Get to Know the Rules for Entering Temples in Bali
Get to Know the Rules for Entering Temples in Bali

Before visiting the temple or the worship place of Balinese Hindus, a traveler needs to understand and get to know the rules for entering temples in Bali. what is it? The temple is worship place and prioritizes entry permits for people who want to worship. Actually, none is allowed into the temple, if not for praying or religious ceremonial activities.

Because the uniqueness of the existing temple architecture in Bali. It makes tourists competing to make photos with the background of the temple. Even sometimes they do things outside the temple entrance rules.

For tourists who want to enter the temple area, there are a number of rules that must be known and obeyed. Because, the temple is not a tourist location but serves as a place of prayer.

Get to Know the Rules for Entering Temples in Bali

Below are the rules of entering a temples in Bali have to know

1. Must be clean

It means, the person who want to enter the temple is not in a condition of Cuntaka, which is a spiritually dirty state. For example, menstruating, or one of the family members died and someone who just came from the grave

2. Dress properly and polite

The Temple visitors must wear the Kamben (sarong) and senteng (shawl cloth tied around the waist). Shawl or Balinese often refer to it as “Senteng” has meaning.  For people who want to enter sacred areas like temples, Senteng means a binding of bad intentions in the human soul, so bad intentions do not arise and create noise.

Get to Know the Rules for Entering Temples in Bali

So for travelers who want to enter the temple, they are expected to respect local culture. In a simple way such as wearing polite clothes that cover parts that are not supposed to be seen. For women such as the breast, hips, thighs, and so on.

In addition to wearing clothes properly, those of you with long hair are expected to tie their hair. Because for women who want to go to the temple with loose hair, it is symbolized as a figure full of anger. For that, when going to the temple, women are required to tie it.

3. Tourists enter the temple with assistance

Every tourist who enters the temple should be accompanied by someone who understands the temple. Because not all tourists understand about the places they go.

If you enter the temple it is strongly recommended to invite or be escorted by the tour guide. Why is that? Because, pretend it’s an inanimate object. There will be nothing interesting besides the architecture but actually if we go to the temple it is far more interesting is the interpretation

By getting an explanation from the guide, tourists will better understand the meaning of the building. For example, about history to the philosophy behind the temple itself. When you understand, tourists will become more respectful.

4. Sprinkle holy water on the body

On the outside of the temple, precisely in front of the entrance there is holy water that must be sprinkled on the body, especially the head before a traveler enters the temple.

5. Don’t talk dirty

In the temple, the traveler must also keep the greeting. Tourists are expected not to talk nonsense, let alone speak dirty and speak rudely. Because the temple is a sanctified place

6. Do not take pictures carelessly

Because of the unique temple architecture, it is often the object of photography for tourists. But the traveler must remember, the temple functions as a place of worship. So do not let the photography activities that you do actually disturb other people who worship.

Better to take pictures outside the temple so as not to disturb worship. Please do not take photos using flash. And don’t take photos standing or sitting near people who are praying.

7. Do not be haphazardly touching objects in the temple

Just like other places of worship, The temple there are also sacred objects which must not be carelessly touched or even mocked. So you have to Know the Rules for Entering Temples in Bali

Get to Know the Rules for Entering Temples in Bali

Never touch or climb a temple building. Or any item in the temple without the permission of the temple owner or guide who delivers. During this time many tourists who intentionally or not, have been harassing the holy place or temple in Bali. Very unfortunate with this incident.

Because of that the Bali government has already drawn up a local regulation concerning cases like this. Later tourists must and must follow local norms. Sanctions will be given such as deportation, customary law, paying ceremonial fees and others.

Well, wish this article is useful and hope your vacation in Bali is safe, comfortable and memorable. Respect with people, culture and nature will make life more peaceful, Thank!

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