Celuk Village of Gold and Silver Works

Are you a unique traditional craft seeker? Ubud Village might be the first choice in Bali. In addition to unspoiled nature with a variety of unique customs, Ubud is also known as the center of the Ubud Arts Village Bali.

Ubud is a village, located in the sub-district of Ubud, Gianyar Regency, 35 kilometers from ngurah rai airport. With their artistic talent, the community offers works in the form of paintings, sculptures, carvings from wood. Gold and silver handicrafts, batik art and other art products. That all can be used as souvenirs by tourists.

Ubud Arts Village Bali, Among them:

1. Batubulan art village, located south of the center of Ubud. Famous as a place for traditional barong and keris dance performances. In addition, batubulan is also a center for traditional Balinese batik craftsmen.

2. Celuk art village, a little move north of Batubulan you will find a gold and silver craft center. Here you can see firsthand how to process gold and silver into valuable items such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and so on.

3. Batuan art Village, a village where the people are able to create the world’s best paintings. usually you can see the hands of the trapillians playing the canvas in making art paintings.

4. Mas art Village, famous for sculpture with wood base material. Here you can place various forms of the best wooden sculptures. this is an extraordinary creativity for the locals who have been recognized by the world for their work.

Well, if you are planning a vacation to the island of the gods, take a tour of Ubud from the airport. On the way you can stop by to visit Ubud Arts Village in the order of the village above. Or you can take a full day tour package service or rent a transport with a driver.

In addition to the Ubud Arts village above, Ubud also has a Monkey Forest which is located 5 minutes from the center of Ubud. Located in the village of Padang Tegal which is still in the Ubud area, there is a small forest inhabited by hundreds of monkeys, quite tame, they can be invited to play. Padangtegal forest monkey is different from most animals. Because the monkey was purified by the local community.

Visiting Ubud monkey forest attraction should never disturb the monkey’s habitat, as guests we must enter the area within a safe boundary, where the boundary has been provided, do not enter or disturb their territory, because they will be so aggressive.
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