Bali Handara Gate – Things to Do and Tips
Bali Handara Gate - Things to Do and Tips

Some interesting things to do at Bali Handara gate along with their tips – As we all know, that the Island of the Gods is one of the most beautiful islands in the world in Indonesia. The island of Bali is very famous for its exoticism to the ends of the world. In fact, many foreign tourists choose the Island of the Gods Bali as a historical place in their lives.

Bali is often used as the choice of many people in the world as a place to hold important events such as engagements, even weddings. Not only that, the island of Bali is also often used as a honeymoon place for many people.

This is not surprising considering the beauty that the island of Bali has to offer is indeed so enchanting, so that it makes tourists anesthetized by its beauty. There are also many tourists who often visit the island of Bali just because they miss its beauty.

Well, there is one very famous and quite popular place in Bali with a very beautiful view to take pictures, namely Gate Bali Handara. You need to know, that this gate is made of rocks that form a typical Balinese building.

Bali Handara Gate – Things to Do and Tips

However, besides being able to take pictures, you can also use the Handara Gate as a place to do various other interesting things. The following will mention what interesting things you can do at this Bali Handara Gate.

Enjoying Beautiful Natural Panorama with Fresh Air

One of the most interesting activities that you can do when visiting the Handara Gate is where you can enjoy the beautiful natural panorama presented by the Handara Gate area.

Behind this Handara Gate spot, you can see a panorama of green hills that are very shady and cool to the eye. Here, you can also relax while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature in this Handara Gate tourist area.

Besides enjoying its natural beauty, you can also feel the fresh and cool air in the tourist area of ​​Gate Bali Handara. The cool atmosphere can certainly make your heart calm, so you can feel more relaxed when you are in this area.

bali handara gate

Enjoy Staying at Luxury Resort

The next interesting activity that you can do in this Handara Gate tourist area is that you can enjoy the experience of staying at a luxury resort. You need to know that this Handara Gate tourist spot is located in the Bali Handara Resort area.

To enjoy the experience of staying at this Bali Handara Resort, you must prepare a large amount of funds. Considering that this resort is one of the famous and luxurious resorts, the price offered is quite expensive.

Playing golf

The next interesting thing you can do when visiting Gate Bali Handara is where you can play golf. Well, the Handara Gate tourist area which is included in the Bali Handara Resort and Golf area can also be maximized for playing golf.

While enjoying the natural scenery presented by the tourist area of ​​the Handara Gate, you can also play golf in the area provided. However, as with Bali Handara Resort, to play golf you also need to prepare a large enough fund of course. Given the game of golf is not a cheap game.

Balinese Culinary Tour

Well, the last interesting thing you can do when you visit the Handara Gate is that you can go on a culinary tour to your heart’s content. In the vicinity of the Gate Bali Handara tourist area, there are restaurants that sell a variety of Balinese food menus which are certainly quite indulgent for your taste buds.

handara of gate bali

Tips before visit Bali Handara Gate

However, before you decide to go to visit this Handara Gate tourist spot, there are some special tips that you can use later there. Some of these tips will be explained below for you.

Bring Camera

The first tip you need to do before going to the Bali Handara Gate area is that you need to prepare a camera that will be used to take pictures later. If you do use a camera from a cellphone, then make sure that you also bring a power bank in case the battery suddenly runs out because of the fun of taking pictures.

In addition, you can also use other cameras that you have. To produce good photos, you can hire a photo service to capture your special moments.

Not only that, if you go to Gate Bali Handara and want to get maximum photos, you can use a tool called a tongsis (existing stick) or a tripod.

Wear Clothes According to the Photo Theme

In addition to preparing the camera, you also need to improve yourself by wearing clothes that match the theme of the photo that will be taken later. Do not let you saltum or the wrong costume when the photo-taking process is done.

This will certainly damage the finished photo and will cause a lot of negative comments on your social media pages. Prepare carefully in advance about the theme and clothes that will be worn later.

Pay Attention to Photo Time

The next tip if you want to go to Gate Bali Handara is to pay attention to the time you use to take pictures later. If you take the weekend for a vacation, then you also have to tolerate other visitors who also want to produce interesting photos.

However, there is a time limit for taking pictures that has been set by the manager for every visitor who wants to take pictures in this Handara Gate tourist area. Well, you also don’t forget to obey these rules, okay!

Check the Weather Forecast Before Depart

The last tip that you can do before going to Gata Bali Handara is to ensure and monitor in advance the weather forecast that will occur in the Handara Gate area.

This is something you really need to do before deciding to leave. Given the current weather that occurs can not be predicted well enough. There’s been a lot of extreme weather happening lately, so many people find it difficult to do activities when they can’t predict the weather that will happen.

When it’s raining, it’s not recommended that you go on a trip to the Handara Gate area because you won’t be able to take epic photos amidst the heavy rain. Unless the photo theme you choose is rain, then even if the weather conditions are rainy, you can use it to take pictures.

Here are some interesting activities that you can do when traveling to Gate Bali Handara along with useful tips for you to do before deciding to leave.

How to get Bali Handara Gate

Bali handara gate is located on Jl. Raya Singaraja-Denpasar, Pancasari, Kec. Sukasada, Buleleng Regency. To reach this location you can use a motorbike or private car charter with a driver.

If you think you want to find the cheapest way by using public transport. You are wrong because there is no public transport that can be used to this location. So you only have 2 options with a motorbike and Private Transport.

For motorbikes, you can use google map to find this Bali Handara gate. About 10 km from Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. And the distance from Ngurah Rai airport to Bali Handara Gate is about 66km. The time needed is 2 hours 20 minutes depending on traffic jams on the road.

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