dua offered by Kuta Transport. It is offers variety of water activities to bring you to unforgettable experience enjoy fun activities in the beach.

Bali Watersport giving you the fantastic experience marine adventure for everyone who desires to enjoy the exciting water recreation. Such as : Parasailing, Jet Sky, Wake board, Banana Boat, Donat Boat, Turtle Island, Sea Walker, etc.

Bali Watersport Package - Cheap Watersport in Bali

Kuta Transport design Cheap Bali Watersport Package in Bali because If you really want to enjoy the watersport Tanjung Benoa, then we suggest you choose Bali water sports package. With you choose watersport package in Bali, then you will get a cheaper price than you buy one game – Bali Water Sports and Uluwatu Tour

Water Sports Activities Price

Below is the Unit Price for each Watersport activity in Tanjung Benoa Bali, so taking a package is a wise choice. If you want to arrange a watersport package according to your choice, please contact us,

PRICE ( usd )
Banana Boat30$/ pax
Donut Boat40$/ pax
Jet Sky40$/ pax
Parasailing Adventure60$/ pax
Flying Fish ( 2x fly )45$/ pax
Snorkeling45$/ pax
Wake Board45$/ pax
Sea Walker75$/ pax
Fly Board85$/ pax
Scuba Diving75$/ pax
Glass Botton + Turtle Island50$/ pax

This is the unit price that will be paid when playing water sports in Tanjung Benoa, BUT don’t miss our discount, we give a 15 – 30% discount for this unit price. So why pay more when you can get a lower price with the same services and facilities.!!

Bali Watersport Package – Cheap Watersport in Bali

Below are the best package of Bali watersports offered by Kuta Transport ( certainly cheaper ).

So a wise and smart way to get cheaper watersport prices is to take more than 1 activity. Why can it be cheaper? that’s because you take a lot of activities so the operational costs are divided by the number of activities that will be taken in 1 time booking.

Please select the cheaper watersport package below :

Banana Boat + Jet Sky

(Min, 2 persons )

PRICE 45$/ pax

Flaying Fish + Banana Boat + Jet Sky

(Min, 2 persons )

PRICE 60$/ pax

Parasailing Adventure + Jet sky + Flying fish

(Min, 2 persons )

PRICE 75$/ pax

Banana boat + Jet sky + Snorkeling

(Min, 2 persons )

PRICE 68$/ pax

Parasailing Adventure + Jet sky + Sea walker

(Min, 2 persons )

PRICE 85$/ pax

Scuba Diving + Jet sky + Banana boat

(Min, 2 persons )

PRICE 75$/ pax

Glass Bottom + Banana boat + Jet sky + Turtle island

(Min, 2 persons )

PRICE 70$/ pax

Sea Walker + Flying Fish + Jet sky + Turtle island

(Min, 2 persons )

PRICE 95$/ pax

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