9 Tourist Attractions in Ubud for kids

9 Tourist Attractions in Ubud for kids

The wish to travel in Ubud with kids is a vacation dream of all families. And how to make it happen, see the article tourist attractions in Ubud for kids…

Each parent would want their kids’ vacation to be a pleasant, filled with excitement but still educational elements. In fact, taking a vacation with your kids will build a strong relationship between parents and their kids.

With a variety of hectic routine and activities of each – both parents and children. It makes the lack of time together between parents and their children.

Well the moment of vacation is opportunity for parents to spend time and activities with the child. When the holiday season arrives, some parents have certainly plan the destination and time of vacation.

But remember that, in making travel plans with children. There are many things that need to in mind. Always prioritize the safety, security and health of children in choosing a tourist spot that is good and suitable for children.

Then how to choose a good tourist spot for children on vacation. The following are the criteria for tourist attractions for children.

Criteria Tourist Attractions in Ubud for kids

When considering attractions for children, there are several criteria that can help determine if a destination is child-friendly. Here are some general criteria:


Good tourist attractions for children should have a proportional level of security to provide a sense of security for friends and children when visiting.

A good level of guarding against the security personnel available at tourist attractions will reduce the feeling of worry of friends in doing activities with children.

Security is necessary for children and is a priority in considering tourist destinations. Therefore, whatever could harm or threaten the kids can be avoided.

And when tourist destinations do not have monitoring and safety systems, it becomes dangerous place for children to visit.


Children’s safety during activities in tourist attractions is a top priority for us to consider and managers of tourist attractions.

Tourist attractions should prioritize the protection of their visitors. By providing crucial information that is up to date regarding guidelines in maintaining security during activities at these tourist attractions.

For example, setting information boards regarding places that may be dangerous for children, so that children do not stay away from these places.

Always warn visitors about the do’s and don’ts of tourist attractions during their activities.


It’s also important to consider the services that children will receive when visiting a place.

Kind and friendly service to children will make children feel at home and comfortable participating in all travel activities.

Kids will feel the activity is exciting and enthusiastically participate in all tourism activities.

And without realizing the educational time. Kids get learning from the tourism activities they do.

And learning activities tucked away in traveling activities will usually be absorbed well and easily understood.

Because they witness and feel directly from the learning experience of tourist activities.


Regardless of compliance with applicable regulations to maintain health, security, and safety, all things that have been regulated and made by tourist attractions to safeguard children who are traveling will be in vain.

Then all the things that have been regulated and made by tourist attractions in security children who are traveling will be in vain.

Compliance with government regulations in the protection of children is not either obey by the management of tourist attractions but also by parents and children.

Follow all the rules set by a tourist spot in security for children who do tourist activities. It is the obligation of all people involved in these activities.

So that’s the requirement in traveling with children, then how tips on choosing tourist attractions for kids in Ubud.

Tips on Choosing Tourist Attractions for Kids in Ubud

The tips for choosing tourist attractions for children in Ubud are as follows. Even though almost all places in Ubud are good tourist attractions for kids. so it becomes a exciting and fun tourist activity with children.

Sights Selection

When you plan and choose the tourist attractions you want to visit with your children.

The first point is security, safety, public services, and health. In the place you are choosing and traveling to with your kids

What is the level of security, safety, and health at the tourist attractions in that area, which is to be visited? And how are the public services at the tourist destination?

Have all these things been considered in good condition?

All these requirements. And should be carefully considered to choose a tourist destination with children.

In addition, the purpose of traveling with children is also worth considering. Do you want to introduce nature to children or works of art and culture?

Therefore, increasing the reference to tourist attractions and doing short research will be more advantageous. And you will have an overview of the tourist attractions with children.

So, you can anticipate things you don’t want to happen to children during tourist activities.

Then children feel safe and comfortable in tourist activities.

Travel Accommodation Selection

The selection of accommodation for traveling with children must also consider security, comfort, safety, and health.

Make sure all accommodations are suitable and able to protect the children. So the kids will feel safe and comfortable in their activities.

From a selection of temporary residences if you will spend several days traveling with children.

And for example, the transportation we will use during the trip should be in good condition and suitable. So the kids will feel comfortable and safe.

All tourist support accommodations must be safe. And have the proper feasibility for children.

Mentoring of children

Accompanying children in traveling activities is a valuable experience for every parent.

By accompanying children, we can explain to kids. About the things they do and encounter during travel activities that may be difficult for them to understand.

In addition, by accompanying children during travel activities, we can explain to kids. About the things they do and encounter during travel activities that may be difficult for them to understand.

In addition, we can also see what things might be an attraction for children during tourist activities.

Tourist Attractions in Ubud for kids

1. Mandala Suci Wenara Wana (Monkey Forest Ubud)

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Monkey Forest Ubud

The Mandala Suci Wenara Wana (Monkey Forest Ubud) is a nature reserve and a forest protected by the government. And there is a temple complex.

There is a total of monkeys approximately 1260 long-tailed monkeys. And divide into six groups of monkeys that inhabit this nature reserve area.

The sanctuary has ​​a protected forest of approximately 12.5 hectares. And still, expand in the southern part of the sanctuary contains around 186 different tree species.

Prefer place for those who want to introduce these primates directly to children.

And the children will be able to witness the behavior of these primates. And with the various types of trees growing in this forest, children can to know many kinds of plants and learn to love nature.

Besides, the air and atmosphere are fresh, beautiful, shady, and calm. Suitable for tourist attractions for children.

2. Bali Bird Park

9 Tourist Attractions in Ubud for kids

All children must like poultry animals. Introducing children to various types of birds will be a fun experience.

They will see various types of poultry that they may have only been able to see through children’s programs in electronic or print media.

By inviting children to the Bali bird park, they will witness the beauty of these poultry animals.

This bird sanctuary covers an area of ​​2 hectares and has a collection of around 1,300 birds of 250 species. With these collections, children will increase their knowledge about poultry through visits and tourist activities at the Bali bird park.

3. Bali Marine and Safari Park

9 Tourist Attractions in Ubud for kids

The world of animals will be exciting for children to learn.

Various fairy tale stories always involve characters who take the cast of the animal world, such as lions, elephants, giraffes, and several other animal characters.

Come and visit Bali Marine and safari park. Children will see various types of animals. Bali Marine and safari park have many birds, reptiles, various primates, and other large animals that children can see.

The nuance of Bali Marine and Safari Park is a safe and comfortable place. It is a kind place to bring children for tourism activities in the Bali marine and safari park.

Children will learn and understand various animals. And children will love and appreciate living more.

4. Kemenuh Butterfly

9 Tourist Attractions in Ubud for kids

Almost all children like butterflies. Its beautiful wings fluttered here and there and swung on flower petals.

There are even some songs for children with the theme of the beauty of butterflies.

The world of children, always synonymous with fairy tales, is the world of fairies where butterflies always exist as a character.

Kemenuh Butterfly Park is a place that concentrates on captive breeding and learning about the life cycle of butterflies.

So Kemenuh butterfly park is a good place not for children to travel while studying.

5. Petulu Village

9 Tourist Attractions in Ubud for kids

Visiting Petulu village, you will see thousands of white storks flying and perched either on the side of the road, on tree branches, or stakes.

A flock of white cranes will come to Petulu village from October to March.

Flocks of white storks will lay eggs and hatch in Petulu village.

The white crane has beautiful plumage and is pure white, with red feet and beaks. The tip of the wings of this bird is black.

Many children’s fairy tales about which take the character of the white crane. It would be more exciting for children to witness these cranes.

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6. Mason Elephant Park and Lodge

9 Tourist Attractions in Ubud for kids

All children idolize this big animal. This large animal has wide ears, a large body, and a long trunk and tail, and when the elephant walks away often shakes its tail.

Elephants, an animal in children’s fairy is always told to be helpful and have a kind heart. All children will want to see and touch this big animal.

And by coming to Manson elephant park and Lodge. All children’s dreams will come true. They can see and touch tame large animals. Of course, they will always be under the supervision of supervisors.

It will be a kind experience for them to tell later after the holidays.

7. Bali Zoo Park

9 Tourist Attractions in Ubud for kids

Bali Zoo is a zoological park located in Ubud, Gianyar Bali, Indonesia. This zoo is home to a variety of animals from Indonesia and other parts of the world. Including tigers, lions, elephants, orangutans, crocodiles, snakes and many more.

Here you can enjoy a variety of activities, including animal encounters and feeding sessions, as well as elephant and pony rides.

One of the unique features of the Bali Zoo is the Night at the Zoo program, which allows us to experience the zoo after dark and see the nocturnal animals in action.

Bali Zoo is committed to animal welfare and conservation, and the park’s breeding program has helped save several endangered species. The zoo is also actively supporting education and research efforts in Indonesia.

Bali Zoo is a great place to visit for families with children and animal lovers. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about and interact with a wide variety of animals while also supporting conservation and animal welfare efforts.

8. Bali Bird Park

9 Tourist Attractions in Ubud for kids

Bali Bird Park is a bird breeding park located in Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia. The park is home to 1,000 birds of more than 250 different species, many of which are native to Indonesia.

We can take a leisurely stroll through the lush tropical garden and see various species of birds up close. The park has a large aviary where visitors can observe and interact with birds, including parrots, peacocks, pelicans, hornbills, eagles and many more.

In addition to birds, the park also offers a variety of educational and entertainment activities for visitors of all ages, including daily bird shows featuring eagles, macaws and other birds, as well as a 4D cinema experience and reptile exhibits.

9. Tegalalang Rice Terrace


You can introduce the beauty of nature to children by traveling to the Tegalalang area. Famous for its terraced rice fields under the foot of the hill.

Visiting Tegalalang Rice terrace, children will see a stretch of green rice fields. So they can see the paddy that produces grain rice into the rice.

Children will see the farmers in the process of planting rice. Fresh Air, peace, and quiet. Very suitable for a vacation to the Tegalalang rice terrace with children.

So, friends, that’s a summary of tourist attractions for children in Ubud that we can summarize for all of you.

Hopefully, this article can be useful for you as a guide in traveling with kids. See you in the next article, and thank you for reading our article on tourist attractions for kids in Ubud.

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