Tree House Nusa Penida

Tree house Nusa Penida is a unique and amazing house built on a tree on the cliffs of the Atuh beach. Usually this place is an attractive place to stay. From this tree house you will feel an amazing atmosphere. The Nusa Penida tree house or Thousand island is located adjacent to Diamond Beach. You need 15 minutes to climb the stairs to get to the observation site and reach the famous Nusa Penida tree house.

Along the way there are many points where you can pause and admire the beauty of the island. This place has extraordinary beauty with the colors of water, the color is very blue, very pure.After enjoying the view of Diamond Beach from a distance, you will find two small tree houses at the top of the viewpoint.

These tree houses are actually for rent to those who want to watch the sunset, even though there is no Wifi, air conditioning or anything around it. But it is the right place to relax from everyone. Because Tree House Nusa Penida is very famous and always crowded by visitors. You may need to queue to install famous photos in the tree house.

The best time to visit is during the daytime. After you finish here, continue up the hill and you will find the final quest with a small temple with a thousand island background and Tree House.

Location : Pejukutan, Nusapenida, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali 80771

Map :

The best way to go to Tree House Nusa Penida or Thousand Island Nusa Penida

From the island of Bali you can take a speed boat or fast boat to Nusa Penida. can be from Sanur pier. Arriving at the Nusa Penida Toya Pakeh pier, you can rent a motorcycle or rent a car.

If you want to travel more comfortably, you can rent a car, including a driver who is also a guide. Or if you want to take a day trip from Bali, it’s possible to do it by taking a Nusa Penida tour day package from Bali.

Well, hopefully this article can give you information about interesting places, how to achieve it, the best location and time to visit Nusa Penida or a day tour to Nusa Penida, If any question don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.