How much does it cost to rent a private car with driver in Bali

How much does it cost to rent a private car with driver in Bali

Renting a private car with driver is the best way to get around in Bali? Your hotel may be located near by the beach area or near a market. So, you can reach it on foot only. But, if you want to see the uniqueness and true beauty of Bali, you need to travel more. That way, you need a car with driver to do that. Or you can use public transport. However, you will not get a comfortable trip with public transport.

If you want to enjoy more comfortable trip, of course renting a private car with driver is the best way. Now, do you want to rent a private car? And want to know How much does it cost to rent a private car with driver in Bali? Below are detail!

The Cost Private car with driver by Car Type

If you are looking for a car in Bali, few things you need to know. The first thing is to make sure the type of car you want to rent. Of course it depends on the number of members of your group. Private cars in Bali usually have a capacity of 5 people, 12 people, 15 people and 20 people.

This type of car has unlimited access anywhere in the Bali area. Very different from buses that have limited access. Why do buses have limited access? Because the island of Bali does not have many big roads which is certainly not possible for buses to enter it.

We suggest should be rent a car with capacity 5 – 20 seats depend on your group. Because this type of car has a big role to make it easier for you to reach the place you want to visit. In addition, this type of private car determines how much rent you have to pay.

private car with driver

So, How much does it cost to rent a private car with a driver in Bali? Below the list of types of private cars according to passenger capacity and rental Cost

5 – 6 car seats – around IDR. 550K ($40)/ day

12 car seats – around IDR. 850K ($65)/ day

15 car seats – around IDR. 1.100K ($85)/ day

20 car seats – around IDR. 1.300K ($98) / day

In addition with standard private car types that we mentioned above, premium classes are also available in Bali. Of course, the cost is more expensive. And using a standard type, the price varies depend on length of use the car. The rent cost will adjust. So you also need to attention this.

Lease Time

The duration of the rental time also effects the rental cost. So, How much does it cost to rent a private car with driver a day in Bali? As you see above, that is the cost for renting a car for full day.

However, we need to remind you that “full day” rental does not mean you use the car for 24 hours. Most companies provide “full day” service for 10 hours or 12 hours. Enough to explore many places in Bali.

If you use more than 10 hours, are there additional costs? Surely yes. How much does it cost to rent a private car with driver in Bali when you need more than 10 hours? for additional prices usually idr. 50k per hour. You will be notified of this beforehand. So, you need to make sure the plan that you will do that day, so that it will not pass the rental time.

private car with driver in Bali

Besides the length of time of use, there must also consider a driver. Choose an experienced local driver. because they will be more familiar with roads and tourist attractions in Bali. How to get a private driver?


If you want to travel in Bali comfortably and safely, then use a private car with an experienced driver. Find the best transport services in Bali that can provide services according to your needs. After that, costum your tour by finding the place you want to visit via google or recommendations. Now, are you ready to enjoy Bali? Let’s start having fun and witness the true beauty of Bali.

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