Kecak Dance Melasti Bali, Location and Ticket Price
Kecak Dance Melasti Bali, enjoys two beauties in one place

Kecak Dance Melasti Bali enjoys the beauty of the Kecak dance against the backdrop of the beautiful Melasti beach. And see the two beauties in one place.

The Kecak dance is a colossal dance that combines the arts of dance and drama by taking the story of the Ramayana. The story of Ramayana is the story of the journey of Rama, a prince from Kosala Kingdom.

Who experiences exile in the forest with his wife, Dewi Sita, and is accompanied by his younger brother, Lakshmana.

And in this exile, Dewi Sita was kidnapped by Antagonist King named Ravana who came from Alengkapura. So to get his wife back, Rama had to fight against Ravana.

And Sang Rama was assisted by his younger brother Laksmana, Hanuman, King Sugriwa, Sang Nala, Sang Nili and the Vanara (ape) Troops.

And the Kecak dance adapts the story of Dewi Sita’s kidnapping until she meets Sang Rama again in a Kecak dance.

There are many moral messages  in the colossal Kecak dance that you can observe from the dance movements and the facial expressions of the dancers.

Such as loyalty, trust, sacrifice and struggle. These messages are conveyed through the agile movements of the actors in the Kecak dance who tell their respective roles and interesting storylines. – Kecak Dance Melasti Bali

As for the characters from the Ramayana story that you can find in the Kecak dance, they are Sang Rama. Dewi Sita. Laksmana. Sang Hanoman. The Jatayu Bird. Sang Nala. Sang Nili and the Wenara (Kera) troops.

The Messages of  the Characters

Where each character has its own character and carries its own message. Sang Rama symbolizes the nature of the protagonist who is constantly trying to fight to free his wife, Dewi Sita.

And Dewi Sita who symbolizes the nature of loyalty and purity by continuously maintaining her trust and purity. Meanwhile, Ravana symbolizes the antagonistic and arrogant nature.

There is the Hanuman figure which symbolizes courage. The Jathayu Bird figure which symbolizes the nature of helping. King Sugriwa and the Wenara troops symbolizing the nature of hard work.

For the people of Bali, this dance has its own meaning. Previously this dance was perform for religious ceremonies, but now this dance can be perform for commercial purposes.

The Kecak dance has a long history which was in 1930 by Wayan Limbak and a German painter Walter Spies. The second artist initiated the Kecak dance which was inspiring by the Sanghyang dance and the Ramayana story.

Sanghyang dance is a sacret dance that is use for humans to communicate with the gods and ancestral spirits.

The uniqueness of the Kecak dance makes many tourists want to watch it. A dance without gamelan strains that only uses the rhythmic and harmonious sound of the Kecak dancers.

This dance has a circular pattern where the dancers sit around the fire and also the characters from the Ramayana story while clucking “Cak cak cak”.

With hands up like fire and a blazing spirit. – Kecak Dance Melasti Bali

The story of Titi Situ Banda Kecak Melasti Dance

There are many places in Bali that you can visit to watch the Kecak dance. Such as the Uluwatu tourist attraction, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) tourist attraction, the Tanah Lot tourist attraction and the Ubud tourist attraction.

And besides these places that are already well-known, you can now watch the Kecak dance while visiting Melasti beach.

Which tells about the story of Titi Situ Banda which is part of the Ramayana story when Sang rama made a connecting bridge to enter alengkapura.

If you have ever watched the Kecak dance at other tourist objects in Bali. Which tells the story of the ramayana when Hanoman helped Sang rama to get back the goddess Sita.

Of course, you still remember the dance movements danced by the dancers which tell about various scenes in the Ramayana story.

Which tells that when Sang rama and his younger brother admiral were hunting then Dewi Sita was kidnapped by Ravana.

After that, the Jatayu Bird appears, which sacrifices itself to thwart the kidnapping and ends in vain by bringing Dewi Sita to Alengka Pura, Rahwana’s Land.

Then Sang Rama asked for help from Hanoman to bring a message to Dewi Sita was trapped in a ring, that her husband would release her soon.

And the soldiers of Alengka Temple were almost caught by Hanuman finally managed to escape and burn Alengka Temple. The last scene was a battle between the rama finally defeating Ravana and bringing his wife, Dewi Sita back with him.

Meanwhile, the Kecak Melasti dance performance tells the story of making the Titi Situ Banda Bridge to Alengka Pura Land. The one across the ocean. And to reach it in need of a bridge.

And it was for this reason that Sang Rama asked for help from Hanuman and the Wanara (Ape) warriors from King Sugriwa and his two architectures.

Those named Sang Hyang Nala and Nili were the sons of Bhagawan Wiswakarma. Which Bhagawan Wiswakarma is the architecture of the gods.

Before built the Titi Situ Banda bridge , Sang Rama take a ceremony on the beach and ask Dewa Baruna for the help. To find a way to cross the ocean to get to the land of Alengka temple.

But not get an answer, and in the end when his patience ran out, Sang Rama took a bow to dry the ocean. And knowing this, Dewa Baruna appeared and gave instructions. To make a bridge.

A bridge carrying Rama and his troops enter the Land of Alengka Pura and save Dewi Sita from Ravana. And that is the review of the Titi Situ Banda Kecak Melasti Dance.

Schedule of Kecak Dance Titi Situ Banda

To watch this Kecak Dance event, you can order tickets online or at the ticket counter available in the Melasti Beach area.

Previously, the Melasti Kecak dance performance was opened every weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then starting April 21, 2023 open from Monday to Sunday.

Location of the Kecak Melasti Dance Performance. You can watch this show on the open stage Praharsacitta Culutral Stage Melasti Beach Ungasan.

Open stage with beautiful Melasti Beach in the background.

With an address on the coast of Melasti, namely on Jl. Melasti, Ungasan Village, Kuta Selatan, Badung Regency, Bali.

Open Hour Of Melasti Kecak Dance Performance

The Kecak Melasti dance performance starts every 18.00 – 19.00 before sunset.

With the duration of the Kecak Melasti dance performance for 1 hour (60 minutes) while enjoying the beauty of the Melasti beach sunset.

Entry Ticket of the Melasti Kecak Dance Performance

And to enjoy the Balinese Kecak Melasti dance performance, you can buy tickets online or at the available counters.

The ticket price for the Kecak Melasti dance performance is 125,000 rupiah. And for children under 12 years are not required to buy a ticket.

The attraction of Melasti Beach

Even though they both describe the Ramayana, watching the Kecak dance in every place certainly has a different atmosphere. Whether it comes from the background of the staging or the emphasized scenes in the staging.

All Kecak dance venues in Bali certainly have their own characteristics and beauty and vibe, apart from the Kecak dance is. Like the Kecak Melasti dance which has its own charm. Watching the Kecak Melasti dance, you will get a view that is no less beautiful than other places in Bali.

You can enjoy the view of Melasti Beach, Sunset and Hills with high light from the open stage Praharsacitta Clutral Stage Ungasan Melasti Beach.

Watching the Kecak dance performance on Melasti beach besides making the Kecak dance a tourist attraction. While waiting for the show, you can do other things at the Melasti beach tourist attraction. It’s like enjoying the beauty of the Melasti Beach area with the steep limestone cliffs that split to get to the beach.

Playing in the sand, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, playing beach water rides and enjoying the atmosphere of the Melasti beach, you can do this on the Melasti beach before enjoying the Melasti Kecak dance.

Tips for Watching

Here are some tips that you need to do before watching the Kecak Dance

  1. Prepare Yourself Well, such as maintaining health when deciding to travel.
  2. buy entry tickets, value tickets in advance, whether you will book online or buy at the ticket counter.
  3. Bring the stuff like sunglasses, a hat, a camera, and mosquito or bug repellant.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear considering that this show is held on an open stage.

So that’s a brief review of the Kecak dance performance at Melasti Beach. We hope this article can help and make it easier for you to find articles about the Melasti Kecak dance.

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