Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida is one of the Heavens on Earth as a New Tourist Place in Nusa Penida. Bali seems to be a paradise for tourists who love the beach. Besides being famous for the beaches of Kuta, Sanur, Pandawa and others.

Bali also has many other beaches that have the potential to be further developed and developed for tourist attractions. One of these beaches is located in Nusa Penida which is outside Bali but is still part of the Balinese government area.

Although classified as a small island, but there are many interesting tourist attractions to explore. To spend time on this island, visitors who cross from Bali can choose the Nusa Penida tour package (one day trip or half day trip).

For tourists who are interested in visiting Nusa Penida because they are interested in its unspoiled beaches and not too many visitors have explored, then it’s a good idea to visit Diamond Beach Nusa Penida.

The History and Story of Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

Beach’s name usually reflect the name of the region. However, this does not apply to Diamond Beach Nusa Penida. This new tourist spot in Nusa Penida gets its name from the karst cliffs that surround the coast. Because of its position that is spread over several cliff points, this pointed karst rock cliff looks like a stretch of gems. Especially if exposed to sunlight, dazzling.

No wonder the location of this beach is known and named as Diamond Beach. Apart from the sheen of the cliffs exposed to sunlight, the white sand on this beach is also a priceless gem that beach lovers are definitely looking for. Previously, this place could not even be accessed and tourists could only enjoy the view from the top of the cliff.

Before becoming a tourist location, only local residents could access the beauty of this place because the road from the top of the cliff to the bottom of the beach was very steep. The tourists should be grateful and grateful to the local residents for making access for visitors by making stairs and walkways. With this access, tourists can freely enjoy Diamond Beach Nusa Penida.

Location of Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

This new tourist spot in Nusa Penida is located in Pejukutan Village, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency, Bali. To reach this location, you must first cross from Bali from the port located in the Sanur area. You can find many speed boats that can be used as a means of transportation by spending 30 minutes by fast boat.

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida Bali
Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

Open Hour and Entrance Tickets to Diamond Beach

Mostly beaches in Indonesia, Diamond Beach Nusa Penida is open 24 hours. It’s just that, for the sake of safety, it’s better not to go to the beach at night because even though there are stairs and paths, the road is very steep and the lighting is still inadequate. For the best time to visit, come early in the morning to enjoy the morning atmosphere.

As for the ticket price, every visitor who wants to enter the Diamond Beach area will be charged a ticket price of five thousand rupiah. For new tourist attractions in Nusa Penida, ticket prices for that size are very cheap and affordable for all people and tourists of all ages. In addition to enjoying Diamond Beach, one ticket can also be used for access to Atuh Beach.

The Blue Sea Panorama and the White Beach of Diamond Beach

Still hesitant to visit Diamond Beach because it’s not as famous as other beaches in Bali? You should eliminate these doubts because Diamond Beach offers the charm of the blue ocean and stunning white beaches. The clear sea water allows tourists to see firsthand the depths of the sea where there are many coral reefs and free-swimming fish.

Although the coastline is not too long, because it is bordered by karst rock cliffs, it makes this beach a hidden paradise. The combination of turquoise seas, white beaches splashed by foamy waves and sparkling gems like gems deserves to be called a piece of heaven on earth. All your doubts will immediately disappear in an instant after witnessing this sight.

The Best Photo Spots at Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

It feels like something is missing if you don’t take photos at tourist attractions. And it feels like tourist attractions will also lack something if they don’t have special or distinctive spots to take pictures. This new tourist spot in Nusa Penida has several interesting photo spots that should not be missed, especially for tourists who really like to share their activities on social media.

The blue sea background is enough to become one of the interesting photo spots at Diamond Beach. In addition, the combination of the color of the sea, sand, cliffs and green bushes also gives an extraordinary impression.

Especially if you are able to capture the right photo angle. There’s nothing wrong with asking a friend who understands more about photography to get maximum results.

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Apart from cliffs, oceans and beaches, the stairs to the beach location can also be one of the unique photo spots. The reason is, the beautiful view from the height of the stairs is the right position to take a view of the high seas. This new tourist spot in Nusa Penida is second to none when it comes to natural beauty that is still not widely explored.

One more last place that is a mandatory photo spot as well as one of the attractions made by local residents at Diamond Beach is a swing tied to a coconut tree trunk. The swing that hangs above the cliff gives a floating sensation. At the same time, the view taken from this swing is also very stunning, no less than the view taken from the top of the stairs.

Facilities at Diamond Beach

Because Diamond Beach is a relatively new tourist spot, the supporting facilities around it are still not sufficient. However, if you need a parking space then you will be able to find a dedicated area for parking vehicles.

This parking lot is located about 20 meters from the beach. From the parking lot you have to continue the journey on foot.

As for the toilets and food vendors, they have not been seen around the area of ​​this new tourist spot in Nusa Penida. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring your own food before entering the beach area. Bring food that can be quite filling but not heavy to carry. Don’t forget to bring back your food waste to keep the beach clean.

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida Bali
Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

Other Activities Around Diamond Beach

There are several choices of other tourist attractions that you can visit while visiting Diamond Beach Nusa Penida. One of them is Atuh Beach without having to pay back the entrance fee. Out of the beach location, you can visit Teletubbies Hill which is also on the rise like this gem beach.

Although Diamond Beach Nusa Penida is a new tourist spot in Nusa Penida, this beach has high tourism potential. Especially if this beach can be managed properly while maintaining its beauty. As a visitor, you must also be responsible for maintaining the sustainability and cleanliness of tourist attractions in Nusa Penida. One of them is this beach, so that the name that has been pinned on Diamond Beach is not polluted.

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So that’s a little picture about diamond beach, hopefully it will be useful and add to your information before visiting this tourist spot.

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