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The ATV Bali Ubud Route is an adventure ride in Ubud Bali. Ubud is famous as an exotic cultural city where they can explore rice fields and ravine forests.

The natural scenery is enchanting and can be collaborated with with the Bali Ubud ATV game which has several challenging routes.

ATV Ride in Ubud

Bali is an adventure tour using four-wheeled motorbikes through challenging paths. Some say this is an extreme outdoor game like the ones people have played since the dawn of the ATV.

However, now ATV games in Bali are very fun and can be ridden by children with adult guidance. If you are a tourist in Bali who comes with your family and little ones.  Children, then you can try this ATV adventure in Ubud.

Why ATV Bali Ubud?

Most beginners prefer the Ubud route because the terrain is gentler and there are many route choices according to ability level. Ubud has a unique track in the form of a natural landscape like Kuber. In Kuber you can pass waterfalls and caves.

This cave route is an impressive route because it is an ancient cave left over from the Dutch colonial era.

Apart from that, tourists can also ride Bali Ubud ATVs in the rice field area, heading towards the valley, passing through plantations until they meet a muddy water hole.

Meanwhile, there is also the Peliatan ATV route with exciting adventures along rivers, rice fields, forests, villages, caves and even waterfalls. You can also try other routes here one by one during several visits to this exotic and charming city.

Preparation Before Riding ATV Bali Ubud

Maybe this is your first time riding an ATV in Bali. You have to prepare several things before leaving for the starting location for ATV Bali Ubud. Some of them are as below:

Prepare everything such as glasses, clothes, camera and sunscreen. Meanwhile, you only need to wear casual traveling shoes to the ATV departure point. ATV game providers in Bali usually provide helmets and boots for their customers.

So, you can change shoes before leaving and wear a helmet for safety. When choosing a Bali ATV tour package in Ubud, you will definitely see the route you and your group will take, right? Apart from that, you will stop for a moment, for example in a historic ancient cave or tunnel.

Facilties for Riding ATV Bali Ubud

When you have finished paying for the ATV riding tour package in Ubud, you will get information about what facilities you will obtain. The facilities that ATV providers usually provide in the form of:

Professional Instructor

You don’t need to worry if this is your first experience riding an ATV in Bali. ATV providers will provide professional; instructor who will guides you during the tour. If you are already skilled and really know the terrain, then you can rent an ATV without a professional instructor.

Safety Equipment

The customer will usually get safety equipment such as a helmet and waterproof boots. So, you don’t need to bring everything yourself from the hotel. You only need to bring a small bag to store clothes and other personal equipment.

Changing Room and Toilet Facilities

After all, you will sweat a lot and get wet when you pass through the waterfall, right? ATV providers will show you changing room and toilet facilities so you can change your clothes. Sometimes you can also use towels and bath facilities.

Best ATV Bali Ubud Adventure

Below are several recommendations for Ubud Bali ATVs that you can choose according to your interests and budget. because every ATV provider in Ubud Bali has its own track and prices.

1. ATV Bali Ubud Real Jungle by Balaji ATV

Balaji Quad Bike Adventure

Balaji Quad Bike Adventure located in the hills just about 90 minutes north of the Airport Ngurah Rai Bali. Find the Quad bike jungle tour in Bali with natural environment is very cool and picturesque panorama.

Get yourself ready for 9 kms ATV track through the jungle and rice field. Located in the remote area of Ubud City, 30 minutes from Ubud, We are offer great experience into the wild nature of Bali.

Take you to an amazing experience riding on all-terrain vehicles (quad bike) with long and challenging track along the rice fields, jungle, rivers, and natural Bali traditional village that are not monotone. It’s safe and suitable for beginner and professional.

Balaji Quad Bike Adventure located in Puhu village, Payangan Ubud. This place offers a more extreme ATV riding experience, because tourists will go through tougher terrain, such as climbs, descents, mud and rivers. We can also see stunning views of mountains and valleys.

This place is also suitable for beginners and professionals, because there are instructors who will guide tourists throughout the trip.

Ubud ATV Balaji Adventure Price

Publish RateIDR 1.200KIDR 1.600K
Special OffersIDR 600KIDR 800K

ATV Bali Ubud Jungle by Balaji ATV Special Offers

Special Offers

IDR 600K/ pax

2. ATV Bali Ubud Kuber ATV

Kuber Bali Adventure

Kuber ATV adventure will make your day’s experience more memorable to try riding a Bali ATV and indulge your courage and adrenaline on four Quad bikes that enjoy panoramic views of rural Bali. Accompanied by professional local guides, tours through rice fields, villages, plantations, forests, rivers, caves and waterfalls.

The journey will explore the beauty of rice fields and see amazing natural scenery, follow the nature trail by crossing rivers, passing under waterfalls, passing long corridors created in the Dutch era.

You can stop where the place is to capture in a photo or video. Get a great experience exploring the island of Bali in a way you’ve never tried before.

ATV Ubud Kuber Adventure Price

Publish RateIDR 1.400KIDR 1.800K
Special OffersIDR 750KIDR 1.000K

ATV Bali Ubud Kuber Adventure Special Offers

Special Offers

IDR 750K/ pax

Things that need to be prepared ATV Ubud Bali

Before going on an ATV adventure in Ubud Bali, you can prepare a few things for a more enjoyable and comfortable activity.

Comfortable Wear – Use clothes that are easy to move around in, such as t-shirts and shorts. So you can ride comfortably along this Beach ATV adventure.

Sun Cream – Playing ATV on the beach will force you to be in direct contact with the sun’s rays. So, you should use sunscreen cream to protect the skin during the adventure.

Glasses – Sunlight can definitely dazzle your eyes while driving. Plus if you drive during the day, of course, this will be a little annoying. Therefore, it is definitely necessary to bring sunglasses so that vision remains comfortable while driving.

Shoes and sandals – For footwear, you can wear shoes or sandals. It is advisable to specify a mode that is comfortable for use on the move.

Change of Clothes – After driving through some great tracks, it sure can get you dirty. You can clean up after the adventure. But, don’t forget to prepare replacement clothes so you can return home comfortably.

Well, that’s a little review about ATV Ubud Bali with the most favorite routes in Ubud Bali. If you are interested in trying out the Ubud ATV ride, please click the link above.

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