Top 10 Water Sport Activities in Tanjung Benoa Bali
water sport activities in Tanjung Benoa Bali

When you hear about tanjung benoa and its water sports… who wouldn’t be interested guys!!!. Top 10 water sport activities in Tanjung Benoa Bali. Who doesn’t love playing in the water. Everyone does it, even when we were kids activity in the water was so much fun that we forgot about time.

As a kids, we might enjoy playing in the water by going to the lake, the river, and even the beach. Playing water when we were little was only about bathing and playing with splashing of water on the shor.

And nowadays, as friends already knowing, the water activities have been up grade into more challenging and varied games.

Well… Tanjung Benoa is the center of all forms and types of games in seawater. Besides being fun, it also tests the adrenaline and physical endurance guys.

Almost everyone who loves water sports and has a penchant for water activities. Familiar with the water sports at Tanjong Benoa Beach.

Known as the paradise of water rides it is certainly not wrong if the nickname is pinning on Tanjung Benoa Beach.

With calm waves and beautiful coral reefs. There is no doubt that Tanjung Benoa Beach is a favorite beach for water rides.

Top 10 water sport activities in Tanjung Benoa

How interesting to play and do activities in the water?. These are the Top 10 water sport activities.

1. Flying Board

Top 10 water sport activities di Tanjung Benoa

Flying board, a watersport first created by Frenchman Franky Zapata, combines four sports: snowboarding, water sky, jet skiing, and acrobatic diving.

The flying board game needs a sense of balance, and need to follow the trainer’s guidance so that you don’t get exhausted.

Floating on the seawater seems like a lot of fun. Would like to try??

2. Flying Fish

Top 10 water sport activities di Tanjung Benoa

How does it feel to be a flying fish? Have any of you ever watched a flying fish? Today’s topic is not flying fish. But a water ride called flying fish.

The sensation of flying through the air while lying on an inflatable boat like a flying fish. An adrenaline rush, right?

Fly over the beach water while looking up at the blue sky, and watch the shoreline from above when the flying fish starts to fly.

In playing the flying fish ride, you can play in a sitting or lying position in an inflatable boat.

3. Rolling Donuts

Top 10 water sport activities di Tanjung Benoa

The rolling donuts are a water ride that can probably play for those afraid of heights.

You only need to stay still while sitting and holding on to the boat. Then the speed boat will pull the donut-shaped rubber boat.

You will not dive from the surface of the seawater. You will only go along the seawater at a certain speed according to the speed of the Speed Boat.

4. Banana Boat

Top 10 water sport activities di Tanjung Benoa

Banana Boat Water Rides, a water game using banana-shaped boats. To play this game, you only need to sit on the banana boat and put your two feet on the balancing on the left and right sides.

After that, the speed boat will pull the banana boat to the middle of the sea at a certain speed and then swerve on the sea followed by the banana boat.

With a great sensation of fun. It would be great if you played this game with family and friends.

5. Sea Walker

Top 10 water sport activities in Tanjung Benoa

Try walking in the middle of the sea and interacting with the life of the docile and beautiful marine animals ???

Play and see colorful little fish among the coral and coral reefs. It’s like a fish man isn’t it?. Whose walking on the middle of the sea without the fear of getting out of breath.

How about trying the sea walker water ride. And experience all the excitement for yourself.

6. Parasailing

Top 10 water sport activities di Tanjung Benoa

The air parachute pulled by the speed boat will lift you as the parachute inflates.

Sit in a balloon-shaped air parachute and enjoy the beautiful coastline and its surroundings.

It will be exciting for those of you, who have a penchant for heights that challenge adrenaline.

7. Snorkeling

Top 10 water sport activities in Tanjung Benoa

Would you like to see the beautiful marine life from above the surface of the seawater while swimming freely above it?

If you are not interested in diving into the water, you can try snorkeling to see and observe the underwater life above the sea surface.

8. Wake Boarding

Top 10 water sport activities in Tanjung Benoa

This sport combines surfing and sky air, gliding on the above seawater and using the waves as a platform.

The excitement of this sport is how we feel playing skateboard and sky air on the same board.

And it is performed above seawater, where the board is pulled by a speed boat.

9. Jet Sky

Drive above sea level. It looks like it will be an exciting activity to travel around with a jet sky vehicle.

Speeding above the surface of the sea and trying to cut through small waves.

10. Scuba Diving

Diving in Tanjung Benoa Bali

Do you have a passion for diving and exploring the underwater world? You can do scuba diving as your hobby.

Reach underwater beauty that you might not be able to reach before, and see unique and beautiful diving spots.
With safe and adequate equipment.

Tips for Join water sport activities in Tanjung Benoa


Pay attention to your health and condition before playing beach water rides. This activity requires a lot of energy and concentration. So making sure you are in good health is highly recommended.

Weather and the wave

Pay attention to seawater and weather conditions when playing on the beach. Always follow the weather forecast and how the sea conditions will benefit you.

Ensure when you play water in the sea, the weather is sunny and the sea waves are not so high.

Obey the instructor’s instructions

Obeying the instructions of the supervisors when playing water rides will make this game safer to play.

Always use a float

Don’t let go of the buoy when you play the beach water rides. The buoy will keep you safe and stay afloat above sea level.

So my friends are interested in trying various exciting beach water rides, full of challenges and testing your adrenaline.

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And some of the info above that is what the kuta transport team can share for those curious about the excitement of beach water rides.

Hopefully, this article of Top 10 water sport activities di Tanjung Benoa is useful for all my friends.

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