Nusa Penida 2 Days 1 Night Tour

Nusa Penida 2 Days 1 Night Tour

A two day tour in Nusa Penida is a complete package that you can take if you want to explore all the beautiful tourist attractions in Nusa Penida, here are the places you will visit;

1. Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida
Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida is one of the Heavens on Earth as a New Tourist Place in Nusa Penida. Bali seems to be a paradise for tourists who love the beach. Besides being famous for the beaches of Kuta, Sanur, Pandawa and others.

No wonder the location of this beach is known and named as Diamond Beach. Apart from the sheen of the cliffs exposed to sunlight, the white sand on this beach is also a priceless gem that beach lovers are definitely looking for.

2. Tree House Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida 2 Days 1 Night Tour

Tree house Nusa Penida is a unique and amazing house built on a tree on the cliffs of the Atuh beach. Usually this place is an attractive place to stay. From this tree house you will feel an amazing atmosphere. The Nusa Penida tree house or Thousand island is located adjacent to Diamond Beach. You need 15 minutes to climb the stairs to get to the observation site and reach the famous Nusa Penida tree house.

3. Teletubbies Hill

Nusa Penida 2 Days 1 Night Tour

Teletubbies Hill Nusa Penida is a mound of land with trees and green grass. When viewed from a distance this hill is exactly like the Teletubbies house on the show that we all watched when we were children. This is a great place for photography enthusiasts, nature lovers and anyone looking for a unique and peaceful escape from the busy streets of Bali.

4. Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida
The beauty of Kelingking beach Nusa Penida is very amazing. The view of the hills and cliffs jutting out into the sea is overgrown with green grass and trees to match the beach view. Surrounded by steep cliffs as a natural fortress that makes it look hidden.

White sand at the foot of the cliff seems untouched by humans, because there is no access to the bottom of the cliff, so you only admire the treasure from the top of the cliff.

5. Broken Beach

Nusa Penida Day tour Package – West Tour

Because Broken Beach has a very impressive beauty. Once you arrive at one side of the cliff, you can take pictures with the background, a cliff hole with a wave below it. You can take a different background in each photo you want. One of the favorite poses of tourists is being photographed from the back so that your back can blend into the beauty of a cliff at the far end.

6. Angel Bilabong

Nusa Penida Day tour Package – West Tour

The Angel Bilabong beach offers a natural pool that is located between the overdraft, and becomes a river mouth. The pool is mixed with sea water, the rest of the sea water carried by the waves, leaving clear water in the pool.

7. Crystal Bay

Nusa Penida Day tour Package – West Tour

Crystal Bay Beach also the stunning piece of paradise located on the island of Nusa Penida in Bali, Indonesia. The beach is known for its crystal clear turquoise waters, soft white sand, and the vibrant coral reefs that surround it, making it a popular destination for snorkeling and diving.

Nusa Penida 2 Days 1 Night Tour

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USD 110/ pax

Tour Detail

Nusa Penida 2 Days 1 Night Tour

Nusa Penida 2 Days 1 Night Tour

Nusa Penida 2 Days 1 Night Tour is the perfect private tour package for those who want to enjoy more time on Nusa Penida. Nusa penida is a beautiful and unique small island with some amazing places spread in the east and west.

This is the best package for you if you want to stay one night in Nusa Penida. This private tour package will accompany you around the island for 2 days to enjoy various objects with beautiful scenery.

Nusa Penida 2 Days 1 Night Tour starts from pick-up at the hotel in Bali at 6.30 – 7.00 in the morning. After that, cross from Sanur by speed boat to Nusa Penida. A private car with friendly driver will be waiting for you at Nusa Penida Harbor.

Then the tour visited the east side of Nusa Penida. Some places will be visited: Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida Tree House, Teletubis Hill and Diamond Beach. After the tour, we will take you to your hotel for 1 night stay in Nusa Penida.

On the second day we will pick you up at 8.30am (check out from the hotel). Your driver will take you around West Nusa Penida. Discover awesome places west of Nusa Penida. Such as: Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, Angle Bilabong and Crystal Bay.

This tour package is designed with a private tour. After the 2 days 1 night package is complete. We will take you back to Bali by fast boat from Nusa Penida to Bali. If you want to stay a few days in Bali, we will bring you to your residence with free service areas such as Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu and Ubud.

The Nusa Penida Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night, Itinerary

Day 1. Pickup Hotel in Bali at 6:30 – 7.00 am (Depends on Your Location) + East Nusa Penida Tour

  • 08.15 am : Take fast boat to Nusa penida
  • 08.35 am : Arrive in Nusa Penida harbor
  • 09.45 am : Visit Diamond Beach
  • 10.45 am : Visit Atuh Beach,
  • 11.30 am : Visit Nusa Penida Tree House
  • 13.00 pm : Lunch Time ( included )
  • 14.30 pm : Visit Teletubis Hill
  • 16.00 pm : Check in hotel in Nusa Penida

Day 2. Check out hotel + Nusa Penida West Tour

  • 08.30 am : Pick-up from hotel ( Check Out )
  • 10.30 am : Visit kelingking Becah
  • 11.30 am : Visit Broken Beach
  • 12.45 pm : Lunch Time ( included )
  • 14.00 pm : Visit Angel Billabong
  • 15.15 pm : Visit Crystal Bay
  • 16.30 pm : Back to Nusa penida harbor for take fast boat to Bali
  • 17.10 pm : Arrive in Sanur harbor than drop your hotel or airport in Bali

Tour Package Included

  • Private transport and tour with english speaking driver
  • Fast boat ticket from Sanur Bali to Nusa Penida and Nusa Penida to Bali
  • Private Tour in Nusa Penida with English speaking driver guide
  • All entrance fees tour in Nusa Penida
  • 2 times lunch with local menu
  • Free Private transport to hotel or Airport in Bali which area Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu and Ubud.

Nusa Dua Tour Package 2 days 1 night Price

No Include HotelUSD. 110/ persons
Include HotelExtra USD. 35/room/2 person

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