Lempuyang Temple Gates of Heaven is a famous gate for tourists for now. A very hunted gate for Instagram and best photo spot lovers. Located in Bunutan village, Abang, Seraya, Karangasem-Bali, on a plateau with a blend of majestic gates and Mount Agung. Making this place always crowded every day.

Lempuyang Temple or better known as the heaven gate of Lempuyang is one of the biggest temples in Bali. Because of its position in the east of Bali. Therefore, for Balinese Hindus, Lempuyang Temple is believed to be the guardian of the eastern island of Bali.

In the Lempuyang temple area there are several temple complexes, which cannot be reached by all tourists. Because of its location far apart and up thousands of stairs to reach the main temple.

But why are tourists interested in visiting the lempuyang temple? For the location of the heaven’s gate located in the temple complex at the bottom. Therefore you do not need to climb thousands of stairs. The gate position is also high, so you can see the tip and magnificent of Mount Agung in the middle of the gate.

The best time to visit Lempuyang Temple Gates of Heaven

Because tourist visits to this place are almost full every day, we recommend arriving early or late in the afternoon. If it is possible for you to arrive before 7 am you will be able to get a photo with a blend of sunrise. But for those of you who prefer to see the sunset behind Mount Agung, you can come in the afternoon.

What is the best way to reach Lempuyang Temple Gates of Heaven? here are some ways to reach.

Because the distance and location of this temple is very far around 78km from ngurah rai airport. Besides being located in a remote village, then the best way to reach this place is to rent a car with a local driver.

With local people you certainly don’t need to worry about road situations and getting lost. Most local Balinese know the extreme road conditions to get to the Lempuyang temple.

Because the location of the temple is far and past several tourist destinations such as Tirta Ganges, Taman Ujung, Gua Lawah, Teganan Village and virgin beach. We suggest you take private tour package with visit some location on the same line.

And for those of you who love marine life, there is the best place will pass during the trip to Lempuyang Temple, called Blue Lagoon. You can arrange Lempuyang Temple tour with snorkeling. Maybe this will slightly eliminate your boredom in the car.