6 Agro Tourism of Bali Luwak Coffee
6 Agro Tourism of Bali Luwak Coffee

Want to know the recommended of 6 Agro Tourism of Bali Luwak Coffee that you can visit to taste the pleasure of a cup of Luwak coffee. Bali is not only famous for its natural beauty, but also for its agro-tourism , which produces one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

As you know that agro-tourism is a tourist activity where the main object is the utilization of the agricultural sector or plantations.

So you will see natural nuances that are typical of agricultural areas or plantations accompanied by a variety of farming and gardening activities.

So that when you visit agritourism, you will have a different tourist experience than before.

Where in addition to your tourist activities you can also broaden your horizons because of the various knowledge that you will get in an agro-tourism area.

Therefore, do you already have the experience of traveling to an agro-tourism coffee and tasting various processed coffee products.

If so, where have you already been to the agro-tourism. And of course you will have your own experience in visiting tourist argo.

And if not, don’t worry, we will explore civet coffee agro-tourism in Bali. We will discuss about Luwak coffee agro-tourism, close to Bali tourist attractions.

As well as the attractiveness of each of the  Agro Tourisme that we will discuss. So that for those of you who have never visited an agro-tourism. You will have an idea of what things you can find when traveling to an argo tour.

As well as what experiences and activities you will get while traveling to agro-tourism. Beside that you have to find as well about North Bali Places to Visit – What to See and Do? to complete your journey during holiday.

Agro Tourism of Bali Luwak Coffee

Bali Luwak Coffee

Agritourism is a form of tourism in which tourism activities highlight agricultural or plantation activities. And tourism activities directly involve tourists.

To participate in activities that exist in agritourism. Agritourism is one of the tourist attractions that is currently a lot of travel options.

Because in general agritourism has a location in the highlands which is close to tourist attractions so that it has a beautiful natural panorama and cool air.

Tourism activities in the agro-tourism area are very interesting to do because they involve visitors directly in activities. So that traveling is no longer just enjoying the scenery but can add insight into the world of agriculture or plantations.

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Learning how to nursery, plant, and care for coffee plants you will be able to try to do directly in the agritourism area. In addition, you can also try the process of picking coffee, sorting coffee, and processing coffee beans into coffee powder.

Benefits to visit agro-tourism

1. Help preserve the environment

Agro tourism based on agriculture will use most of its land to grow crops and keep the land green. And have an impact on environmental preservation and maintaining the availability of healthy and clean air.

So that those of you who travel to agro-tourism will understand very well that the importance of preserving the environment, especially if you bring children to travel.

You can teach them why it is important to protect and preserve plants.

2. Day Visit with Learning

Traveling to agro tourism you will get additional insights into knowledge directly.

About how to cultivate and process agricultural and plantation products from the agro tourism you visit.

You can travel while learning at the agro tourism. So you will get a different experience from tourism activities in general.

Tourist Attraction at agro-tourism Bali luwak coffee

1. Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery

Bali Luwak coffee agro-tourism is usually in the highlands and is closely related to tourist locations that emphasize natural beauty.

So it will not be surprising if the scenery of agro-tourism around the tourist attraction will have a similar natural feel.

Luwak coffee agro-tourism area which is in a highland area and close to tourist attractions.

Has the feel of a coffee plantation that is quite lush and very wide. Making us as if we were entering a forest of coffee plants.

Besides that in the agro-tourism area, whose main commodity is coffee. You will hear birds flying and chirping among the lush branches of coffee trees.

So the atmosphere that you will get besides the beautiful natural scenery with green trees. Is peaceful, cool air and very much one with nature.

2. Knowing coffee gardening activities

If you like to drink coffee and are a coffee connoisseur. Surely you will be curious about how to grow and garden coffee so as to produce quality coffee beans.

Well you can try to visit agro-tourism coffee luwak bali. Here you will be given knowledge about various types of plants. Both coffee plants and other plants.

About the cultivation of coffee plants and other plants, from how to nursery plants, planting and caring for these plants.

The guides will explain to you about the proper coffee gardening procedures.

3. Coffee harvesting and processing

You can be directly involved in harvesting and processing coffee beans.

The guides who will accompany you will show and explain to you how to harvest coffee beans and choose the best coffee beans.

Before finally experiencing processing into coffee powder.

And in terms of processing, the guides will tell you about the procedures in processing coffee into coffee powder.
both traditionally and modernly

And for luwak coffee, the coffee beans will be directly selected by the Luwak in the agro-tourism area. And you also need to know that Luwak are the best coffee bean pickers.

4. Enjoying the available tourist facilities

In agro-tourism there will be several tourist facilities that support agro-tourism, for example, outbound game facilities such as swing, ATV, Spa and message, trekking and etc.

You can take part in some of the games available at the agritourism while enjoying coffee and the natural charm of coffee agritourism.

5. Photo Hunting

Traveling to an agro-tourism you will not run out of ideas for shooting friends. Because almost all corners of agro-tourism are worth art.

Starting from agro-tourism buildings which mostly have and carry a minimalist concept, aesthetic and blend with nature.

Besides that, the activities that you will get and participate in while traveling to agritourism are experiences that you need to capture in a photo or video snapshot.

In addition to beautiful scenery, some agro-tourism builds photo spots that you can use to take pictures.

6. Savoring the pleasure of coffee

Enjoying coffee in a relaxed and calm manner while watching the beautiful scenery is the dream of all coffee lovers. Each region and agro-tourism has a different taste and aroma of coffee.

Luwak coffee has a distinctive taste and aroma that is not unique to coffee in general.

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In coffee agro-tourism you will be able to distinguish the taste of luwak coffee and coffee in general and various coffee preparations that you might not find in other places.

Besides that, each agritourism will serve special snacks that will accompany you in enjoying a cup of coffee.

Interesting Characteristics of Luwak Coffee

6 Agro Tourism of Bali Luwak Coffee

You need to know that Luwak coffee is a coffee bean produced from robusta or arabica coffee types consumed by civets ( Luwak).

And undergoes natural fermentation in the digestive system of civet animals.To get a cup of civet coffee, there are many processes to go through.

Such as separating coffee beans, cleaning coffee beans and drying or drying fiber or roasting before finally being processed into coffee powder.

So that it changes the quality form of the taste of the aroma of robusta or arabica coffee changes.

Which makes the coffee produced by natural fermentation have a higher quality coffee than coffee in general.

Luwak coffee derived from robusta coffee has higher caffeine, protein, and fat content than arabica coffee.

The characteristics of luwak coffee that you need to know.

Which is not owned by coffee in general. Thus making luwak coffee one of the best coffee in the world.

Luwak coffee has a special taste. Which is not too sour or not too sweet. Tends to have a chocolatey flavor

Making the taste of luwak coffee has many fans, even though the price of a cup of luwak coffee is quite expensive.

The distinctive aroma of luwak coffee is like a mixture of aromas from tea, roses and plums.

So it has a sweet and soothing aroma. and this is the distinctive aroma of luwak coffee.

And you also need to know that luwak coffee has a fairly low caffeine content, protein content and fat content. Making the flavor of luwak coffee is softer and delicious.

The nutrients in a cup of luwak coffee are organic acids, potassium, fat, magnesium, iron, linoleic acid, malic acid, citric acid, and inositol.

Luwak is a kind of night animal that lives on trees and loves coffee fruit. It is a fruit-eating animal that is very good at choosing and finding coffee beans that are ripe, fresh, and sweet.

And only coffee beans like that will be consumed by mongooses. And in the digestive process of civet animals, only the skin and meat of the coffee fruit will be processed intact.

Benefits of having a Cup of Luwak Coffee

As we know that luwak coffee besides having a specialty in taste and aroma.

Luwak coffee also has some good nutritional content. So that it will have a good impact on the health of the body and mind.

When enjoying a cup of luwak coffee. As for the benefits we get from the nutritional content contained in a cup of luwak coffee are as follows.

  1. Malic acid has the function of the ability to increase energy quickly.
  2. Citric acid is an acid content that can combat the development of kidney stones, improving iron absorption.
  3. Inositol has the function of being able to prevent depression and anxiety.
  4. Linoleic acid that can maintain muscle performance.
  5. Magnesium to prevent migraine headaches, reduce diabetes, maintain bone and heart health, and maintain blood pressure.
  6. Potassium serves to prevent kidney stones, reduce the risk of diabetes, maintain brain health, maintain bone health, reduce the risk of heart disease, and maintain blood pressure.
  7. Iron to maintain muscle performance, endurance, overcome anemia and maintain brain health.
  8. Citric acid reduces the potential for kidney stones and helps the iron absorption process.
  9. Organic acid serves to keep stomach acid stable.

Luwak coffee that has been oven and processed into coffee powder has a lower bacterial content than regular coffee. besides that it is also free from pesticide content.

Although Luwak coffee has quite good content. You should not overdo drinking luwak coffee to get maximum results.

6 Agro Tourism of Bali Luwak Coffee

6 Agro Tourism of Bali Luwak Coffee

Here are top 6 Agro Tourism of Bali Luwak Coffee which are around the tourist attractions in Bali and you must visit to get to know the taste of Luwak coffee and add to the excitement of vacationing and traveling to Bali.

1. Alas Harum Agro Tourism Bali

Alas, harum agro-tourism is one of the civet coffee agro-tourism places in Gianyar Regency. Precisely located on the Tegallalang Kintamani route in Ceking village, Tegallalang.

For those of you who like natural scenery with a background of rice terraces while feeling in the middle of a lush coffee plantation, you can visit this agro-tourism.

When you visit Alas Harum agro-tourism you will get an exciting experience which you will not get anywhere else.

In addition to getting a beautiful natural view, namely a combination of rice fields, coffee plantations, and various sculptures found on the walls of the hills.

When you enter the Alas Harum agro-tourism area, you will be welcomed and guided by a guide who will invite you to travel around the coffee plantation.

While enjoying the beautiful natural scenery of the coffee plantations located in the alas Harum agro-tourism.

And also introduce various types of plants both coffee and other plants that are in the Alas arum Bali coffee plantation area.

In addition, you will witness firsthand how the process of processing luwak coffee beans from the beginning to become coffee powder and all of that is still done traditionally.

You can get involved in the coffee processing process which is still done traditionally. So that it will make it easy to understand how the steps of making civet coffee powder.

In addition to touring around the coffee plantation and being involved in the processing of coffee beans. Here you will be able to taste coffee products and other processed products.

In addition, agro-tourism alas harum also has a number of exciting and interesting rides that make you feel at home for long traveling and exploring agro-tourism alas harum.

As for the rides on the harum mat that you can try to play such as swing and flying fox. Which from a height you will swing and watch the beautiful scenery of rice fields, coffee plantations and carvings on the walls of the hill.

You will also see various photo spots that you can use to capture images. Such as the dancing bridge photo spot, Bird Nest, Pekak Brayut sculpture, Gorilla sculpture, Glass floring and education temple.

Everything is beautifully and interestingly in Alas Harum Agro Tourism. So come immediately and enjoy traveling to Alas Harum agro tourism.

2. Bali Pulina

Bali Pulina is one of the many agritourism located at Jalan Raya Pujung Kaja No. Br, Sebatu, Kec. Tegallalang, Gianyar Regency.

when entering the Bali Pulina area you will enter an area where left and right of the area there are coffee trees and chocolate trees.

And you will see gazebos intended for sitting and relaxing made of wood which is very beautiful and blend in with nature.

In addition to enjoying the delicacy of luwak coffee, here the guide will invite you to tour the coffee plantation and explain the various types of coffee plants and how to cultivate them.

In addition, you can also see and be directly involved in how Luwak coffee is processed by civet animals to become coffee powder.

And for those of you who like to devote your traveling moments, don’t worry because the scenery and photo spots available at Bali Pulina are very beautiful.

You can enjoy coffee while taking pictures on a photo spot shaped like a coffee flower, from the height of the photo spot you can see the natural beauty of coffee plantations and rice fields.

Or you can enjoy coffee and breakfast in the natural pool in the middle of the Bali Pulina area.

3. Satria Agro Tourism Bali Luwak Coffee

Satria Agro-tourism is located in Banjar Basangambu, Manukaya village, Tampak siring sub-district, and is close to Tirta Empul tourist attraction.

And also the state palace of the Republic of Indonesia, namely the Tampak Siring Palace.

Traveling to agro-tourism you will find exciting things that will attract you to love coffee drinks more.

The area of this agro-tourism satria is in the highlands and is an area of terraces.

And there is a very lush valley full of trees typical of tropical plants.

You will see coffee plantations and among the coffee trees, you will see various trees that are large and tall.

When traveling in this agro-tourism area, a guide will accompany you and take you on a tour around the grow area.

You will be able to see mongooses, interact with mongooses. And see the cultivation and processing of coffee and other processed products.

You can also taste products from Satria Agrotourism.

Besides that, agro-tourism fighters who have very beautiful and comfortable places, of course, perpetuate the tourism activities that you do.

Lots of photo spots that you can use as the aesthetic photo background you want.

Are you interested in enjoying a cup of coffee at Satria Agrotourism? come and enjoy….

4. Cantik Agricultural Bali Luwak Coffee

If you are going to travel toTampak siring and kintamani, don’t forget to visit the Cantik agro-tourism of kopi luwak.

Not only the name is beautiful, but the scenery and what is presented in the agro-tourism area is truly beautiful and charming as the name implies.

When you enter this agro-tourism, a guide will invite you to get acquainted with coffee plants, you will see how the shape of the coffee plant and the fresh coffee fruit that is on the branches of the coffee tree.

Besides that you will also see some tropical plants such as chocolate tree plants, spice plants, tropical fruit plants and many more plants that you can see.

You can see civet animals in this agro-tourism area and get to know these civet animals. which is the main chord of civet coffee production.

This agro-tourism is located on Jl. Raya Kintamani, Manukaya, Kec. Tampaksiring, Gianyar Regency.

In this area you will see how civet coffee is processed traditionally. You can also be directly involve in following the activities carried out by civet coffee processors.

Such as stacking coffee, roasting coffee and much more that you can follow. You will see firsthand all the processes that go into making Luwak coffee powder.

Enjoying coffee while enjoying the cool and fresh air and seeing the green hills seems exciting, right?

So what are you waiting for to try traveling to this agro-tourism?

5. Kumulilir

Kumulilir is one of the many agritourism located on Jl. Raya Pujung Kaja, Sebatu, Kec. Tegallalang, Gianyar Regency.

Located on a plateau in the Tegallalang tourist attraction area. Kumulilir provides the charm of valleys, coffee plantation forests, and rice fields.

when you enter this agro-tourism you will see a view of a coffee plantation that resembles a forest combined with a view of rice fields.

You need to know  in this agro-tourism area, there are views of rice fields that have steps that you can explore from one spot to another.

Walk and explore every inch of the rice fields that are part of the scenery in this Kumulilir agro-tourism.

You can see how to harvest coffee fruit from coffee trees located on coffee plantations.

And you will see how the making and processing of coffee beans and luwak coffee are done traditionally to become coffee powder. Which is served in a cup of coffee in front of you.

Besides the gazebos that you use to enjoy a cup of Bali luwak coffee and other processed coffee products. Very beautiful and has aesthetic value. and of course, will produce beautiful photos.

Each gazebo in the Kumulir agro-tourism has a very beautiful view, be it in the form of a terraced rice field, a green valley, or in the middle of a coffee plantation that resembles a forest.

In this agro-tourism, there are many photo spots such as suspension bridges, which you can use to produce beautiful and interesting photos.

Curious how kumulilir agro-tourism will spoil your tongue with the taste of coffee while relieving your fatigue with natural scenery.

6. Abian Kusuma Sari Agrowisata

Abian Kusuma Sari Agrotourism Bali Luwak Coffee is a tourism destination located on Jl. Raya Kintamani, Manukaya, Kec. Tampaksiring, Gianyar Regency, Bali.

In this agrotourism you can enjoy the delicious civet coffee and other coffee products while enjoying the swing rides in the agrotourism area.

As is the case with other civet coffee agro-tourism which are scattered along the Kintamani tourist attraction.

Abian Kusuma Sari agro tourism offers beautiful views and tours around coffee plantations and seeing the processing of coffee beans into coffee powder.

When touring around coffee plantations you will see various kinds of trees that thrive on these plantations.

From coffee trees, banana trees, salak trees and spice trees and other trees.

Even here you will be able to see traditional coffee processing. Those are some agrotourism that you can visit while on vacation in Bali.

And enjoy the world-famous Balinese civet coffee taste I hope this article can help you to find out about agro-tourism and what are the attractions of agro-tourism. Check our blog for more Bali tourist informastion and popular tour package in Bali

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